eCommerce Cultivated | Episode 015

Color Psychology & It’s Correlation to eCommerce Sales

Ever wondered if the impact of color plays a role in your eCommerce business & impacts your sales. Listen in as I chat about how color can be a deciding factor in how customers make a decision.

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Show Notes

Hi there and today’s episode I thought it would be fun for us to go over some of the color psychology and how it relates to your eCommerce brand so definitely grab your headphones in Tune in!

Let’s talk about what is color psychology?

Color psychology is how we react to certain colors and how colors can influence the types of behaviors that we take. Color also influences our feelings and emotions and can determine how we react to certain situations.

For example, in the United States, we have a red stop sign which signifies to pay attention and stop. 

Sometimes you will also see the color red used for buttons on websites to inspire action for people to stop and pay attention. 

The color red can also be used as a warning to not do something or something is done incorrectly. 

As I am going over some of these colors.

I want you to also think about any feelings the color brings up for. Alright, let’s go over some colors!


What types of feelings or emotions come up for you when you see the color green?

Green usually is calm and can often be seen in more natural brands or just those that want more of a chill vibe.

Brands like Whole Foods, Spotify, Land Rover.


What types of emotions and feelings do you get with yellow?

Yellow tends to be more cheery, warm and playful.

Brands like McDonald’s, Ikea, Ferrari 


Blue is a common color you’ll see a lot in brands. So what type of feelings come up for blue?

Blue tends to inspire trust and dependability. 

Brands like Walmart, Lowes, and Intel


So many people’s favorite color is Pink. What do you feel when you see pink?

Pink gives off feminine vibes along with a romantic side. 

Brands like Victoria Secret, T-Mobile and Barbie


I know a lot of purple lovers out there! What comes up for you when you see purple?

The color purple tends to be associated with royalty and it also be considered creative.

Brands that use purple are Halmarkt, The Lakers, Roku


We kind of went over this one but what comes up for you when you see red?

Is it passion and excitement? Because that is what it’s mostly associated with. Red increases urgency and amplifies energy. 

Why do you think people love brands like…Target, Coca Cola and Dairy Queen.


What comes up for orange?

Orange tends to inspire action and can create an impulse response.

Some orange brands are Amazon (the little swoose), Harly Davidson and Nickelodeon 


What kind of emotion and/or feelings does the color black bring up?

Is it more classic and refined? Or is it powerful, sleek, and luxurious?

Brands that use black are Chanel, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent. There is also Nike, Addidas, & Puma.

As you can tell all these colors create a certain emotion and action. Think of this as your looking at your own brand. Your color will attract a certain type of buyer.

Want to attract more budget-conscious shoppers? Use colors like blue as it inspires trust.

Want more of an impulse buyer? Use colors like red, orange, or black.

As much of 85% of buyers will make a purchase based on color. We have all done it maybe your looking for a cute case for your phone. If your go-to colors are out of stock you’ll either wait till a restock or go shop somewhere else. 

Knowing the type of customer you want to attract should play a nice sizeable role in your branding. Don’t choose brand colors based on your favorites unless your ideal customers are an extension of you. 

I’d love to know what are your brand colors? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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