5 Reasons to Have A Luxury Skincare Subscription Box

Whether you have a physical location and sell your high-end skincare products to your clientele in-person or you only sell online. 

A luxury skincare subscription box can add significant value to your customer’s experience and business. Making your customers return for more and becoming raving fans.

Let’s go over why you should offer your customers a luxury skincare subscription box and its benefits to your business.

What’s a Subscription Box?

Quickly, a subscription box includes products that your business pulls together to sell to your customers. How you choose what items and subscription model your company has ultimately depends on you and your customer’s needs. 

Plus, you can sell subscriptions alongside your other products as a different way to serve your customers.

Some Of The Best Beauty Subscription Boxes Are…

  • Luxor Box
  • Qui Please
  • Mintd Box

And a few others which you can use as inspiration. So let’s dive into the details of the massive benefits of a luxury skincare box!

5 Benefits of Having a Luxury Skincare Subscription Box

As a luxury brand owner, your customers want to feel like they are getting the best. Part of a great buyer’s journey is the experience. And part of the experience is providing products that delight your customer’s expectations.


Offering your customers a luxury skincare subscription box can take your customer experience to the next level. 

One is by serving your customers’ needs consistently. Think about it when your customer is getting low on their favorite products from your business if they are signed up for your subscription box. They won’t have to worry about placing an order or rushing to the store. Instead, they’ll know that another shipment is on the way, allowing them to continue living their lives. 

Gone are the days when you call up your favorite skincare specialist to make an order. There are just so many things that could happen. 

Maybe when they call you, and you’re too busy with other customers and life, you forget. 

Or your customers are busy and forget, throwing their skincare routine out the window. 

Or they need to update their credit card information, and you’re now handling sensitive information outside of a secure environment.

By allowing your customers to receive their products through a digital process. It will enable them to control their orders and ensure they can keep their credit card information private. 

I know some business owners still allow their customers to call them and physically place an order. While there are some exceptions to the rule, having customers take responsibility for their orders is. It will allow you to save time and give them better customer service.

Another benefit of offering a subscription service is that it…


When offering luxury skincare products, your customers often have different skincare needs. Some customers may need more hydration products, while others may need more specialized treatments. 

By having a subscription box option. You could allow your customers to select their subscription box based on the products that will be most useful to them so that they receive the best benefit from your products.

They allow customers to customize their luxury skincare subscription box based on their needs. It will improve their experience and encourage them to stick with your brand. 

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This leads to the next point.


By sticking with your brand as their go-to choice for their skincare needs. You’ll build more trust and loyalty with your customers. Who will recommend your products to their friends, family & colleagues. 

Think about it, your customers are walking advertisements of your brand, and if they are enjoying their overall experience. They will have no problem sharing more insights about your products with others. 

Getting word-of-mouth referrals of your products can easily go viral and position your brand as your ideal customers’ go-to luxury skincare choice. 


With so many brands offering similar products. How can you stand out from the crowd and carve out your own lane in the market? 

Through distinction—how distinctive your brand is should be determined when defining your brand in the ideation phase of your business. I know for a fact that this isn’t always the case. What usually happens is that business owners get a vision for what they want, then go all in. 

Regarding luxury, your products must be positioned at the high end of the market. You must be aware of what makes your brand distinctive from others. 

One method you can use to show your difference is through the curation of your luxury skincare subscription box. Maybe how your brand curates the box is different, or how you tell the story of your products and the components of each box sets it apart. 

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As a business owner, a subscription box is also great because it…


A luxury skincare subscription box also helps you continue scaling your business. You’ll be building another recurring revenue model into your business that is not just a one-time purchase. 

There are massive benefits to having a recurring profit model for your business, such as.

  • Having a more predictable income.
  • Feeling more secure that your business has projectable income for future months.
  • Being able to show potential investors you have a viable and stable business.
  • Plus, so much more.
  • Another bonus of recurring revenue is the ability to scale your business. Let me just go on a little tangent here. In the online space, the word “scale” has gotten a bad rap. 

When I say “scale,” I mean to define what scaling means to you. It doesn’t have to mean hitting 6 or 7 figures. It could mean that you want to bring on additional help so you can pull yourself from business tasks that aren’t helping you thrive. 

Tasks such as being the admin and answering questions from customers. Instead, you could bring in a customer service representative to handle customer needs and questions. Allowing you the time to plan and strategize more profitable shifts that need to happen to make the business grow.

End of tangent. It’s time to consider what this would look like in your business.

What to Consider For Your Luxury Skincare Subscription Box

Now that you know some great benefits to have a luxury skincare subscription box. Here are some essential elements when deciding how to structure your beauty subscription box.

Choose a subscription box model

There are a variety of models you can choose from, such as.

  • A curated box – where you select the items that will go into the box. 
  • Recurring products – great for customers who want automatic refills. (This is a great option for skincare).
  • Build-a-box – customers can create a custom box of products that they want.
  • Exclusive box  – offered as a member-only perk of being a loyal customer.

Pricing your subscription box

You’ll want to make sure that your price point is profitable, so take into consideration all the fees of putting your boxes together. 

Check out these subscription box pricing calculators from Cratejoy to help you forecast and plan your costs.

Those should help guide you through the pricing process. Then next it’s time to dig into what type of beauty packaging that you’ll choose for your luxury beauty box.

Prototype a high end beauty subscription box package

As a luxury brand, your packaging is just as important as the products themselves. But before you go diving into getting things completed. Prototype your beauty boxes to ensure they will support the products you’ll include in your subscription. Before doing this, make sure you know what type of subscription model you’ll be implementing and what product variations you’ll need.

Subscription Apps to Integrate With Shopify

You may think, is there a way to integrate a subscription program within Shopify? Yes! You can use a few tools to facilitate this, but here are your top two.

Which one to choose depends on what your specific business needs are. Plus, your preferences: I know so many people who love Recharge and some who love Bold. Once you understand your needs more clearly, you can select the one that suits you and your customers best.

Some Additional Tips When Crafting Your Luxury Skincare Subscription Box

Here are some additional tips to think about when it comes to your beauty boxes. 

Make signing up for your subscription box easily accessible by giving it a dedicated page on your website so that customers can get the full details of the benefits and exclusivity of your box.

Add photos of what their box could contain to spark desire and interest in signing up. 

Allow customers to subscribe or buy their box as a gift so that additional customizations can be added if needed.

Set the shipping frequency to a level your customer will need to ensure they always have their skincare products on time. 

Showcase testimonials to inspire other potential customers to sign up and join your subscription box.

Offering a luxury skincare subscription box can be an excellent catalyst for your business. There aren’t many luxury skincare boxes out there on the market. Compared to other skincare brands, which offer a mix of additional beauty products such as makeup and hair care products.

A luxury beauty box focused on skincare can add many benefits to your brand for your customers and your overall revenue model. 

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