Making your website a great employee

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Having a website shouldn’t be just to tell folks you have one. It should actually work for you and your business like an employee.

Think about it, it’s open 24/7 even on holidays or when your kid is sick and it’s consistent.

Like any other employee, it doesn’t know all the rules and expectations on the first day so you have to prepare it to be the best investment of your business.


Well, great employees are usually your best salespeople, they represent the brand in a positive light and support the company culture. They also can make your life a lot easier by handling a lot of questions that could easily eat up your time.

Let’s dive deeper into making your website a great employee.

Set clear expectations

In order to get the most out a great employee, you need to have clear expectations, rules, and guidelines. The same goes for your website, you can do this in several ways, one way is to make sure that the most useful information is front and center.

For example, do you have all the necessary pages your audience needs to understand how to work with you or purchase your products and services? Is it easy for them to navigate? Do they get lost?

Create clear goals that are measurable

When you work for a company there are goals that are set for each person. Those goals are usually measured by some metric that supports a bigger goal.

Your website should also have clear goals that are measurable. Saying I want 20% more traffic is not enough. It needs to be more clear and actionable. Here is a better example:

Goal – Increase traffic to the highest converting page by 20%.

Actionable steps that we could take are:

  • Getting others in relevant industries to share our post.
  • Adding a link to the page in more relevant areas of our site.
  • Sharing the page on social media.

Then you need to make sure you set a time. Which could include:

Each week we’ll track to see how much of our traffic has increased and converted.

This is important because you don’t want to set a goal, forget it and then at the end of the year realized it didn’t work at all. That is not a smart use of your time.

Make sure your website is professional

clothing on rack | Photo by Lauren Fleischmann on Unsplash

There is nothing worse than interacting with a business and the employee representing the organization or business doesn’t match.

Like I wouldn’t expect to walk into Chanel and being served by an employee that fits more at REI.

It simply doesn’t match the atmosphere so you’ll want your website to represent the culture you set.

Things to think about:

  • Do the colors make sense for my audience?
  • What about the fonts are they more fun and whimsical or like your brand, more modern and classic?
  • How do people feel when they land on your site are they excited or more laid back?

How you choose to dress up your website matters to all the guests that are engaging with it.

Address common questions

Can you imagine if the CEO of Target had to answer questions every time a new collection came out? I think not.

To make it more relatable, if you find yourself answering common questions inside of your inbox that your website could handle…then that’s a problem

It could be simple things such as what’s your business hours? Or how do I book an appointment?

The reality is having those questions addressed on your website actually makes your customer experience better. The customer doesn’t have to take additional steps for an answer.

Which reduces your admin time and makes your customers happy. I say that’s a win-win in my book!

If I can get the answer without me bothering anyone, I’m good, plus its faster.

This one is important, have check-in points

We covered this a bit earlier but I think it’s missed a lot.

“Build it and they will come” only works in the movies. With thousands of websites being created every second, there is no way that applies.

So you have to maximize your strengths with strategy, meaning after you set those goals and measurements check on them frequently. Get really clear on what needs to be done, as far as checkpoints, such as:

  • Weekly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

Also, keep aware of trends and changes to your industry and only adopt the relevant pieces for your audience. The rest, let it pass.

If you get clear on your expectations, set goals and measure your results you should have a website that is your best employee.

You could totally do this on your own and make progress.

If you are unclear on how to get there, then we should definitely chat. Part of my website creation process is to help you get clear on your goals. Yes, I can create a beautiful website but you also need it to work for you and your business. So I invite you to schedule a call and we can discuss how to make your website work the best for your business.

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