MG Moroccan Gold is a luxury skincare and haircare brand that delivers to you 100% pure argan oil from the argan groves blanketing the landscape of southwestern Morocco. Ensuring that customers enjoy a heavenly, luxurious, and revitalizing skin and hair care experience - one liquid gold drop at a time.

Klaviyo Setup & Management | Custom Design | Copywriting | Optimization

The Challenge

When the founder, MG, approached me regarding their marketing. They didn't have an existing email marketing strategy or plan in place. They faced the challenges of lower reach on social media due to constant algorithm changes and increased ad spend. So they want to leverage email marketing to grow their sales and maximize the traffic they were generating from running ads.


The Approach

Knowing that storytelling was a powerful approach to engage luxury consumers in the buying journey. I worked with MG Moroccan Gold to develop an email marketing strategy that would build brand authority and position their products as the ideal solution. This involved ensuring that MG Moroccan Gold's Klaviyo account was properly set up, had the approach email flows, and that their email design and copy reflected their brand.

The Results

After developing the strategy and implementing the changes. MG Moroccan Gold was able to recover potential lost sales via abandoned cart flows, double the size of their email list via optimized popups, and increase revenue via email marketing.


Increased revenue from flows


Increased revenue from campaigns


Open rate


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