Knowing why people purchase things is my thing

You see I'm an economist that loves design

A developer that loves code and consultant that loves results

Gold & Green Leaf

The behavior of people has always mesmerized me

Why someone puts an item in their cart versus bounces away can make a difference in your business.

That's why I combine user psychology and buying behavior into my website experiences.

People are emotional buyers they buy what they want to be not what they are.

You, for example, may want to be the go-to for your industry, for your business.

How do we get there? Where do we start those are all questions we start with.

The May Creative combines user psychology + consumer buying behavior to help brands grow. Based in the beautiful state of Washington helping clients worldwide. My goal is to help you nail your experience and serve a seamless checkout experience.

Your growth partner + consultant

Hi there, I'm Karen

After earning my degree in Economics and Merchanding my goal was to become a buyer. Instead, I spent years, 10 + helping corporate retailers run profitable businesses. It's where I got the opportunity to learn from top leaders about buying habits, merchanding standards and understanding people.

While running through stores in high-heels and I decided I wanted to explore the online space. You see I had started a beauty blog in 2009 as a creative outlet and it took off, allowing me to work with brands, etc. It's also where I got the website design + development bug and created this space!

Now I get to bring my experience from both worlds to you so that you can run a store you love.


reimagining possible ideas into reality


You're ready to inspire your customers into action and build trust in your brand. No more DIY and disconnect.


You're ready for more connection and solid relationships with your customers that continue to shop with you for years.


You're ready to transform your business into the vision you imagined. No more waiting and hoping for change.

Ready to transform your business?

Curious about my services and how they can help you grow your business? I would be to if I were you, so click the button below and learn more.