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Potted is a design concept inspired for the plant snobs in all of us who love plants. Whether you have 1 to a 20 this a design concept poured out my love of nature and of course beautiful aesthetics.

Potted by The May Creative


Potted is an educational resource and shop for the plant lovers of the world who also adore great aesthetics.

Potted strives to educate its consumers of the proper way to care for plants as they contribute a lot to our world.

Potted also wanted a stylish way to not only educate but have a digital space for plant lovers to purchase amazing varieties.

value I added

Created a design concept that is modern and stylish that speaks to those who love plants.

Designed clear areas of education and also a way to stay in touch. To help facilitate the growth of the community.

The colors selected were natural to keep up with the nature vibes of the plants with some clean typography to help modernize the design.

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Potted by The May Creative

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