Why Working With a Luxury Brand Strategist Elevates Your Business

Part of having a successful luxury brand is to have an effective strategy. 

An effective strategy will allow your brand to appear seamlessly in your market. 

There is just one thing…

How do you know how to show up? Or what to say that will signal to your customers that you are speaking directly to them?

This is where working with a luxury brand strategist comes in. 

In this article, I’ll be going over some information you’ll need to know. Such as what is a luxury brand strategist. What does a luxury brand strategist do? Plus more. 

Grab your favorite beverage of choice and dive in.

What is a Luxury Brand Strategist

A luxury brand strategist helps you to define and set goals to help you develop and expand your brand.

Ultimately giving you the strategic plan to drive your luxury brands’ goals.

By having an effective plan, you’ll know how to show up in your market and speak to your ideal customers.

Knowing where to show up in your market will save you time and money. 

Take, for example, a business owner who decides to invest in paid ads and they have a vague idea of who they want to reach. 

They make the mistake of saying everyone is their customer. 

The business owner decides to hire an advertising agency. Who they hope will love their products. 

The advertising agency pulls together some ads. The business owner reviews them and thinks everything looks good. They give the agency the go-ahead to run the ads. 

The ads begin to run, and the business owner sits waiting anxiously for ALL the new business to pour in. 

But soon, reality starts to set in, and they realize they aren’t getting a lot of sales. The business owner notices that people are going to the site but aren’t buying. 

Now the business owner is frustrated, and they go back to the advertising agency asking what’s happening. The advertising agency tells them that their branding or website isn’t up to par, etc. 

Stories like this one aren’t uncommon. There are plenty of brands that face this dilemma. The one primary culprit of all this frustration is that the business owner lacked a strategy.

In this case, the vague insights about their audience weren’t enough. Without an effective strategy, the advertising agency couldn’t create the suitable ads to reach a specific audience. 

Think about how much easier it would be to know where to show up and what to say to your audience—creating the perfect opportunities where your ideal customers purchase on repeat?

What Does a Luxury Brand Strategist Do?

Before getting into what a luxury brand strategist does. 

It’s essential to go over the skills of a Luxury Brand Strategist.

Some skills are:

  • The ability to do research
  • Pull together data.
  • Problem solve.
  • Understand marketing.
  • Find impactful correlations.
  • Along with other valuable businesses, reach their goals. 

In addition, a core trait a luxury brand strategist has is a psychological understanding of luxury consumers. Along with an understanding of luxury consumer buying behaviors. 

These skills allow a luxury brand strategist to create a plan to navigate your business.

For example, when you work with a luxury brand strategist. 

  • You’ll have a consistent plan that you can use to execute your ideas. For example, do you want to release a new product to your market? Your luxury strategy will ensure your products remains consistent with your overall brand. 
  • You’ll know what marketing messages will resonate with your customers. Have you ever been stuck on what to say on your website or in an email? Instead, you’ll know how to craft better marketing messages.
  • You’ll know how to show up in a way that is different from others in your industry. With so many new brands coming to the market. Shoppers have more options now than ever. 

Working with a luxury brand strategist has its advantages. In helping you to set your business apart from the market.

Overall, a luxury brand strategist can help you uncover your brand’s secret advantage.

How Can a Luxury Brand Strategist Help With Marketing?

Your marketing is an extension of your brand. 

It’s during the strategy phase that you get clarity about your customers. What your brand stands for and your goals.

We do this by defining your brand mission, vision and values. Research insights about your customers. Along with acknowledging the existence of your competitors.

Using those insights, we then create your brand personality. Leading the formation of your luxury marketing strategy.

Luxury Marketing is sharing your sales message in a way that attracts your audience. 

“88% of consumers say authenticity is important for brands that like to support.”


After developing your luxury strategy. You’ll have a base for your luxury marketing.

That can be translated into various forms of communication.

Also, read What is Luxury Brand Strategy and Why You Should Have One.

What Makes a Luxury Brand Strategist Different From a Marketer?

A strategist helps you to develop and create your plan. A marketer will help you to execute the plan. 

For example, a luxury brand strategist will help you to identify your ideal customers. So that you can provide those insights to your marketing team. 

The benefit is that your marketing team won’t have to determine who your customers are.

Instead, they can focus on creating marketing campaigns that convert into sales.

Does a Luxury Brand Strategist Help You Position Your Brand?

When taking a deeper look at branding, one common topic that comes up is positioning. 

Positioning is looking at the existing market and figuring out where you can fit into it. 

For a luxury brand, I would say that they don’t position themselves. They create their own position. 

A brand that does this well is Tiffany & Co. They have built their reputation enough to sell a $1500 paperclip and make sales without a blink of an eye. 

Tiffany’s doesn’t position itself; they are known for having a different approach.

When something is different, we will often take a moment to stop and try to figure out why it’s not like the rest. 

Coco Chanel said…

“Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.”

And I believe that summarizes how you should approach is unique in the world.

When is the Right Time to Hire a Luxury Brand Strategist?

There are a few signs that it’s the right time to hire a luxury brand strategist. A great time is when you are developing a new luxury brand or expanding your existing luxury brand. 

During any of those instances, I suggest you consult a luxury brand strategist. A successful collaboration will help you focus on the right things. 

Otherwise, you’ll waste time and money figuring out what’s not working. Instead of focusing on further reaching your goals. 

One of the first steps when I work with clients is to start with their luxury strategy. It doesn’t sound as fun and exciting as creating brand visuals like your logo, colors, typography, etc. 

By getting clear on your luxury strategy first. We can create your beautiful branding. Plus give you the information needed for a more aligned creative direction.

As a creative deep thinker that loves numbers and creative expression. I want to ensure that anyone who enters my small part of the world gets helpful insights for their brand.

A luxury brand strategist can be your secret to building a more meaningful and profitable business. 

Which is important no matter what economic issues are going on in the world. When you build a luxury brand that hones in on your people. They will stick with you through many economic changes. 

When I was first getting started in my retail career years ago. I asked a well-respected colleague what the best advice they could give me was. 

They said, “take care of your people, and they will take care of you.” That advice has proven to be not only career advice but life advice as well. 

At the end of the day, we are creating brands and experiences for other people. Let’s make it an impactful one that they will remember.

If you’re a luxury brand founder who has ambitious goals of creating a strategic plan to help you reach more of your target audience. Then connect to learn more about how we can work together through my signature luxury brand strategy and design engagement.

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