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You’re excited about the traffic your store gets but frustrated that many aren't getting to the checkout page of your online store.

You want to figure out what could be missing that is causing lower conversions that you expect.

You want to optimize your online store so that it is speaking to your ideal customers and help them to discover & fall in love with your brand.

It can be frustrating but there you may just need some tweaks to your online presence that makes the difference. Get the Traffic to Conversion™ guide to help you sort it out!


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Hi! I’m Karen, I help driven product-based business owners, like you, put their ideas out into the world.

I’m on a mission to help driven business owners who want to sell successfully online, build a business, via an online store that helps support your goals.

When you are growing and scaling your online store its important you are attracting the right traffic and optimizing your online store for sales conversions on repeat.

To help you identify some opportunities you could be missing in your business. I created The Traffic to Conversion™ guide to help you with easing the frustration.


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