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Your online presence should be more than just a beautiful place online. Yes, we’ll work on your design, Shopify website design experience, and overall presence. Our work together will be crafted by well thought out touchpoints that grow your business. Whether you are launching a new idea or revamping your existing experience. We’ll collaborate together to help you reimagine your ideas into reality.


Karen was the most thoughtful and considerate web designer I've ever worked with. She took the time to make sure that it was not only done correctly but that I was trained in what to do moving forward. She empowered me, that is priceless. She is the best and I will definitely be working with her again. For anyone considering working with Karen…BOOK NOW.

Thank you so much for everything. You changed the game for me. Thank you.



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I had a vision for what I wanted the Raw Beauty Co. shop to look like but no idea if I could find someone to turn that vision into a reality. Karen was such a joy to work with. I've never worked with someone who is so organized, timely, and communicative. Karen absolutely nailed my vision. My shop is a great new revenue stream for my business and I love that my audience will be able to take home many of the items I use to support my own wellness. I'm also thrilled to have a space where I can support my favorite brands. Traffic has increased at least 50% & converting with new dreamy customers.


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Hi there, I'm Karen, the brand + website experience I provide results in increased sales conversions. This helps you have consistent revenue & feel confident in your business.  So you can enjoy greater brand recognition, build a list of happy customers, and create a business of customers that feel part of the community and are happy to consistently purchase your products.

Without this, you risk delayed opportunities to maximize your sales, stand out amongst competitors, and truly showcase your value in the market.

Similarly, when you finally have a website that markets for you and automates sales. You are able to finally showcase your expertise, feel empowered about your offers, and can generate consistent revenue. While completely avoiding missed sales opportunities.