does your brand & eCommerce presence

Exude an elevated experience that creates desire & demand for your luxury brand?

Wouldn't you'd rather have a digital engagement ...

Where you feel confident that you are showcasing your luxury products in the best manner. No more presenting a DIY experience that feels disconnected.

Where you have an elevated luxury experience that sets you a part in the market, communicates your prestige and deeply connects you with loyal customers.

Where you have an eCommerce store that your proud of because it cultivates, connects & converts dream customers. Allowing you the freedom to scale even further!

No more struggling to piece together a fabulous online shopping experience. Are you ready to have a solid brand presence, a premium eCommerce store and plan to accelerate sales?


Welcome to The Luxury Commerce Experience

A 8-10 week, strategy, branding, Shopify web design & marketing experience for growing luxury brands.

So you can have a solid foundation, a cohesive brand and eCommerce experience that elevates and converts.


Our process for the luxury commerce experience

You’ve built a premium product that people desire. Now you need a high-end eCommerce store to match. Our tailored-made process involves 4 essential phases that cultivate, connect & convert your visitors into ideal customers in 8 weeks. 

Luxury Strategy Workshop

We begin with a custom assessment of your brand. This personalized process is designed to give you clarity on your brand & eCommerce website direction. We'll explore what makes your customers purchase your products. How your luxury brand can differentiate in the market. Plus map out the best pages and functionality for your eCommerce website.

Brand Development

Then we'll explore your branding to make sure it's in alignment with your experience. Branding dines and delights people's senses so they fall in love. Often being the one that speaks for the business before you do. With such an important and impressionable role. It’s imperative that your brand shows up authentically & represents your business in its best fashion. This part of the journey solidifies your brand language, its tone and visual cues.

Shopify Website

Next we'll move onto your online store experience. Your Shopify store, the premier destination that will serve your customers. During this part of the engagement we’ll design your Shopify theme for your customer’s experience and the journey they shall take. Making their destination to checkout effortless. Each interactive corridor designed and developed seamlessly. Will allow you the confidence to navigate your digital home independently.

Marketing Strategy

Finally acting as your guide, we’ll work together to help you map out the best passage way to deliver your message. Supporting you in reaching your desired audience and capturing their attention with the right digital references. Along with smart digital innuendos and nudges. Recommendations are made informatively & thoroughly.

Ready to stand out as a premium brand that your customers adore? With a 1:1 experience that supports you each step of the way.

Shopify Design Partner

Karen is a hidden gem, and I cannot recommend her enough. I was impressed from the very get-go with her onboarding and website organization processes. She is responsive, offering constructive feedback in the most positive way. She listened intently to my wants and desires for my site redesign, and I cannot rave about the finished product enough. I'm so excited about my redesigned website, and I'm already getting compliments from colleagues and clients. I felt listened to and taken care of the whole time. Karen makes the website redesign process easy.

— Carolyn Lyden


The Investment

Having a solid brand foundation and cohesive experience is an investment. Whether your looking to scale or even attract additional brand features or just feeling great about having more time with your family because you can finally expand your team.

Our signature experience is meant to give you a holistic experience and begins at $8000. During your luxury strategy workshop we'll dive into exactly what your investment should be based on the goals you have for your brand.

Let's set up a complimentary no-pressure call to discuss your vision and goals.

Ready to elevate your brand to be sought after?

next steps

01 Workshop

After our introductory call, we'll schedule your luxury strategy workshop. This will be the starting point of the process. Where will get clarity on the structure of your brand & website needs.

02 Sign + Welcome

Once you complete the Workshop we'll officially book the implementation of your experience. You’ll receive a proposal, client agreement & invoice to officially book.

03 Implementation

We'll go through the strategic & creative process along with refinements at multiple stages to ensure your store is a white-glove experience.

04 Launch

Here comes the exciting part! We'll pre-plan your best launch date. Then get you all set up to show up like the business leader you are!


I had a vision for what I wanted the Raw Beauty Co. shop to look like but no idea if I could find someone to turn that vision into a reality. Karen was such a joy to work with. I've never worked with someone who is so organized, timely, and communicative. Karen absolutely nailed my vision. My shop is a great new revenue stream for my business and I love that my audience will be able to take home many of the items I use to support my own wellness. I'm also thrilled to have a space where I can support my favorite brands. Traffic has increased at least 50% with new dreamy customers.

— Erin Treloar


There are some indicators that a custom experience would be great for your business. Here are some to consider:

  • You've been in business at least 1 year and have successfully sold your products.
  • You've outgrown your current brand and eCommerce experience. 
  • You're ready to invest in the time and financial commitment to elevate your brand.

When it comes to investing definitely read our blog post on Why Your eCommerce Website Cost Is An Investment.

Yes, payment plans are available and can be broken down over the duration of your experience.

Each client experience is different on average the timeline is about 8 - 10 weeks. 

Yes, if you are on another platform and are ready to switch. We can work together to migrate you over to Shopify. 

Yes, our belief is that you shouldn't build on a rocky foundation when you are investing in your eCommerce experience. We have the workshop to ensure that we stay focus on relevant goals that we can translate into a profitable experience for your business. 

Websites without strategy aren't worth investing in for your business. We've found that businesses who start at the incorrect stage face multi-rebrands and doubts about whether their brand & experience is cohesive to their values and goals.

The benefit of the strategy workshop you'll have a custom plan for your business. That you can either implement yourself, with another studio or TMC. 

TMC works with growing luxury brand owners who sell premium products. Clients of TMC are driven business owners that are ready to take their business to the next level and want to work in partnership with the studio.

Shopify is the platform that we work with to craft your online store. For email marketing, Klaviyo is our preferred platform to help you maximize sales.

As a platform, Shopify is dedicated to helping product based brands have a seamless eCommerce experience. If you have a brick and mortar in addition to an online store, you can create a more cohesive experience for your customers. 

Shopify is also a platform that you can continue to use as your business grows. 


Your luxury products deserve a luxury eCommerce experience. Apply below and we'll have a conversation about your goals & vision.