Hey you! Yep, you!

I’m talking to ya...you see I know you landed here because you're over the tech conundrum.

The website design hustle that sorta looks similar to this:

Design for client → client falls in love (so do you) → moves onto the development process.

It is here (thee development phase “make sure you say “D” to get the full effect here) where that creative light flickers a bit…

Because if you're being honest.

Playing on the backend of a website doesn’t light you up. It wasn’t part of the vision.

Well, I’m here to let you know it's TOTALLY OKAY.

Don’t believe the hype that you have to do ALL the things in your design business. Because it's not true, there is another curtain to look behind and it’s here.

So you're probably wondering who the heck is this talking to me callin me out on my ish.

Karen Howell - The May Creative

Hey there!

Hello 🙂 I’m Karen a lovely creative just like you that decided a while ago to let go of doing all the things. You see I was a designer, gasps! I know it's true I know all about logo concepts, brand style guides, UX/UI etc.

Till one day I realized why am I doing it all? It’s my business I should run it how I want...skip what everyone else is doing. I mean hey they can stick to doing all things if they want, but I decided otherwise. So I nixed design (which I will always have love for) and decided to focus exclusively on development.

I knew that designers struggled with coding not because they couldn’t do it, but because they didn’t want to. Anyone can learn to code, it takes time and practice but anyone can do it. But not everyone wants to and that is ok. That’s where I step in, I help amazing designers like yourself deliver amazing websites to your clients.

The great news is you don’t deal with the development or coding portion at all. You just slide your beautifully approved design into my secret only for you folder and I handle the rest.

In fact, I tell you more about it over here!

Emily, one of my rock star clients shares her experience below

Emily M

Emily MacKenzie


My business has already seen a positive impact. I have already sold my custom theme that Karen developed. I am so excited to present it to more clients. What I enjoyed the most about working with Karen was it was nice to be able to design exactly as I wanted without being limited by my own knowledge of web development. Karen made my vision come to life just the way I wanted without me having to struggle through the complexities of building it all myself.

Karen Howell - The May Creative

I know you may be still curious who this awesome person is that is talking to you. As stated a bit up the page here I’m Karen the one and only person behind The May Creative. The May Creative was inspired by my journey of blogging and getting frustrated with the themes on the market that had either too much for my needs or too little. There was never one on the market that fit quite right. Then one day I discovered the world of coding & mixed that WordPress leading to my decision to learning custom WordPress development and the rest has been history.

When not playing around in tech I can be found chatting it up on Instagram or building my amazing podcast (I am tooting my horn here, I just started it lol) but that’s beside the point I started, that’s all that matters. So if you love me, because I know you will, it's a fact, you will give it a listen once I get it up on the iTunes.

But I digress as Sophia Petrillo would say… I would love to know more about how I can help you let go and gain more in your design business. We can chat it up via video or if you're an introvert (INFJ here) then you can email me. Either way is fine, just know we will most likely laugh and have a good time. Sorry if that is disappointing news to you but again it’s another fact about me. Ask people in my community, they know…

So whatcha waiting for I will be here expecting to hear from you soon. Go ahead I made it easy for you 🙂