Why You Should Hire A Shopify Expert

Shopify is a robust platform for businesses that want to sell products online. Shopify makes it so easy for business owners to deliver goods to consumers. 

So I’m assuming you’re here because you’re thinking about hiring a Shopify Expert.

I’m excited to share some thoughts to consider as you embark on the journey. Take these viewpoints into consideration as you’re making your decision.

You Want Your Shopify Store Crafted Correctly

There is a lot of work that goes into creating a well-positioned and optimized eCommerce store. When you hire a Shopify Expert, you are working with an expert that understands the eCommerce world. They will understand customers’ behaviors and how they shop.  

When you, as the business owner, aren’t well-versed in consumer behavior & psychology. You’ll risk turning off potential customers by adding or not adding helpful elements to your eCommerce store. That will motivate your website visitors to make a purchase.

Trust me, there are plenty of struggling eCommerce stores that are spending countless hours trying to figure this out on their own. Wasting time and not seeing the results they want. I don’t want that for you at all.

That leads me to my next point

You’ll Save Frustration When Working With A Shopify Expert

Instead of focusing on your business, coordinating your products, and leading the vision as you should. You’ll find yourself digging into how to make the perfect Shopify store. Once you go down that rabbit hole, you may get frustrated. By reading and researching all the advice there is, which just takes you further away from actually selling your products & marketing. 

When you hire a Shopify Expert, you can avoid that stress by allowing them to bring their expertise to the table and focusing on the areas where they are good at. Allowing you to focus on running and growing your business.

I can bet you’d like to have less frustration in your life, am I right?

Shopify Experts Have Specialized Expertise In The Platform

Because eCommerce can be so immersive with a lot of moving parts. Shopify Experts know the platform and its intricacies when it comes to Shopify store development. Each eCommerce store is different and depending on your setup, you may need specialized customizations. 

For example, my client who sells custom portraiture needed a custom product page. That captured personalization elements. Plus, she wanted to give them the option to order additional collateral for gifts. Watch the video below to get more insights into how I crafted her product page setup.

This part of her design & site build had to be custom coded and set up to integrate with checkout. If you aren’t handy with tech and need additional functionality, this is where a Shopify Expert is definitely needed. 

A Shopify Expert Can Expand The Functionality Of Your Store

Shopify does an outstanding job of providing themes and apps to help you expand your eCommerce store’s functionality. If you aren’t tech-savvy and aren’t into reading through documentation and diving into custom liquid code.

Your eCommerce store could hold you back from getting the results you want. If you aren’t able to add the functionality, you need. This is especially true if you offer personalization like my client above or you run a subscription program. 

A Shopify developer should understand design & be able to handle coding special functionality that you may need. If the terms like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & Liquid make your eyes cross, then an expert would be a brilliant partner.

You Want to Have a Shopify Store That Sets Itself Apart

It’s no surprise that more and more brands are moving their business online because of the current times. With the influx of new stores entering the market, many are grabbing templates and getting their products up fast. This is fine, but in the long run, customers will struggle to tell brands apart. 

In order to separate your business from the competition, you’ll want your Shopify store crafted to be unique to your vision and your customer’s needs. 

You can do that by working with Shopify Expert that understands the online business world & best practices. 

Your eCommerce Business Is Growing & You Want More Shopify Strategy

Having an eCommerce strategy plan in place will help steer your business in the right direction. If you’ve been tracking your analytics and seeing opportunities within your store. You can hire a Shopify Expert to design and develop a store that helps support your goals. 

Analytics in eCommerce is very important and can give you great insights about what to focus on. By hiring a Shopify Expert, you’ll have a guide to help you implement strategies for your store. 

In fact, strategy is the starting point I take with all my clients here at the studio. It’s a vital component for crafting an online that works and converts. 

You’ll Get Access to Any Specialized Knowledge The Shopify Expert Has

This is definitely a bonus. Each of us Shopify Experts brings a unique value to the table. When you hire a Shopify Expert, you get access to their specialized knowledge, which leads to your business growing further. 

For example, my clients get access to my knowledge of being a former retail expert of 10 + years for major brands. That expanded across various industries such as home decor, furniture, apparel (men’s, women’s, kid’s), fine jewelry plus more. 

They also get access to my 10+ years of experience of retail experience. Then also my specialized Shopify designer & coding knowledge from crafting custom themes, etc.

That experience has helped my clients exceed their revenue goals. Because I as a Shopify consultant get to pass on my knowledge from working with major brand leaders to my clients. Talk about a major bonus! 

You Won’t Have to Figure Things Out On Your Own

Figuring things out on your own can take a lot of resources, including your most important resource, time. 

It can also feel lonely when you don’t have anyone to discuss ideas with and feel confident you are focusing and going in the right direction. 

Running a business doesn’t always feel like running through a flower field. Which personally I haven’t done. Ahh bugs, no thank you. But you get the point. Business isn’t always easy, so when you hire a strategic Shopify Expert you’ll remove some pressure of deciding alone.

You’ll Have A Shopify Expert to Support You Beyond Launch

It’s most likely that you’ll need additional support for your site beyond your launch. Especially as you grow, instead of spending time finding help and asking everyone around you. You’ll already have a Shopify Expert you know to help you with supporting elements. Like expanding the functionality of your online store, providing strategic Shopify consulting to help you move closer to your goals and so much more.

There are definitely some massive benefits you get access to when you hire a Shopify Expert to help you thrive online. Plus, the increase in ROI to your business is definitely worth it. I hope this post helped you clarify some thoughts about hiring a Shopify Expert.


I’m Karen, the founder, and eCommerce Expert behind The May Creative. Where I help modern luxury brands build more brand loyalty and increase product sales on Shopify. Connect to learn more about working together. Or check out the other articles below and listen to the podcast for additional resources on growing and scaling your business.


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