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strategy experience

Luxury Brand Strategy

Your brand is more than just visuals; it's an experience. From the messaging it exudes, the culture it represents, and beyond. A strategy influences how your ideal buyers take action. We'll assess your current business feel to uncover your brand's secret to connecting affluent buyers seeking your products or services. Then, create and develop the strategic non-visual elements such as your influence strategy, competitive advantage, customer journey, brand message, and more that you'll need to attract and convert your dream customers or clientele.

Mission & Vision

Market Research

Brand Messaging

Brand Positioning

Investment: $3000+

Luxury Brand Strategy
Luxury Branding

Branding Experience

Timeless Luxury Brand Design

Your brand's visual identity is most effective when connected to your vision, mission, and message—imparting the findings we uncover from your luxury brand strategy. We'll create a refined, luxurious brand identity for your business. One that gives you a cohesive buying and engagement experience from the first interaction and beyond.

Brand Identity Design

Luxurious Package Design

Pattern Design

Brand Guidelines

Investment: $3500+

Sophisticated Website Experience

Luxury Website Design & Development

Part of having a great digital experience is your website. When affluent buyers land on your website, it should make a great first impression that inspires them to take action. During this part of the engagement, we'll design your website using sophisticated methods to elevate your visitor's experience. We will consider the buying journey of your ideal buyer by creating and coding your website for planned interactions and seamless functionality. That is focused on helping you improve conversions and foster repeat sales. Your site may be built on Webflow, WordPress, or Shopify, depending on your business.

Website Strategy

Custom Website Design

Sophisticated Website Development

1:1 Concierge Training

Investment: $4500+

Luxury Shopify Design
Dr. Natalie

Working with Karen was such a lovely experience! We needed a high-quality, premium brand website experience since we are a luxury hair wellness brand. As a solo founder, Shopify was not my area of expertise. Karen stepped in and helped us flawlessly launch! We also received great feedback from customers who have visited, stating they love our professional presence for a new brand. Working with Karen is a top-tier experience; she took a lot of pressure off my to-do list and allowed me to focus on my brand. The result was spectacular, and I look forward to working with Karen as we expand and grow.

— Dr. Natalie K.

Determine the next steps

Reserve a Strategy Session

Are you desiring to create your definition of more success for your business? However, you aren't sure of the next steps to take. Do you relate to the following:

You’re ready for a brand experience that helps you position your brand for more opportunities, builds brand recognition, and fosters deeper relationships.

You are ready for an elevated brand experience that intuitively helps people fall in love with your brand and are excited to pay for a higher-end experience.

You’re ready to have a cohesive digital presence that helps you show up and grow confidently without sacrificing your values.

Whether you're a startup or a seasoned entrepreneur, we’ll spend 60 minutes strategizing a realistic approach to unleash your business's full potential.

Brand Consulting

Luxury Market Insights

Tech & Systems Consulting

Investment: $250

Luxury Jewelry Brand
Carolyn L.

Karen is a hidden gem, and I cannot recommend her enough. I was impressed from the very get-go with her onboarding and organized process. She is responsive, offering constructive feedback in the most positive way. She listened intently to my wants and desires for my rebrand & site redesign, and I cannot rave about the finished product enough. I'm so excited about my elevated brand & website, it reflects how I want my business to show up, and I'm already getting compliments & new business right after relaunching! I felt listened to and taken care of the whole time. Karen makes the rebranding & website redesign process easy.

— Carolyn L.

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Answers to commonly asked Q's

If you have further questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]

If you want to reimagine your brand, position your business for more opportunities, and increase conversions, those would be some great indicators that you are ready to go after your goals!

  1. Fill out an inquiry form and answer questions about your business and goals.
  2. Once reviewed, you’ll receive an email invite to book a complimentary brand consultation.
  3. On our video call, we’ll have an easy-going conversation to determine how you can best achieve your goals. If there is a mutual fit, we’ll discuss more about investment options, and you’ll decide if you would like to move forward with the booking process. If there is no mutual fit, I will do my best to make a proper referral or provide other solutions.

Yes, to help balance out investing in your business. Payment plans are available.

Depending on the level of engagement you are pursuing, the average timeline is 4-16 weeks. Once there is a full understanding of your needs, you’ll receive a more accurate estimate.

Strategy sessions are great for when you have smaller brand needs. For example, if you need to talk through the ideas you have for your business before making a larger investment. Or you are considering pivoting or adding something new to your business and want to figure out if it’s the right move.

A strategy session can also be great if you need help determining the right tech solutions based on you and your business needs. An example of this could be if you are stuck on the best website platform for your business. Or what email marketing platform makes the most sense to nurture your subscribers and market your offers.

Have more questions about if a strategy session is right for you. Email me at [email protected] with your questions. Or, if you are ready to move forward, you can book your session and get it on your calendar.

Cheers, Karen

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