Tips On Choosing A WordPress Theme For Your Business

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Fortunately there are some great options out there and unfortunately, there are some not so great options when it comes to choosing a WordPress theme. I want to share with you the themes and companies I have personally used. Simply because I can tell you if it’s worth it or not. Spoiler alert! They are!

Before you run out and purchase a WordPress theme make sure can answer these questions.

  • How long has the theme been around?
  • How does support work?
  • Are they built on a Framework?
  • What plugins are mandatory in order to use the theme?
  • Are there any reviews from existing customers? So you can see a real experience.

One of the first themes I purchased that I considered my first “professional blogging” investment was from Restored 316. I purchased the theme called Sprinkle because I loved the layout and the colors were my jam. What pulled me close to the company was its founder Lauren. Lauren had made the scary leap to start her business (Restored 316). Which she shared openly and even still to this day has an Overcomer section on her site. Where she showcases people that have overcome challenges in their business. By Lauren sharing her dreams and fears I just knew I could trust that she would pour the same love into her themes.

Choosing a WordPress Theme: Theme Shops to Consider

Restored 316 themes are built on the Genesis framework so they are not only beautiful by they are built on a solid platform. That is definitely a feature you want to keep an eye out on when choosing a WordPress theme. When your theme has a solid foundation, updates won’t break your site or cause you major headaches.

Another awesome company who’s WordPress themes I adore are Pretty Darn Cute. Pretty Darn Cute has been around since 2005! So you know they are legit. Their themes are feminine and also built on a solid platform, Genesis. If you are a blogger or a heavy content writer these themes will be your jam! Plus their support is great if you ever have questions about setups etc.

What I am using today and for some of my clients is GeneratePress created by Tom Usborne. I came across Tom’s theme in a Facebook group and I heard a ton of raving reviews. Plus once I jumped into the support area of his theme to check engagement. I knew the quality of his theme and the passion behind his work. That’s another tip! Make sure that support questions are being addressed in a timely and customer friendly manner when it comes to your WordPress theme selection. I can say that Tom and his team have some of the best support services I’ve seen. They happily answer questions and will even help with coding questions as well.

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GeneratePress has a free version and a premium version of its theme. I use the premium version because it has all the extra bells and whistles for under $50. GeneratePress is also lightweight, has great accessibility and easy to customize. I find that its very user and developer-friendly. There is also an awesome Facebook community where you can chat and ask questions. Plus I love to support a fellow developer that is holding their own in a competitive market.

Once you have chosen a WordPress theme make sure it’s easy for you to use. There should be good documentation that answers the most common questions plus accessible support. Choosing a pre-existing theme is a great way to get started online and help build your foundation. If you find that you need to have a ton of customizations and features added to your theme purchasing a pre-existing theme may not be the best fit. This is where I recommend getting with a designer and have a site custom developed to your needs.

Also, other things you want to look out for are features. How many of the theme features will you truly be utilizing? If most of the features will not be in use it may not be the best investment for you. I also would like to mention if you are collecting information from customers for sales having a solid theme is a must. The last thing you want to have happened is a breach of your customer’s information from a poor quality theme and/or plugin.

I mentioned three great WordPress theme companies which are by no means the only ones that exist! There are plenty of awesome companies out there. Do your research and ask questions as with anything in life.

If your ready to move beyond a pre-existing theme and are ready to have a design custom developed. We should definitely chat. Find out more here!

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