My WordPress Development Process For Designers

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Let’s take a peek behind WordPress development process for designers because it’s always fun to take a peek behind the scenes!

Starting at the beginning…


After receiving an inquiry form I like to review the details to make sure if I have further questions I can address them. Shortly, I send you a link to schedule a complimentary call. During the call, I like to get the details and answer any questions they may come up. This is a great opportunity for potential partners to ask questions as we are both determining if there is a good fit!


Once we determine we are a fit to work together I send over the official paper that includes a proposal, contract and invoice using my preferred business management system Dubsado. Once the paperwork is complete and the invoice is paid I close off the development date for the project.

Then it’s on to setting up a project space inside of my project management system. That way we can stay on track and keep things organized!

Project Management

This one is a must-have when working together with me. I have worked on projects without a project management system and things have always gone off track. Communication was all over the place, finding necessary project information was a challenge, and keeping track of the progress was nearly impossible. So needless to say we will be using a project management system (ClickUp) and I do include a training video inside of your Welcome Packet so you aren’t going into the unknown.

Inside of ClickUp, I’ll set up your project to include important information such as links to shared folders (such as Google), any assigned tasks I need you to complete such as password forms, questionnaires. I also include a development break down so you know where we are with your project. So you’re not wondering where we are in terms of progress. You’ll also get a weekly status update of your projects progress. If any questions come up we can communicate inside of ClickUp without getting lost in a sea of emails.

I’ll request any necessary content (such as mockups, images, fonts, branding guides) prior to the start of your project.

I’ve found this helps keeps clients at ease during the project and keeps communication lines open.

The Development Process

The technical piece…I like to start building my sites on local by Flywheel, it helps speeds up my development and keeps the site off the web and away from search engines as its built. I am so happy I discovered this last year before I was using MAMP and local is much better.

Once I have the site set up on local I install the parent theme (either Genesis or GeneratePress) then I create a custom child theme for your site. Editing the important pieces such as your child theme name, screenshot, etc.

After installing your child theme I usually start with adding in any custom fonts so I can begin development with the headers and footers. I like to get the foundations built first before going into building out the pages. I like to check for mobile responsiveness before moving to the next page, etc.

Then it’s onto browser testing as each browser performs differently. Once that is complete I move the site onto a private domain (through WP Engine) so I can share the site with you to review.

You’ll have the opportunity to interact with the site and get a feel for the online experience. I like to have a week for feedback so we can plan for any revisions, adjustments and of course questions!

We keep track of revisions inside of ClickUp so that it’s easy to manage.

Once revisions are made and final site approved, any final payments have been taken care of its time to:

  • Install the site
  • Set up your training session

Champagne or Coffee Launch!

At this point, it’s time to pop a bottle or coffee or tea haha because it’s launch time and all the excitement gets to burst out!

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