Managing My Web Development Studio With Dubsado

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for Dubsado if you sign up based on my recommendation I’ll get a credit. Purchasing via an affiliate link doesn’t cost you any extra, but does give you a discount on the service.

Thanks for dropping by! I know you’re curious to learn more about how I use Dubsado for my Web Development studio. Also, you’re probably curious to know if its a tool you can use to help make running your own business easier.

Well, if you need a tool that helps with admin tasks such as:

Taking an inquiry, booking a call and offering them a spot as a client on your calendar by getting contracts and invoices paid.

Then you, my friend, have landed in the right spot.

A Bit Of Background About My Business

I run a service-based business, where I work 1:1 with clients to help them strategize, design & build their online Shopify website experience for their business. A simple overview of my onboarding process is that:

  • I receive an inquiry (through my contact form).
  • We book a video call.
  • If things are a fit, my new client receives a proposal, contract, and invoice.
  • Once, those are taking care of they then receive their welcome packet.

There are a lot of tools you can use to create a contact form, book a call and send official documents. But my thing is that I wanted an easy way for clients to have a seamless way to work together. I didn’t want them figuring out 4 – 5 tools just to work together. I mean come on, technology should make our lives easier.

So I set out on a journey to find an all in one (well, mostly all in one solution) and that is where I discovered Dubsado.

Now, Let Me Tell You About How I Use Dubsado In My Business

Contact Forms (Lead Capture)

I use the lead capture form to capture service inquiries. I can ask questions that will help me understand more of a potential client’s needs. With Dubsado I can also use the information that is entered in the contact form to populate in other forms (i.e contracts, questionnaires, etc).

Dubsado Lead Capture - The May Creative
With CSS I customized my form to stay on-brand for TMC

Once the lead capture form is filled out and sent, I receive an email from Dubsado. You can also set up more specific triggers, behind the scenes to send additional information. Perfect if you like to send a welcome guide, additional questions and/or a response email. You can also set up a workflow that I’ll get to, here in a bit.

Dubsado Forms | The May Creative
You can set up additional forms on the backend

Schedule A Consultation

After I review the information sent I can then invite the person to schedule a call. Which I just send them a link to my scheduler that I use, Acuity. It’s what I have been using for years. You can also, use Dubsado’s scheduler if you want to keep everything in one system. Dubsado’s scheduler works great if you have simple needs and you don’t need more advanced features.

Dubsado Scheduler - The May Creative

The Proposal, Contract, and Invoice

Once we have had a discussion and we feel there is a fit. I’ll send over an official proposal outlining what we are to achieve working together. A contract outlining the terms and payment terms and an invoice.

This is what sold me on Dubsado because it was what I was initially looking for in my business.

By using Dubsado’s proposal, contract and invoicing feature I don’t have to send separate links or systems to my clients. They can complete their documents all at once! For example, when they approve their proposal, they click the button and they are then taken to the contract. They can sign their contract and once complete be directed to the invoice screen to pay.

Then they have officially booked their spot! It’s literally 1, 2, 3 steps and done.

Now you could stop here and be totally fine or you could take it a step further with more automation.

You might be thinking about how long it takes to create contracts, proposals, etc. Great question!

Proposal - The May Creative
Mines is customized with CSS to keep it on-brand for TMC

Using Templates In Dubsado

In Dubsado you can create templates for your proposals, contracts, and questionnaires. These templates are what’s going to save you time from recreating forms and other necessary documents in your business.

One cool feature in Dubsado is smart fields, smart fields allow you to easily populate information into additional forms. For example, when someone fills out the contact form with their name and email you can use the following smart fields (below) to populate the information into contracts, etc.

  • {{client.firstName}}
  • {{}}
  • {{}

There are smart fields for other things such as payment schedules, form links plus more. 

Once you create your template just add smart fields to populate your client’s information. That way the only thing you have change are the specifics of the project! I definitely recommend setting up your templates early that way you are ready to go after a lead inquires to work with you. 

Some Additional features I Use In Dubsado

There are the additional features I use Dubsado for to help run my business and make it easier for my clients. Things such as the:

Client Portal – which is a private space where clients can access information about their project. For example, I use the client portal so that clients can easily access their signed contracts, invoices, and questionnaires.

Client Lounge - The May Creative

Questionnaires – editable forms that I use to collect specific project information like social media handles, etc. I also use questionnaires to get feedback on my clients experience working together.

Canned Emails – are emails you can have pre-written to send to inquiries. I use canned emails to help me send my welcome packets and the email that sends out my proposals.

Dubsado Canned Emails | The May Creative

Workflows – Dubsado’s version of automation, which is great as a small business owner. You could automate your entire onboarding process if you wanted or set up a workflow for your service and even your offboarding. I definitely could create more but the one I use currently is my welcome workflow that sends an email with my client’s Welcome Guide and their Client Portal information.

Other Nice Features Of Dubsado 

  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Zapier Integration
  • Quickbooks Integration (doesn’t integrate with self-employed)
  • Set up help and support (good if you are coming from another system)
  • White-labeling
  • Financial Overview
  • Lead Tracking (so you can track where most of your leads are finding you)
  • Tasks boards – similar to Trello

Dubsado has definitely been one of the best investments I made for my business. It saves me so much time and frustration, plus they have a great community that is available to answer questions via support. There is also an active FB Community where you can find more like-minded entrepreneurs sharing tips etc.

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