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Want to work together to elevate your eCommerce experience? See the FAQs below. For general inquiries, use the form below. Note that requests for links to articles or unsolicited emails will not get a response.

General Inquiries

If you have any general or quick questions, you can use the form below or email [email protected]


Are you currently booking new clients?

Yes, to learn more about how we can work together to rebrand & elevate your eCommerce experience through The Luxury eCommerce Experience™.

Want advice about your business strategy, website, and/or marketing?

Get strategic advice about what to focus on in your business to elevate your brand by reserving a luxury strategy session to discuss your specific needs.

I'm a fellow designer or creative. How can we connect or work together?

Feel free to join my community for fellow creatives. You can get started here.

Do you work with any other platforms besides Shopify?

Currently, just Shopify and related apps unless we are migrating you from another platform. Or if you happen to be a past client whose WordPress site I've worked on. Feel free to reach out.

Do you help with small Shopify store tweaks and adjustments?

Currently, I only work with new Shopify store builds, those who want a complete redesign or if you are a past client. If you need small tweaks and modifications to your existing store that we haven't worked on, check out Storetasker.

Can you help us migrate to Shopify from another website platform?

Yes, if you are on another platform and want to move to Shopify. We can work together to migrate you from your current platform to Shopify.

Can we work together on strategy?

Yes, having a solid plan for your brand is essential. As a strategy-first luxury branding and Shopify design studio, every experience begins with strategy.

Are you hiring?

No, not at this time.

Are you accepting guest posts?

No, not at this time.

Dr. Natalie

Working with Karen was such a lovely experience! We needed a high-quality, premium brand website experience since we are a luxury hair wellness brand. As a solo founder, Shopify was not my area of expertise. Karen stepped in and helped us flawlessly launch! We also received great feedback from customers who have visited, stating they love our professional presence for a new brand. Working with Karen is a top-tier experience; she took a lot of pressure off my to-do list and allowed me to focus on my brand. The result was spectacular, and I look forward to working with Karen as we expand and grow.

— Dr. Natalie K.

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