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Here at The May Creative I help you as a quality driven designer bring your designs to life. Go from design mockup to an interactive website your clients will love. Ultimately you will have…

more smiles.

love creating designs that make your client’s heart melt. Add happiness back into your process by only focusing on what makes you happiest.

less stress.

Say bye to stressing over how to code elements of your design that are too intricate. Get your time back from eliminating 40+ hours in coding.

Boost Confidence.

Feel confident that you can deliver a profitable design that will effectively boost your clients business and make you more money.

Client Love

Karen is really comfortable with WordPress and designing in this space which was great. Whatever I threw at her she was able to handle. I designed the site and Karen helped with the WordPress implementation. She did a great job!
Sonya Forrest
Sony Forrest
Karen Howell - The May Creative


Hi, I’m Karen a former beauty blogger and Operations Manager now rocking a creative biz with a focus on development.  Multi-passionate is what bests describes me plus I am emphatic to everyone I meet (INFJ here). Tech has been in my bones for as long as I could remember. I was the first one on my block to have a digital diary.  I am a natural problem solver who enjoys a good criminal show to tease my brain. 

Entering college I studied Neuroscience but ultimately ended up earning my degree in Economics which allowed me to become a manager for various multi-million dollar companies that helped me earn my business cred. In 2010 needing a creative outlet I started blogging and was introduced to WordPress the rest was history. Annoyed by the fact I could never find a theme that was quite right and tired of forking over money every 3 months for a new theme I decided it was time to buckle down and learn some code.

As a person who loves learning, I took courses to help develop my creative skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Visual Design, plus more. Later I decided to take my professional experience and creative abilities to help support results-driven designers so that they could excel in their business. Kick the frustrations and open up their design world to more possibilities.  Let’s face it no one likes limits and with the right mix you can knock down any barrier.

If you're over purchasing theme after theme and tinkering with code. Grab your favorite wine glass because those days are over!


Prince – no question
Golden Girls – love these ladies
Animals – just agree on this
Coffee – this isn’t a question


Anything beautiful will always capture my heart. From a small leaf to amazing home decor. I am about quality and aesthetics.


The next time you’re out in public I dare you to smile at the first 3 strangers you see and notice what happens. 


Remember to design a business and life you love so that you can spend more time being you.

Now I would love for you to tell me more about you and your business so I invite you to see how we can partner together for your next design.

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