Create a thriving online shopping experience

The May Creative is a eCommerce web design, development & digital strategy space for shop owners and lifestyle brands who want to create a custom online presence that turns their vision into a profitable + thriving experience.

You know the power a solid online experience for an eCommerce store. I mean think about your last Amazon order. I help online shop owners solidify their ideas and craft a unique experience for their online stores that attracts more of their dream customers that adore their business.

Hey, I'm Karen!

The designer, developer and strategist here behind the scenes. I created this space after spending years running brick and mortar locations for other companies. I wanted to bring the gem of knowledge I gained from that experience to the online space to help store owners, like you, make a bigger impact.

As an eCommerce store owner your website is one of the most important pieces to your business. If you fail to get that right you will continue to struggle for sales, loyal customers and of course, increased frustrations.

With a key process I walk online shop owners from idea to launch so that they can have an online experience they are proud of! No more website shame.

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Karen | The May Creative