WordPress Development

Overwhelming backends, pushed back launches are a thing of the past. The May Creative helps you craft and easy to manage tailored made theme that your client's will love and adds time back into your business.

Tailored made AND custom crafted theme development 

for web and brand designers ready to let go coding.

Web Developer

Hi, there, I’m the person that'll help you easily understand how to not only build but manage your online experience. Through an easy to understand process and post support that charms your best audience!

Always being a tech nerd begging my mom for the latest digital diaries, nano pets growing up I knew I had a strong affinity for the nerdy parts.

After ditching a long career in sales & operations I decided to pursue building custom sites full-time initially as a design studio, but now only focusing on development.

If you want to partner with a developer that loves great aesthetics but also knows the technical pieces you've landed in the right spot. I'd love to know more so feel free to connect below!

~ Karen

Karen Howell - The May Creative
Sonya Forrest

Karen was great to work with! She helped me bring my designs to life and whatever I threw her way she could handle! I definitely recommend working with her! 

- Sonya Forrest

What I enjoyed the most about working with Karen was it was nice to be able to design exactly as I wanted without being limited by my own knowledge of web development.

- Emily MacKenzie

Emily M

I contracted web development with Karen, she did an awesome job. Her client process was easy and seamless. Highly recommend her!

- Nicole Ellis

Curious how we can work together