Custom web development for design professionals who don't want to code their designs.

10 Development Hacks to Quickly Build A Website


Focus on the visuals & not the code

An exciting project lands in your inbox, you open it with excitement, schedule the call and are so excited to create a custom experience. Why? Because you know that idea is great and that if done right, it's going to make a big impact. There is just some obstacles, coding and programming is not your love language. You need a web developer who has a design background, that communicates well and can build the functionality you need to nail the vision. Welcome to the The May Creative!

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As a web developer + strategist my goal is to help you achieve your goals with a strategically built website.

Outsourcing development as a designer saves you so much time in your business. No more getting lost finding coding snippets, reduce your stress levels, and finally increase your profits by only focusing on what you love.

- Karen

Karen Howell - The May Creative

We can connect & build your vision via:

Custom Theme Development

Get excited! Why? Because you can have a fully functioning website based on your designs. You get to let go of coding and figuring out the functionality. Your designs are crafted into a custom WordPress theme that reflects the goals of the site owner.


Developer On Deck

There are reoccurring tasks that happen when your working with the technical pieces of running a website. From maintenance, content and layout updates etc. Let me handle the technical task while you focus on your business. It's a monthly service that adds more time back in your business.

Mockup Tips Guide

Mockup Tips

Learn how to prepare a developer-friendly mockup before you pass over your designs to be crafted into a beautiful website.