eCommerce Personalization: How to Elevate Your Online Store Experience

Thinking about how the overall experience is vital to your business. One way to elevate your online store is by incorporating eCommerce personalization. 

With more and more customers shopping online. As a eCommerce business owner, I know you care about the type of experience you create for your customers. How can you create an environment where your customers still receive a high-touch experience?

Personalization is one way to make sure your customers feel like a priority to your business.

What is Personalization in eCommerce Or eCommerce Personalization?

Have you ever been shopping online and noticed your recommended certain products based on other products you’ve checked out? Or how about receiving special email communications for other similar products you may like?

What you’ve experienced is personalization. Thanks to the use of technology, you can create digital touch points that are catered to your customers. 

By incorporating personalization, you’ll be better abled to help craft a more personalized experiences for your customers.

The Benefits of Personalization

One of the top benefits of personalization is increased customer satisfaction. When your customers feel like a priority, you’ll see higher return visits, less cart abandonment and an increase in customer lifetime value.

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As a business owner, you know customer acquisition & retention is pretty important. You also know that gaining new customers takes more money & resources than maintaining relationships with existing customers. 

That’s because it takes many touch points to build trust for new customers. Historically, you would need 7 instances of engagement to convert customers. Now that number can be higher, based on the journey of your customer. Here are some ways you can engage new customers.

  • Through your content (such as blog articles, videos, social media posts and email)
  • With, your products (by providing helpful information to help with buying decisions)
  • Social media (engaging with your customers via posts, etc)
  • Joining your email list (by building brand awareness & nurturing relationships)

Are just some levels of engagement to help establish trust with your brand. 

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How to Incorporate Personalization Into Your Online Store?

Now that you know how personalization can affect your business. Let’s go over some methods you can incorporate to help you create a more personalized experience.

Beginning with…

1 | Understanding Your Customers

Having a good understanding of the type of customers you are serving will solve a lot of challenging business concerns.

I speak about this heavily via my podcast eCommerce Cultivated. Because it’s so important in many of the decisions you’ll create for your business. 

If you don’t understand the customers you are selling to, you will struggle to serve them the type of experience they desire. 

Therefore, it’s important to have a solid brand strategy in place that will give you clarity on who you are serving. 

Briefly, brand strategy is about uncovering what makes your business unique, establishing what you want your business to stand for and who you are serving and why. 

You’ll understand your customers’ wants and desires so you can better craft experiences that lead them to convert to paying customers. 

It’s one of the foundational elements I include with the Signature Service that gives you a premium Shopify website experience that converts. 

2 | Use the Right Tools & Systems

Once you’ve understood your customers and their wants, you’ll need the right tools and systems to implement into your business. 

Starting with your biggest business asset… your website

As a luxury brand owner, who sells products. You’ll want to be sure you are using the right eCommerce platform to run your business. Here at The May Creative, I recommend Shopify as a top-notch platform to help you provide a luxury experience. Here are a few reasons.

  • Shopify is made specifically for product-based businesses. 
  • Shopify offers a ton of integrations with various tools that make running your business easy.
  • You have access to dedicated support to ensure your business stays running smoothly. 
  • Plus more!

You’ll also want the flexibility to create an omnichannel shopping experience. Where your customers have a premium experience, whether they are shopping in-store or online. The experience should be consistent so that when customers do an in-store pickup, they still feel like a priority within your business. 

Shopify offers plenty of options to ensure you can create that type of environment. An environment that will help you foster stronger relationships and increase the trust within your business.

Next is having a solid email marketing platform

If you’re on the VIP Insider’s mailing list, then you’ve probably received insights on how you can use email marketing to scale your business further. 

Email marketing for eCommerce businesses is important. On average, about 30% of sales are driven by email. Here’s why…

If you want direct access to your customers, then email marketing or SMS (text) marketing is the way to connect.

By using the right system, you can maximize your engagement by setting up personalization through your email marketing provider. 

I highly recommend Klaviyo (aff link) as the go-to email marketing platform for eCommerce businesses. 

Klaviyo’s system offers above the industry tools to help you deliver an exceptional experience for your customers. With a direct integration with Shopify, you can send recommended products to your customers based on their shopping behaviors. 

Klaviyo also equips you with the tools to send abandoned cart emails so that you can recoup lost cart sales. You can also set up a brand awareness campaign to help introduce customers into your business. Giving you the opportunity to nurture a more meaningful relationship that will lead to sales. 

The level of science behind the platform just blows my mind. So much so, I had to become a Klaviyo partner. There is just so much the platform can do to help you maximize your sales.

3 | Gather Feedback From Your Customers

I’m a firm believer in getting feedback from your customers. This not only helps you run a better business, but it also helps you create stronger relationships with your customers. As you are taking the time to get to understand their needs.

Take some time to gather feedback from your customers that can be via…

  • Surveys
  • Customer support emails
  • Notes from chat conversations
  • Product Reviews
  • Social media conversations 
  • Plus more!

Gathering this information will help you make smart business decisions that you can use to amplify your personalization efforts. 

By getting the information directly from your ideal customers you are crafting a digital experience that motivates them to return.

Now that you’ve learned about incorporating eCommerce personalization into your business. Take action and find ways you can create a better experience for your customers. 

If you’d like to craft a premium experience for your own luxury, lifestyle or beauty brand. Join the VIP Insiders below and you’ll receive a brand clarity guide to help you speak to your ideal customers. Plus, you’ll get juicy insights to help you further scale your business. 

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