Being a blogger or creative is awesome, you get the opportunity to share your talents with others. When you decide to share those talents online it can be overwhelming! You are suddenly faced with all these questions...

How do I start a blog or website?

I need a host...What’s a host?

Where do I create my website?


The May Creative was created because of those same questions. Hi I’m Karen, in 2010 I decided to embark on the journey of blogging. My first site was setup on Blogger, then I went to Wordpress because I wanted to seem more professional, then I tried Squarespace and back to Wordpress. I had a lot of questions, frustrations and broken sites.

Blogging inspired me to learn to code to not only help myself but others who shared the same issues and concerns.  Now fast forward I am here to help you level up.

I am your partner and together we will build a site you love so that you can share your unique talents.

I would love to help you get over overwhelm and eliminate frustration. 

So if you are ready to let go of the overwhelm and focus on other things like growing your following or taking amazing photos. Let's take the next step and do this...together!



Build a clear brand with a consistent message to help you grow your blog and business

Web Design

Pair your branding with a web design to help solidify your online presence

Web Development

Time to bring your online presence alive through functional design with user experience in mind.

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