Helping you successfully scale your business by taking on the technical pieces. Focus on connection and not the tech.

The May Creative is a web development business that specializes in WordPress that works in collaboration with designers, design studios and brands to build custom WordPress themes with the latest technologies.

Through a personalized journey I translate design mockups into a quality functioning website that is reflective of the end users goals. Focusing on a specialize area results in a higher quality website that is built to last.

Karen Howell

Nice to meet you!

I'm Karen, originally from Los Angeles, CA I now reside in the beautiful state of Washington.

After earning my degree in business I went into management focusing on sales and operations for 10 years. In 2009, is when I entered the world of blogging and first came across WordPress. I must admit I broke my site a few times (my first experience with the white screen of death) but I pressed forward. Even though I was new to blogging and WordPress at the time, the world of web design & development wasn't new to me. In fact my first website project was my high schools website back in 2000.

Eventually as my little blog grew and I had my fair share of themes, it was evident that I like playing around and customizing features to make my site my own.  In addition to tweaking my site I fell in love strategy because I was into content marketing. Which is still one of my fav's till this day. Wanting to up my skills I eventually enrolled in some courses to learn Visual & Web design, then it was onto web development. I focused primarily on frontend but also picked up some backend languages such as PHP & Ruby.

Needless to say the rest was history, now I pull my skills from not only operations management background but my tech skills to help business owners create custom websites and business solutions that are reflective of their goals.


To develop powerful websites for women in business who dare to be different and stand out from the crowd.

Infusing quality design + code with longevity that withstands the test of time.

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