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How to Find Brand Clarity Within Your Luxury Brand

As a luxury brand, it’s important that you are clear about the perception of your business.

One way to define that perception is having brand clarity.

I’ll dive into what that means and how you can begin to get clear on the purpose of your brand. So that you can connect it to why customers choose to shop with you over others in your space.

If you have ever felt like your brand is out of alignment. Because things have changed.

Or, your not attracting the type of customers you want to your online store.

Then this episode is for you!

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Episode Transcript

Welcome back! I took a small break from recording so I could focus on the business. But I’m happy to be back! For today’s episode, we are going to be discussing brand clarity and what it means for your luxury brand.

It doesn’t matter if you are just launching your brand for the first time or reassessing your business.

Having a clear vision for your brand is essential!

Now when I started envisioning my business back in the day. I was mainly thinking about what types of offerings I could provide for people. Prior to working in retail, I had held a remote technical position through my university at the time.

But because I had graduated, I wanted to leave that behind and get a big corporate job. It’s so funny to look back on our perception of what success looks like. So that is what I did and boy did I have to work, especially being so young in leadership.

If you’ve been catching any of my live videos shared on YouTube, you can hear a bit more about why perception is important. I share some experiences I had as a young leader and the importance of how I presented myself affected how seriously I was taken. I’ll link to it in the show notes, definitely check it out!

Let’s define brand clarity and what it really means. I always like to have some sort of anchor from which to frame experiences.

What Does Brand Clarity Mean?

As a business, you need a vision from which to operate. A clearly defined goal that will act as the guiding light to help you reach your goals. In order to full-fill that vision, there has to be clarity.

This is where brand clarity comes into play. Knowing why your business exists and for who is key. Otherwise, when you step out into the market in your industry, you can easily get swept away by other businesses. Who have strong brand clarity.

I’ll go over some stages of clarifying your brand so that you can assess your current brand and figure out what areas you need to work on.

The Stages of Brand Clarity

When you’re clarifying your brand, there are a few stages you need to explore. Before diving into the stages of brand clarity. I want to note that you should have clarity within your brand before you create any brand assets such as your logo, color selections, typography, etc.


If you don’t have a full understanding of why your brand exists, for what purpose and who. Then you can’t truly design a brand identity that will reach your desired audience.

Some indicators of this is when you find yourself going through multiple rebrands or your customers feel some sort of disconnect from your brand.

For example, maybe you believe your current branding exhibits luxury but your customers don’t. Therefore, they aren’t becoming buyers of your products.

Once you’ve clarified your brand, you can then begin to design experiences for your customers that feel more cohesive and connected. Leading to higher engagement & increased sales.

I’m going to be going over 4 core stages of brand clarity.

Your Luxury Brands Why

Let’s dive into the “why” of your luxury brand. Think more about why your luxury brand exists. Is it to improve the lives of a certain demographic?

For example, provide a luxury spa day experience to hard working moms who need a break?

In this example, this brand is stepping in and giving moms a needed break in their day from running around helping their kids with their needs.

If you’re a mom listening to this, you are probably nodding your head and wondering how do I sign up.

That’s an example of a “why”

Really sit down and think deeply about why your brand exists.

Your Luxury Brands What

Next is the “what” of your brand. What makes your brand different from others that sell similar products? Is it your unique formula, or the type of experiences you provide to your customers. It could be a combination of multiple elements.

When digging into the “what” of your brand, look at the market and see if you can identify any gaps within your competition. If so, can you fill that gap? Then think about how you would fill the gap so that it makes your brand stand out.

This is where unique ideas are born and grab people’s attention.

Your Luxury Brands Who

Now let’s discuss the “who” of your luxury brand. Who is it that you’re serving? Going back to the luxury spa for overworked moms. The “who” is moms who have demanding schedules that just need a breather.

Think about your luxury brand – who are your customers? Once you’ve identified them, think about what their day is like. Is it busy? Stressful? The reason why I bring this up is that if they have busy schedules.

Maybe your site design needs to have quick information that gives them key insights. That will help them make a faster buying decisions. Also, knowing that their schedules are busy. You’ll want to ensure that the checkout experience is seamless. If you’re asking a million questions, then that will hurt your conversion rate.

Or if your consumer needs to know more information. Then designing an experience where they are walked through a journey might be better.

Of course, you’ll have customers with all sorts of needs, but your primary experience would focus on that one type of customer. Then your secondary focus could be to prioritize the experience of other customers.

But knowing “who” you serve will influence the impact of all aspects of your business.

Your Luxury Brands How

You know the “why, what” and the “who”. Now let’s think about the “how”.

How will you attract your dream customers to your business? What type of marketing messages will resonate with them the best?

Delving deep into this, you can now see why it’s important to understand “who” your customers are.

I’m a part of a lot of communities with shop owners. The top questions I see all the time are

  • How do I get more customers to my website?
  • How do I get more sales?

Most have really nice products, but offering nice products is not the only thing that brings in sales. Think about it, why can Apple sell a computer for more money than a PC can?

They are both computers but the perception of each is different depending on the consumer. Some will live by Apple (raises hand I’m guilty) and others will prefer a PC.

Each business understands its customers so well that competition is almost irrelevant. But when you haven’t defined the “why” “who” and “what” then the “how” is just a challenge.

Once you can properly define “how” the rest of your marketing will fall into place. Then it’s just mapping out the strategy and putting it into action.

Let’s just quickly recap

  • Establish why your luxury brand exists
  • Know what makes your luxury brand different
  • Determine who your luxury brand serves
  • Strategize “how” you will deliver your consistent message

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