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I enjoyed Everything about working with Karen! Karen understood me and my vision and NAILED IT.

~ Micah White

My business has already seen a positive impact. I have already sold my custom theme that Karen developed.

~ Emily MacKenzie


The pros of outsourcing development

Balancing a ton of hats in business is part of the process eventually if you stay in the game long enough you realize that some things are better if handle by someone else.

The specialist.

When it comes to crafting the vision of a client’s website a lot goes into the process. Starting with the client’s story, goals and purpose to the inception of ideas into a design. Once you have nailed the design and its ready to move to the next phase, the building phase (development) extra time & dedication can creep in.

Unless you are pro at coding up designs it can take away precious time in your business that be utilize to produce better results. What do I mean?

On average designers spend about 20 + hours in development and it can be longer for more complex robust features. That doesn’t include the time spent waiting to get help in forums or Facebook groups when they get stuck or there is conflict in coding.

Often times designers discover they can save those 20+ when they partner with a developer and use them in other areas of their business when they outsource. Here are some examples:

  • Take on other exciting projects while project A is being developed by a developer, leading to more monthly income.
  • Offering more creative solutions to clients who need more business flexibility, which can position the designer as an authority.
  • Add back balance in their business because they are only focusing on what they are best at, therefore improving productivity.

Learn more about how you can increase productivity with your design projects with these 10 hacks!

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I'm Karen your development bestie and person behind the scenes here at The May Creative. I'm a Web Developer that specializes in WordPress who often works with designers & other creatives to create a custom coded WordPress theme based on design visions.

- Karen

Karen Howell - The May Creative

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