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Helping driven product-based brands, like you, to elevate your online presence confidently. So you can stand out in your market, build more brand loyalty, connect more intimately with your customers & experience better conversions for your online store.

You have great products but you just need a premium website experience to match. Your business savvy but taking the time to figure out the strategy, planning, design and tech is not your idea of scaling your business. You'd rather pass that off to an expert so you can focus on what your great at, which is your business & customers.


The signature experience has you covered!

The signature experience is designed to take you through a unique step-by-step method. Crafted to reduce the overwhelm of scaling your brand & giving the support to help you elevate your business. Bringing your vision to life.


The founder + guide for your experience

I’m on a mission to help fabulous business owners like you elevate your brand and attract more ideal customers who desire your products.

As an economist and a former retail expert of 10 + years, turned strategist & web developer. I specialize in helping driven eCommerce brand owners, like you, scale your online store.

Your website is your business’ most vital asset to sell your products. I’ve developed a unique process to help you get launched strategically. Without sacrificing the quality of your brand.

We’ll work together to help you to strategize a well-planned and sophisticated Shopify store.


Strategist | Shopify Designer & Developer

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Craft a premium Shopify store experience that elevates your online presence

Explore the signature service that will help you craft a new sophisticated Shopify experience. That helps builds trust, connects with your customers and increases your confidence.

Get advice that will help you clarify a business decision

Have an idea but want some expert advice on the best approach? So that you can move forward with your idea. Book a consulting session & get clarity.


Karen is a hidden gem, and I cannot recommend her enough. I was impressed from the very get-go with her onboarding and website organization processes. She is responsive, offering constructive feedback in the most positive way. She listened intently to my wants and desires for my site redesign, and I cannot rave about the finished product enough. I'm so excited about my redesigned website, and I'm already getting compliments from colleagues and clients. I felt listened to and taken care of the whole time. Karen makes the website redesign process easy.

— Carolyn Lyden

Karen was the most thoughtful and considerate web designer I've ever worked with. She took the time to make sure that it was not only done correctly but that I was trained in what to do moving forward. She empowered me, that is priceless. She is the best and I will definitely be working with her again. For anyone considering working with Karen…BOOK NOW.

Thank you so much for everything. You changed the game for me. Thank you.

— Nathaniel Hodder-Shipp

I had a vision for what I wanted the Raw Beauty Co. shop to look like but no idea if I could find someone to turn that vision into a reality. Karen was such a joy to work with. I've never worked with someone who is so organized, timely, and communicative. Karen absolutely nailed my vision. My shop is a great new revenue stream for my business and I love that my audience will be able to take home many of the items I use to support my own wellness. I'm also thrilled to have a space where I can support my favorite brands. Traffic has increased at least 50% with new dreamy customers.

— Erin Treloar

I'm so thrilled with how the site turned out. My vision was definitely brought to life. I appreciated Karen's hard work on the development of my website!

Cristie Stevens

I enjoyed everything about working with Karen! Karen understood me and my vision and NAILED IT. Karen detailed emails and even sends videos to answer questions you may have. Karen is very professional and cares about her clients and their experience with her.

— Micah White

The May Creative did a beautiful job with my site. They were professional, organized, prompt, and delivered exactly what I asked-but optimized. I’m so happy I now have a home on the web for my portrait business that allows my customers to interact with me, shop, and view my work. I can’t thank them enough for the attention and results they’ve delivered to my business.

— Melissa Rothman