Bring your vision to life

Removing the overwhelm of WordPress and crafting a solid website experience, focus on design while I handle the functionality.


For web and brand designers who love crafting the story just NOT building it.




As a designer focus on the pieces that you adore, design. Then pass off the dreamy mockup designs to me to be transformed into a reality of your vision. Collaboratively we’ll work together to nail your design. Let’s collaborate!


Bite Sized


For when you don't need a full project developed just the smaller pieces. Such as coding certain pieces, a custom template or something smaller. Start with bite sized development.

Micah White

I enjoyed Everything about working with Karen! Karen understood me and my vision and NAILED IT. Karen is very professional and cares about her client and their experience with her. 

- Micah White

Sonya Forrest

Karen was great to work with! She helped me bring my designs to life and whatever I threw her way she could handle! I definitely recommend working with her! 

- Sonya Forrest

What I enjoyed the most about working with Karen was it was nice to be able to design exactly as I wanted without being limited by my own knowledge of web development.

- Emily MacKenzie

Emily M

I contracted web development with Karen, she did an awesome job. Her client process was easy and seamless. Highly recommend her!

- Nicole Ellis