Strategy Hot Seat

facts that
make an impact

Your at a point where an outside perspective is needed. You've been stuck for way too long on the best approach on how to execute your idea. That's where a strategy hot seat comes into play.

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We get to the reason for the vision

The details that turn ideas into action! Actions that give you a guide on what to focus on and go after. During our hot seat session, we’ll go over your business goals so you can finally execute what's on your mind.

Ideal for

  • Shop owners that need help with improving their online store.
  • Business owners who want clarity on what to focus on to achieve their goals.
  • Or your not sure if you are ready to make a bigger investment towards a goal and you just want to talk it out first.

What's included

Hot Seat Session

this is a 1-hour experience where we focus on YOU and you get clear a creative solution.


clarity on what the next move should be (with action tips and a proposed solution).

the session will be held either via a call or video meeting