Luxury eCommerce: Simple Tips to Reduce Abandoned Carts

As a luxury brand owner, who sells online when customers abandoned their shopping carts on your site. It leaves a lot of potential revenue left on the table.

If you don’t have an effective method to recover those abandoned carts. You reduce the profitability of your online store sales.

There is a tremendous opportunity in eCommerce to reduce abandoned carts. The average abandoned cart rate is about 72%!

Even capturing a small portion of those sales can have a great impact. Especially if you have a high average order rate.

Let’s discuss some ways you can reduce abandoned carts from occurring within your luxury eCommerce brand.

What Are Abandoned Carts?

First, let’s get clear what is cart abandonment, abandon carts are when customers are shopping, add items to their cart. But bounce off your site before finishing their purchase. So when you find yourself all excited by seeing lots of filled carts but lack of sales. Most likely your customers have left their carts behind to do something else.

Here are some tips you can implement to help reduce people leaving without completing a purchase.

Ensure Your Shopify Website Is Optimized For Mobile

Evaluate your analytics, do you have a lot of shoppers that come to your website on mobile? More so than desktop? If so, you’ll definitely want to ensure your Shopify website works great on mobile.

Look at your website from your customer’s eyes, is your site easy to use on mobile? Look for potential barriers that could prevent customers from completing a transaction.

Some distractions you should look for are:

  • Chat boxes taking up the entire screen.
  • Pop up’s happening before your customer has looked at your products.
  • Hard to read information or product photos they can not easily scroll through.

Tip: only have the most important information visible on mobile to help your customers decide.

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Remember, everything doesn’t have on mobile. You can reserve detailed information for desktop viewers, as smaller screens have less visual real estate. 

Most likely when your customers are viewing on mobile they are making quick decisions. So the fewer distractions there are, the quicker they can decide and get to checkout.

A well-optimized eCommerce website designed for mobile can reduce the decision-making time. Leading to customers making it to the checkout page quicker.

Simplify The Checkout Process

The checkout experience for customers need to be simple. If you ask customers a million questions at checkout, they will most likely feel frustrated, overwhelmed and leave.

When someone has made it to your checkout page. They have made a serious decision to buy, this isn’t the chance for you to learn all the details about them.

Instead, here is what you could do:

  • Ask for only necessary information.
  • Don’t require registration to checkout.
  • Allow for guest checkout.

This will help make the checkout process smoother and quicker. Reducing the chances that your customers will change their mind.

Improve Your Website Experience

On par with a great mobile experience and a simplified checkout process. Your website experience needs to be in alignment with the behaviors of your shoppers.

The best way to have a website experience that translates to sales. Is to understand your ideal customers and design a site around them.

It’s one of the essential & vital elements I establish with clients here at The May Creative. In order for us to create a premium experience that converts. We do research to understand your ideal customer and strategize your overall experience to meet their needs.

You can learn more about crafting a premium eCommerce experience that delivers better conversion rates for your luxury brand. By visiting our Signature Experience page to learn more.

An easier to navigate online store makes shopping a breeze. Your customers will all have varying needs from those that already know what they want to those that want to explore.

Your eCommerce website should be designed & developed to meet your customers at various levels.

Showcase Product Reviews

What’s the first thing you do when you decide to purchase a product? You look for reviews of past shoppers!

Reviews give your customers an opportunity to get real-life experiences from past shoppers. 

Fabulous reviews can really support potential customer’s decisions to make a purchase.

Keep your reviews in an easy to find location that customers can easily read through and find the information they can relate too. Strive to have detailed reviews from your past customers, not just general feedback like:

“Oh, this was great”


“I was in the market for X and I was so happy to discover (this product). It has made my day-to-day life so much easier. Definitely, will keep this in-stock plus (company name) service has been amazing!”

Which of those reviews would make your buying decision easier? 

Great reviews inspire trust and can help support people in making a buying decision.

Be Transparent About Shipping Expectations

I’ve been guilty of this, adding items to my cart to find out the total. It was only because the website didn’t make it clear on shipping and other potential fees. 

If you aren’t as transparent as possible with additional fees than you will experience an increase in abandoned carts. 

Customers want to know what they are paying for, and it’s not always logical. 

People will pay $20 with free shipping but will hesitate to pay $14 with $5 shipping. I know it doesn’t sense, but it’s true and I’ve done it too! 

It’s 100% pricing psychology, which we must chat about at a later time. 

Your customers want to feel like they are making a smart buying decision. You must support them by being transparent about shipping and other potential fees. 

Have An Abandoned Cart Email Strategy

Sending an abandoned cart email to customers who have left their carts can help you recover sales. Abandoned cart emails can help you recover part of the 72% of abandoned sales. Ensure that you craft an email that encourages your customers to finish their purchase.

Keep the email simple and with a clear call to action. You can use an email marketing tool like Klaviyo (ref link) to help you create and automate the process. That sends customers who left their cart an email to finish the transaction.

It’s a pleasant way to remind customers they were interested in purchasing some items. Plus, it allows you to wow them with your amazing customer service. By making sure your emails are personalized to how they prefer to shop.

Klaviyo uses data science to help you craft effective emails that convert. You can set up a personalized email that also includes recommended addon’s, etc.

There you have it a few ways that you can help to reduce abandoned carts for your luxury eCommerce.

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