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Wrapping Up 2020

Was 2020 not an interesting year? As we are closing out the year, I wanted to take some time to do a recap. A recap of how 2020 went for me & the business and how I’m excited for the New Year. Be sure to tune in to wrapping up 2020!

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Welcome to Brand Cultivated, your podcast dedicated to helping you elevate your e commerce brand to a place of more profitability. I’m your host, Karen.

Let’s dive in.

All right, everyone, welcome back to Brand Cultivated. I am excited to be back sharing with you just 2020 recap. Just wrapping up the year because woo you guys this year was what? Cray cray.

So I just wanted to do a podcast episode, just kind of going back and looking at time of like how 20/20 had been and just wrap it up, because this has been an interesting year, definitely a different one for everyone. But I just wanted to do this and just give you some insights on how my year went. I would be curious to know more about how your year went. So definitely hit me up on Instagram at The May Creative so we can chat about it.

And if you happen to do your own podcast episode or you had your own version of a recap for the year, just go ahead and link me to it. Just DM me on Instagram or tag me or whatever so I can check it out. All right. So let’s talk about the beginning of twenty twenty. So kind of like this year, like this time of the year in twenty nineteen, I was super excited about twenty twenty.

I planned out, you know, what I wanted to do for the year and I was ending twenty 19 December, very strong in my business.

I was excited because I had did well even better than my previous year.

So my business was like growing. So I was like super excited. I was like twenty twenty. It’s going to be it. So I started twenty twenty off really great.

Uh January, February went really well even into March and then March hit and we had to do some shifts because of everything, everything closing down and just life around the world just dramatically changed, which seemed like it happened overnight. Now for me, I started to hear about the virus kind of early. I think I started first hearing like talks about it in December and I just kept paying attention to it.

It wasn’t really like world wide news. It was kind of just hidden because I think they wanted to see how much it would impact the world.

And it so it seemed like it came in at full force in March. But actually there were signs of it ahead of time. And I just remember, you know, just having conversations with, like those that I was closest to in my friends and family about what potentially could happen. And just having those conversations, I didn’t have a conversation like publicly because those types of things people don’t tend to believe you on, unfortunately.

And it just seems so out of this world that it just wasn’t one of those things I felt comfortable like having conversations about publicly.

And also, I didn’t have a whole lot of information. I just knew what I was hearing based on some of the information I was able to get access to.

And so March came and it seemed like everything just went like shut down the world, changed it like overnight. And so people started scrambling to react and just try to save their businesses, try to keep money flowing in and figure out what the next best steps were going to be. So I found myself kind of in March, April really started to dive into content creation and just helping business owners make decisions and do some planning about how they could navigate their business, whether that was taking their brick and mortar retail locations and putting it online, or just helping them get used to selling online through Shopify or whatever means that they had access to at that time to continue to do business.

And so I spent a lot of time doing that.

And I also believe this is around the time that I started the podcast because I wanted a nice, easy medium for people to get information so that they can make decisions instead of having to read through a blog post or to watch a video. I wanted them to have access to available information quickly and easily that they could digest. And so I created this podcast, which it wasn’t always a plan in my books to have a podcast.

Honestly, I had been doing blogging for a long time and I did a little bit of YouTube videoing in between here and there, but I started the podcast and that was great.

I started getting listeners and I was able to get more information out to people much faster and start to help them to transition their businesses. So that was awesome. And then let’s see, we got into summer, you know, we didn’t know how long things were going to be on lockdown, how long we were going to be going through the situations that we were going through. And so we were all looking forward to summer to see if things would return back to somewhat normal.

I think at that point, everybody started to realize, at least by that point, that things were never going to be returning to normal.

And so we just started adjusting to how things were. And so, again, I started, you know, just really focusing, honing in on content and then building relationships.

And then in the midst of that, we had other things that happen in the world, you know, inequities and, you know, just all kinds of stuff. And it just became so overwhelming at one point that I remember, which you guys can probably go back and listen to an episode. I can’t remember the exact number, but it was like taking a break from social media. And I had to take a break from Instagram just because of all the information that was going out on a consistent basis.

And just like the overwhelming ness of everything that was going on with inequities in the world, the whole the whole pandemic, and so much so, I ended up taking a break.

And then also that created this opportunity for me to actually start to reflect on the type of business that I wanted to have and how I wanted to show up in the world. And so it created some clarity concerns for me, for my business. I knew that I still wanted to do design. I still wanted to do strategy and help people to really grow their brands. But I needed to have more clarity on what that look like.

So it seems as though like I took some time to actually do that.

And what that resulted in is me taking on less client work and focusing in on the clients that are were that I was working with and helping them to thrive. And then also just focusing in on my business and what I wanted it to look like and also just how I was going to show up in my business. So I did take a break from Instagram for a while just because I needed again to cut down on the noise. And also I needed to have some clarity on how I wanted to proceed forward.

I knew that I didn’t want it to look like it had looked before.

And also I wanted to just really make sure that everything came from a more authentic place, not that it didn’t before, but I really was paying close attention to that. And I started checking my own brand values in what I wanted my business to look like. And so I spent time doing that. And that was difficult. It was a challenge.

I did a lot of back and forth. I did a lot of changes to my website, a lot of changes to my offerings. And so it probably seemed like a period of time where I was just like unclear about things.

And I was testing out things and just really taking the time to experiment and find a good middle ground. And it took me a while, honestly.

And so now finally, I’ve gotten some clarity after all the twenty, twenty, you know, situations.

And fortunately, you know, there wasn’t a lot of health concerns that happened in my immediate family or friends and things like that. Yes, I did have some people that did get it, but they’re perfectly fine now. Atleast, we hope until we can, you know, have enough time to make sure everything is good, because I don’t really understand the long term effects of it.

But, yeah, so far, you know, thank you. Thank God that everybody’s OK. And that’s like just for a more personal note, but for business, um, yeah, I got clarity.

Finally, it seemed like it took forever. And it’s so it’s so interesting because I can give other people clarity about their ideas in their businesses. But when it comes to me, because I’m so close to my own situation, sometimes it just isn’t there. And so having some outside perspectives and some outside people that are going to be honest with you is so important. You guys so important. So I highly recommend that you don’t try to figure out things on your own, that you you reach out to people that are going to be honest with you, that are going to give you authentic feedback and that are just, you know, there to support you and helping you reach your goals.

So be clear about what types of goals that you want to achieve and then seek out those individuals or team of people that can help you get there.

So I finally got some clarity and I actually. Joined a new social platform that I didn’t think that I was going to enjoy as much. I started hearing about it and I was like, what? I started hear about it on Twitter. And it’s called a clubhouse. And I was like, clubhouse? What is that? And people were describing it as like an audio social platforms like who wants to do that?

I’m like, is this like the next dating app?

Or like what’s going on? So anyway, one of my good friends got an invite or got some invites and she invited me in and I swear one thing I got in. It was like, oh my God. I started getting into rooms with amazing creatives, business owners, people from different backgrounds. And the wealth of knowledge that they were sharing about business and about navigating in this time period just was out of this world. I mean, like a change of perspective, like it had the biggest impact on me.

I learned so much. I still continue to learn so much.

And I think, you know, just having that access really helped me to get more brand clarity, more business clarity for myself in the types of conversations that, you know, we’ve had or been having are the types of conversations that you pay for when you go to events or if you pay for their one on one services and just to have access to it and be able to directly connect to them has been so amazing.

Like, I didn’t think I would adore this app so much, but I absolutely do.

And like like I said, it is a so it’s a social media app called Clubhouse.

Right now, as I’m recording this or as I like listening to this, it is in beta and it’s only invite only. So you have to find somebody that has invite’s that will invite you in and it’s only available to Apple devices right now and eventually they’ll release it to the public and also get it on other mobile devices that aren’t on Apple.

But, woo! The conversations that we’ve had, you guys like some of these rooms can go hours, some can be an hour, some can be shorter. But for the most part, they go for hours.

And so it’s just been like crazy. Like the first week on the app, I think I spent like probably six hours on there on unknowingly. And it was just because I kept getting all this amazing information and I started connecting with so many amazing people, people that I aspire to be like in business, you know.

And so, uh, uh, so amazing. I started connecting with high level other high level designers and creatives and people that are just in positions that I couldn’t even imagine being in. And it really had an impact on my business in a positive way. And so it’s set the tone for how I will be leading my business in twenty, twenty one and kind of what my expectations are for myself and from my business and how I choose to show up.

And I can definitely say a lot of that has been inspired by the conversations that I’ve had and the new relationships that I’ve been able to connect and attain through this app.

So, so far, um, it has again helped me to get more brand and business clarity and actually help me to map out the first quarter of my business, which I’m super excited about, and also to help me solidify the offerings that I’ll be having in twenty, twenty one for The May Creative and how I’ll be able to help you to leverage and grow your e-commerce brand and also your Shopify experience online just so that you can stand out and really just thrive in the New Year.

I know you probably are in the midst of wrapping up, you know, holiday season and getting your orders all solidified and going into, like, you know, that last bit of holiday season shopping.

I know it’s been a crazy year. I really hope that your business thrived here in twenty twenty and I hope it continues to thrive beyond and definitely, you know, twenty, twenty one is going to be amazing.

Um, we’re going to show up differently, but we’re going to show up in a way that just inspires and helps us thrive even more. So I’m super excited and I am definitely looking forward to twenty, twenty one in spite of all the challenges of twenty twenty.

Um and yeah I just wanted to record this and just let you guys know like we’re wrapping up twenty twenty and twenty, twenty one.

We got this you guys we so got this.

So definitely like I said earlier at the beginning of this. If you have your own recap of 20/20, definitely let me know. Hit me up on Instagram at The May Creative can slide in my DMs, say, Hey, Karen, this is you know, what I have for wrapping up 20, 20 from my own business. I would love to come back. So definitely do that. If you’re on clubhouse, definitely hit me up on there.

But yeah, I’m so excited, you guys. Uh, yes.

Well, let’s take a deep breath because. Yeah, yeah. Twenty twenty was no games, OK? It was nothing to play with. So I look forward to continuing to provide helpful information in twenty, twenty one and I will catch you guys in our next episode.

Thank you for tuning into today’s episode.

If you’re ready to elevate your E Commerce brand so that you can scale your growth and dish to overwhelm, go to The May Creative dot com slash elevated and grab your complimentary guide that gives you tips to increase your sales conversion.

I will catch you in our next episode.


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