Not your typical beginning

former operations manager turned web designer + coder


Welcome! I'm Karen

I'm a former retail sales + operations manager who went from running profitable retail locations for major brands.

To a web designer who codes and I absolutely love it! You see I get to bring my retail experience, design chops, and coding skills to the table to help you rock this online world! When I'm not talkin' strategy, creating design mockups and/or coding designs.

I can be found watching criminal shows and/or spending time with my family and friends!

So happy to have you here! Let's see how I can help you transform your business.

where brands come to grow

reimagining possible ideas into reality

The May Creative - the business name comes from me and my father sharing close birthdays in May. He also passed down his creativity to me.

Building brands that have an impact

The experience you create online speaks volumes to who you'll attract into your business.

Once you attract them, how do you keep their attention and turn them into action takers?

This is where I step in and help you figure out how to influence those actions and turn them into a beautiful website experience.

An experience that creates impact and helps you reach more goals in your business.

Gold & Green Leaf

"Karen was the most thoughtful and considerate web designer I've ever worked with. She took the time to make sure that it was not only done correctly but that I was trained in what to do moving forward. She empowered me, that is priceless. She is the best and I will definitely be working with her again. For anyone considering working with Karen…BOOK NOW.

Thank you so much for everything. You changed the game for me. Thank you."

— Nathaniel Hodder-Shipp

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