How to Make Your Luxury Skincare Brand Stand Out Online

As a luxury skincare brand, there are multiple components that go into crafting an exceptional experience that helps you stand out online.

From the wording that you use, to describe your brand to how your overall experience works for your customers. 

This is why I’ll be giving you insights into how to help your luxury skincare brand stand out online. So that you can capture more of your ideal customers’ attention. 

And scale your business to a level that you desire. 

Starting with some planning on the perception of your brand. Let’s dive in!

Define Your Strategy

Don’t let the word “strategy” discourage you. We can often see strategy as the boring part of business. But it is so vital to the success of your brand and attaining your business goals. 

Having a winning strategy or plan for your business will be the foundation from which your brand operates. As a luxury brand, the generic advice that others in different industries work from doesn’t work for your business. 

The types of customers that are attracted to luxury goods are simply different. Consumers of luxury goods want to invest in the best and value quality and well-crafted experiences.

With that in mind, as a luxury skincare brand, you’ll want to ensure that you are incorporating your ideal customer’s psychology of wants and desires into your strategy. 

This often includes researching your ideal customers and getting their honest opinions about what influences them to buy. Once you have that information, you can use it to formulate your own winning strategy. That will set your luxury skincare brand apart from the market. 

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Showcase Your Brand’s Difference

One way to help your luxury skincare brand to stand out is to define your difference in the market. You can do this by niching down and focusing on covering a specific target of the market. For example, focusing on hyperpigmentation for mature skin. 

A real-life example of having a brand difference is La Mer founded by Dr. Max Huber. La Mer found its origin after Dr. Max suffered from burns in a lab accident. This led to him creating La Mer which crafts their products by…

“A fermentation process that transformed sea kelp and other pure ingredients into Miracle Broth™. This cell-renewing elixir at the heart of Crème de la Mer would finally transform the look of his skin.” – La Mer

You can dive deeper into La Mer’s brand story to discover what makes them different. Allowing them to charge a premium price for their products and build a loyal customer base.

Being clear about why your luxury skincare brand is unique will naturally attract customers who resonate with your brand origin and solution. 

Focus On Your Customer’s Experience

Your customers are the ones who turn into your brand loyalists. They will be the ones who return to make purchases, support your launches and recommend your brand to others.

So focusing on the type of experiences your customers have is very important. From that first introduction to receiving their products. Each part of their experience needs to be planned & meticulous.

In luxury, the experience is everything. Especially for brands that sell similar products, luxury consumers will pay a premium for a premium experience & product. 

Think about each potential experience your customers could have with your brand. Be clear on how you’ll engage when it comes to:

  • Social media questions & DM’s.
  • Email correspondence. 
  • Product questions & information.
  • Website interactions.
  • Plus more.

Treat your customers’ experience with the utmost care.

One of the important destinations your luxury brand customers will engage within your business is through your website. Once you’ve attracted them to your online store, make sure it’s up to par. 

If your online store appears amateur, it will lower your brand’s perception of trust and & credibility. Ensure that your brand is consistent, that your website is professionally designed and that the checkout process is seamless. With additional personalized emails, set up via automation to keep your customers informed about their orders.

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Continue to Nurture Your Customer’s Relationships

Once you’ve earned the sale, your job doesn’t stop there. Now you have a new customer that you can turn into a long-term, high-value customer. 

Since you’ve put a lot of effort into acquiring their business, you’ll want to maintain that relationship. You can do that by ensuring that you nurture your relationship with them on a deeper level. 

How? You may be thinking. 

One way is to give them intimate access to your brand. That could be through an exclusive email list where they get the first notification of new releases that keeps them informed. 

An email list will also allow you to build stronger brand awareness. Opening their eyes to your brand’s difference. Because an email list also gives you direct access to your customers instead of through third-party channels like social media. This will give you greater control over the conversation & level of engagement.

Look at your luxury skincare brand and find any gaps that you may have missed or discover any areas you could improve upon.


I’m Karen, the founder, and eCommerce Expert behind The May Creative. Where I help modern luxury brands build more brand loyalty and increase product sales on Shopify. Connect to learn more about working together. Or check out the other articles below and listen to the podcast for additional resources on growing and scaling your business.


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