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It's time to elevate your luxury brand to be sought after + desired

Your brand is destined for more! I’m on a mission to help fabulous business owners like you elevate your brand and attract more ideal customers who desire your products.

As a former retail expert of 10 + years, I specialize in helping experienced luxury brand owners, like you, scale your online store. Through smart strategy, refined methods, and design that helps you turn more visitors into long-term, high-value, profitable customers.

We work together to gain more clarity into your brand & solidify your online presence so that you are sought after.

Nestled between the trees in WA state. The May Creative is a strategy & results driven eCommerce web design & development studio that helps luxury brand owners elevate their Shopify store & digital experience. Welcome, so happy to have you!

eCommerce Strategist & Shopify Expert


I've walked in your shoes. Planning inventory & creating a maginetic shopping environment that increased profit.

Before I started The May Creative, I spent 10+ years working for major retail brands in leadership. I embarked on the journey after earning my economics degree & fashion merchandising degree. Which allowed me to run major brands fairly quickly in my career.

It was during that time that I picked up the skills of selling physical products, running a catalog department, managing large teams, studying & optimizing business metrics, merchandising, operations, etc.

One day before I even dreamed up The May Creative, I wanted to maximize our sales for most desired brands. We were doing pretty good, but I wanted to do better. Better than our competitors. Especially as the world of retail was shifting.

Foot traffic to malls was decreasing, and online retail was scaling fast. We needed to think and act differently than before or we’d lose out on sales.

So I explored what were our strengths & our opportunities.

Does that sound familiar? If we wanted to optimize our sales, we had to come up with a plan that worked for us.

I started with our customers; I asked her questions while shopping, found out what products she truly wanted, and improved the training of my staff, to elevate our experience.

This lead to some amazing results that helped us to achieve:

  • Sales improvement by at least 30%.
  • Consistent & higher overall customer satisfaction scores, in the high 90s.
  • High return visits and word of mouth.

Total game changer & I’d like to have that for you.


Karen is a hidden gem, and I cannot recommend her enough. I was impressed from the very get-go with her onboarding and website organization processes. She is responsive, offering constructive feedback in the most positive way. She listened intently to my wants and desires for my site redesign, and I cannot rave about the finished product enough. I'm so excited about my redesigned website, and I'm already getting compliments from colleagues and clients. I felt listened to and taken care of the whole time. Karen makes the website redesign process easy.

— Carolyn Lyden

Are you ready for a premium experience that leaves you and your bank account happy?

One of your most powerful business assets is your website and the values of your brand. When delivered with the right message and persuasive experience. Your customers can indulge and fall in love with your business more. Resulting in a premium experience that leaves you & your bank account happy.

Let’s devise a profitable & high-end online shopping environment that is unique to the strengths of your business. That attracts the right customers who continue to return and rave about your brand to others.

I’ll act as your guide through the journey. Grab your favorite glass and let’s begin.

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A dream experience

If you're a driven entrepreneur or business owner who's product-based luxury brand is growing and your ready to elevate your online presence. With a premium engagement, learn more about the signature service experience that helps you craft a elevated eCommerce presence.