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You’re not just another brand. You’re building a legacy.

You’ve invested time, intention, and quality into your products. Now you’re ready to reimagine how customers engage with your eCommerce business and invest in your online store. So that it articulates your brand values, supports your growth, and fosters loyalty.

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Creating A Seamless Online Store Experience

The quality of your luxury brand & products should be reflected in the buying experience. We’ll work together to Intentionally design & craft a refined online store and email marketing experience that honors your brand reputation. So you can grow sustainable revenue and a community of loyal shoppers.

Luxury branding & packaging

Custom Shopify websites

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Shopify Management


I had a vision for what I wanted the Raw Beauty Co. shop to look like but no idea if I could find someone to turn that vision into a reality. Karen was such a joy to work with. I've never worked with someone who is so organized, timely, and communicative. Karen absolutely nailed my vision. My shop is a great new revenue stream for my business and I love that my audience will be able to take home many of the items I use to support my own wellness. I'm also thrilled to have a space where I can support my favorite brands. Traffic has increased at least 50% with new dreamy customers.

— Erin T.


A data-driven approach to elevate your brand & increase conversions

Economist & retail expert for 10 + years turned eCommerce strategist

Hi there, I’m Karen, your guided expert. Prior to creating my eCommerce consultancy, I was in charge of 7 & 8-figure retail brands, ranging from sales, merchandising & operations, for 10+ years.

My belief is the time and intention you've poured into your luxury brand and products. Are a catalyst for a bigger vision you have for your business.

You haven't created just another brand but a timeless business. That not only supports your customers but the causes you care about and the future generational wealth you want to leave.

My goal is to help to support you in achieving your vision so you can proudly have a successful business that ties back to your "why".

So I invite you to start the conversation by exploring how we can work together to help elevate your online store.

Strategist | Shopify Expert | Klaviyo Expert


I was stuck on the best way to help increase website conversions for our luxury brand's eCommerce website. Karen made me feel comfortable during our strategy session and helped me to see how to pull things together for better results. I now have an outline of steps to take in order to optimize our website. I also have a plan for setting up an omnichannel experience. Sometimes you need an outside pair of eyes to help you see what you're missing. Karen was that person for me. I love that Karen made sure I felt confident before ending our session.

— Jennifer W.

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