eCommerce Cultivated | Episode 021

Quick Update: Podcast Name Change

Thanks for tuning in! I wanted to do a quick episode letting you know more about the podcast name change. It’s just a slight update that fits more of the what the podcast is about. Grab your favorite listening devices and tune in!

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Show Transcript

Welcome back, everyone, I wanted to take a moment to record a quick episode before we end 2020 and to really just first say thank you so much for being such an amazing listeners.

Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for returning for each and every episode since you’ve been an active listener. Thank you so much. This podcast wasn’t something that I had planned initially, and so I just popped it up and started recording.

It wasn’t perfect.

If you listen to those first few episodes, oh, my God, they are horrible. So let’s say thank you for patience and thank you for just letting me just show up imperfectly. And I’m no by no means a perfect podcaster now. But I have learned some things by hosting a show and running things for a few months now. We are still under a year old. And with that, you know, obviously things evolve.

And part of that evolution is that recently, I don’t know if you noticed, is that I change the podcast name and actually made it more in alignment with the topics that we actually discuss that way.

You know, as a listener, you are more aware about what the show is about and how it can help you and support you in your business. Also, it just gives more clarity to those that are interested in being guests on the show, as I will be opening up some guest spots for next year to have people come on and actually just be a part of the community. So I’m excited. Thank you so much. Again, like I said, and you know, we change the name from Brand Cultivated to eCommerce, cultivated because we are talking specifically to those who own eCommerce, brands and businesses and want to elevate and grow their online presence, especially as we’re heading into 2021 and businesses looking different.

We definitely want to have great strategies and methodologies in place to help ensure that you are being successful in your business. So I’m looking forward to giving you all of those strategies and methodologies to help you scale in 2021 and beyond.

I wanted to make sure that I got this episode out before we actually got to 2021.

That way we start off with a fresh perspective, a fresh start, a clean slate. And I want to also say, if you’re listening to this right now, no matter if it’s 2020 still or even if it’s 2021 or some other time, I just want you to have an amazing year wherever you are.

And I hope that all the goals that you have for yourself for your business, for your life for your families were those that you care about come to life. And I just want everyone to just experience joy and happiness because we’ve had a lot of stuff go on this year.

And it just is like, I don’t … you deserve it, you know what I mean?

That’s all I really want to say. So again, I’m excited about our new name and also just to see you again or talk to you again in 2021. So have an amazing year. And yeah, let’s do this you guys.

Let’s do it. All right. So I will chat with you guys in 2021.


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