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The May Creative is a web development & digital strategy space for shop owners and lifestyle brands who want to create a custom online presence that turns their vision into a profitable + thriving experience.

With tacos + wine in hand

I'll help you...

Craft a website that attracts more dream customers who feel part of your community.

Help you showcase vendors and merchants you love to build stronger relationships.

Craft a well-made site that allows you to grow and scale.

Boss + Developer

Karen Howell

After earning my degrees in Economics and Apparel Merchandising I entered the world of retail management. Now a former retail sales + operations manager turned web developer & digital strategist who now helps show owners and brick and mortar store owners create a thriving online experience that scales their business. Helping them to fit in more family snuggles and increase profitability in their business the non-sleazy way.

When you create a thriving online experience

  • Your customers are happy to return.
  • Your products sell easier + more frequently.
  • Your customers tell other people how awesome you are.

Putting your customer at the forefront of your strategy is a major win, by doing so:

  • It has allowed me to increase department sales by 50%.
  • Increase customer satisfaction to the high 90's.
  • Create stronger loyalty + overall happiness that turned into more profitable relationships.

I want the same for you.

Karen | The May Creative

Nestled between the trees in Washington state. Usually, you can find me watching murder mysteries (seriously), eating tacos (have you seen the taco chronicles on Netflix?). Sippin on a rita and laughing with friends.

I want you to thrive online because you have amazing products to showcase that the world needs to experience.

Let's talk about your dreams, customers and vision. You can dive in, connect and tell me all the details.


Ready to discuss creating a website that causes impact?

"I had never worked with a developer before, but Karen’s development and WordPress expertise made my project much less stressful! If you don't want to focus on development, work with her!"