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Commonly Asked Questions

What types of businesses do you serve?

At The May Creative, I work with various luxury businesses, such as beauty, home, interior design, fine jewelry, fine art, and luxury lifestyle brands. If you’re a visionary founder who operates in another industry and want to discuss if we’d be a great match. Get in touch and we’ll discuss the details.

Which website platforms do you use for luxury brands?

To give you the best flexibility for your business and elevate your brand, I work with WordPress for service-based businesses and Shopify for product-based businesses. Both platforms hold high metrics in the online space and continue to power amazing brands.

Will I receive a custom design or template?

As part of our collaboration, you will receive a custom design that mirrors your brand's vision. In our discussions about your business, we will delve into your goals and the preferences of your ideal customers. Understanding that a well-thought-out luxury brand strategy will serve as the blueprint for the design, brand messaging, and more, ensuring a cohesive and compelling brand identity.

How long will the creative process take?

Each experience is intentionally planned to allow for adequate time to strategize, design, and develop design elements that will reflect your brand. On average, depending on the level of engagement you are pursuing. You can expect an average timeline of 4 - 16 weeks.

Do you offer smaller engagements such as strategy sessions or consulting?

Yes, I offer 60-minute sessions, which are perfect when you want to discuss a specific business challenge or have questions about building your brand. Reserve a Luxury Strategy Session.

If you are interested in pursuing a consulting engagement, email [email protected] to discuss further details.

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