Five Simple Tips for Reducing Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts – how can you reduce them? You may have noticed that people are adding items to their carts but your sales aren’t increasing.

Ugh, you just can’t understand how they were interested in the product but they chose not to check out.

So what do you do?

You figure out what’s not working and make a plan to help reduce the problem. 

What are abandoned carts?

Abandon carts are when customers are shopping, add items to their cart. But bounce off your site before finishing checkout. It can result in lots of potential sales for your store.

63% of abandoned carts are potentially recoverable with the right strategies. – Source

Ensure your mobile experience is great

One way to reduce abandon carts is to check your mobile experience of your website. Look at your site from your customer’s eyes, is your site easy to use on mobile?  Look for potential barriers that are present blocks to purchasing form your store. 

Some distractions you should be looking for are:

  • Way too much information
  • Extra buttons such as popups and chat boxes. 
  • Hard to read text and poor quality photos.

Tip: only have the most important information visible on mobile to help your customers make a decision.

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You can reserve detailed information for desktop viewers, remember smaller screens have less visual real estate. 

The great thing about technology is you can hide certain features on mobile vs. desktop. 

Think about your customer’s potential day. Are they busy doing other things? Most likely. So they need to be able to make quick and fast decisions without having to think so much. 

Simplify the checkout process

When it comes to simplifying the checkout process it’s more than just the technical experience.

It is how the experience looks and feels, it’s the overall journey. From the time customer’s land on your website, they need to quickly understand the following:

  • What is that you offer and how it can help them.
  • Where to click to find more information. 
  • The product description needs to resonate.
  • They need to be able to easily add it to their cart.
  • Quickly checkout.

There could be a lot of distractions as they go through that journey so double check to make sure you are only providing the most helpful information. That the path is straightforward and clear on what to do next so that you can reduce your abandoned cart rate.

Allow guest checkout 

Another way to reduce abandoned carts is to allow customers to check out as a guest. If you are only allowing customers to check out when they register for an account on your site. You are increasing their likelihood of them not completing the checkout process. 

You’ll want to reduce the number of clicks possible so they can be on their way. This is especially important for customers shopping with you for the first time. 

Later in the process, you can reconnect with them through your email marketing platform. Get them more familiar with your brand and register for an account. So you can continue to build the relationship.

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Have reviews easily accessible

What’s the first thing you do when you decide it’s a purchase a product? You look for reviews of past shoppers! I do this even when I’m in Target, I’ll hop on Amazon to see what other folks are experiencing.  

Reviews give your customers an opportunity to get real-life experiences from past shoppers. 

Fabulous reviews can really support potential customer’s decisions to make a purchase.

Keep your reviews in an easy to find location that customers can easily read through and find the information they can relate too. Strive to have detailed reviews from your past customers, not just general feedback like:

“Oh this was great”


“I was in the market for X and I was so happy to discover (this product). It has made my day to day life so much easier. Definitely, will be keeping this in-stock plus (company name) service has been amazing!”

Which of those reviews would make your buying decision easier? 

Great reviews inspire trust and can help support people in making a buying decision.

Reduce sticker shock

I’ve been guilty of this, adding items my cart to find out the total. It was only because the website didn’t make it clear on shipping and other potential fees. 

If you aren’t as transparent as possible with additional fees than you will experience an increase in abandon carts. 

Customers want to know what they are paying for and it’s not always logical. 

People will pay $20 with free shipping but will hesitate to pay $14.95 with $5.95 shipping. I know it makes no sense but its true and I’ve done it too! 

It’s the whole pricing psychology which we’ll have to chat about at a later time. 

Your customers need to understand they are making a smart buying decision. You’ll need to support them by being transparent about shipping and other potential fees. 

Use Abandoned Cart Emails

Send an abandoned cart email to customers who have left their carts. It’s a nice way to remind them that they were interested in purchasing some items. Plus it allows you to wow them with your amazing customer service. This would also be a great time to offer a little discount incentive to get them to complete checkout.

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