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Positioning brands for growth that matter

Kiss the tears and stress dueces


You want growth & results

Remember why you started your business.

Was it because the hustle under another was less and less worth the feelings of feeling like life was passing you by?

Or how about the missed smiles you couldn't capture on video and in-person with family and friends?

Regardless your business and/or brand is important to you for more ways than one.

It's to serve a bigger purpose beyond yourself.

That's why we work closely to get to the heart of your WHY, it helps us build your vision. A vision that is more connected to your true purpose.

The May Creative is an eCommerce creative studio for lifestyle brands and creative businesses that want more than what's beyond the surface. They want a solid future that makes good on its promises.

Your growth partner + consultant

Hi there, I'm Karen

I spent years, 10 + helping corporate retailers run profitable businesses. It's where I got the opportunity to learn from top leaders about buying habits, merchanding standards and understanding people.

While running through stores in high-heels and I decided I wanted to explore the online space. You see I had started a beauty blog in 2009 as a creative outlet and it took off, allowing me to work with brands, etc. It's also where I got the website design bug and created this space!

Now I get to bring my experience from both worlds to you so that you can run a store you love.


reimagining possible ideas into reality


You're ready to inspire your customers into action and build trust in your brand. No more DIY and disconnect.


You're ready for more connection and solid relationships with your customers that continue to shop with you for years.


You're ready to transform your business into the vision you imagined. No more waiting and hoping for change.

"I was excited to stop DIYing thing on my own, it wasn't getting me the results I wanted. Karen worked closely with me to understand my needs. Finally, I was able to launch a site that I love with ease."


Ready to transform your business?

Curious about my services and how they can help you grow your business? I would be to if I were you, so click the button below and learn more.