Raw Beauty

Raw Beauty Co. is dedicated to helping women
live from a place of self-love. The company offers tools to support self-love through health coaching, the Raw Beauty Talks podcast, and shop.



Erin Treloar the founder behind Raw Beauty came to TMC wanting to expand on her existing site with an eCommerce shop. Erin needed a shop to showcase brands that her community would love. We worked closely together to strategize, wireframe, design and develop the eCommerce portion of her site.

With the new shop launch, Erin doubled her site traffic and overall users within the first month!



Graphic Design

Shop Web Design

Shop Web Development



Expand Raw Beauty online presence to include an online shop that would be easy for existing audiences to shop through. Plus allow Raw Beauty to support more brand collaborations with beauty and lifestyle brands that they adore.

We focused on creating a clear layout with easy to access navigation. For the individual product pages we kept them modern and to allow for the display of important product information.

The Process

Our process began with a vision session to map out the overall design purpose. From there we were able to move onto the mockup design stage.

eCommerce Design & Development

Once we had the finalized version of the design it was then onto the site development. Development included making sure products were easy to add and adjust. Plus there were a few custom fields added so that additional information could be added and adjusted when needed.

To add a final touch a beautiful banner was designed to make sure the shop flowed well with the rest of the site. While also maintaining it's fresh and relaxed vibes.



Since the shop launch, Raw Beauty has increased site traffic by at least 50%. Increased brand collaborations and added additional revenue to the business.

Next Steps

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