eCommerce Cultivated | Episode 011

The Importance Of Brand Values For Your Retail Business

Having a retail brand also means that community will most likely be a big part of your business.

With community comes brand values that need to be clearly defined and shared.

Hence why you need place importance on your brand value values. So that you are connecting with your community & customers in a meaningful way.

When it comes to your business what your brand stands for and against makes a difference.

Grab your headphones as we go into the importance of brand values and their impact on your sales. Be sure to subscribe & leave a review!

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Hi there! Welcome! I’m excited to be back and just to keep it candid.

I had to take a break with everything going on. Unfortunately, a lot of what has been brought more to the surface is not new to me. 

In today’s episode, I wanted to discuss the importance of having brand values and communicating those values in your business. 

What are brand values?

Brand values are the beliefs in your business, they are often supported by your mission. It’s the over encompassing WHY behind what you do and who you do it for. 

You’ll want to clearly define your brand values early on in business. As they are going to be the bridge that connects you to more customers. 

In our everyday lives, we engage with brands that we relate to…maybe you have certain brands your more loyal to…

For example, maybe you purchase certain product brands that you use in your household each month. 

Besides liking the product or service you may relate to what the brand stands for or against. 

That could be dish detergent, baby wipes, food, etc.

When new customers come across your store. They are looking for ways to connect with your business. It’s not explicitly on their mind, that they are browsing based on relatability,  it’s more of a subconscious level of thought. 

For example, you know when you come across something new and you instantly like it. But you can’t 100% say why at that moment?

In my case, I love classic statement pieces and accessories so when I come across, for example, a candle company that gives off those vibes. 

I’m instantly attracted to it because its something I can relate to and understand. Though the brand hasn’t explicitly stated their values on the candle. I know that somewhere behind the product there may be similar values that I admire. Such as classic and luxury elements.

Of course, I can research the brand a bit more by digging through their social media and the about section of their website to validate what I’ve identified. 

Which brings me to this, when you clearly establish your brand values. Those same values will trickle down into your products and services. Which will lead more people to become more attracted to your products and offerings. 

If a brand is struggling to connect with their ideal customers and they are constantly in front of those customers. I can make a smart assumption that their brand values are not clearly being articulated in their marketing message and products. Therefore, causing friction between their product and what their target customers want. 

How do you figure out your brand values?

Step 1: Start with your why (seriously why is this important and why should others care)

Step 2: Who is this for?

Step 3: Since it’s your business you’ll need to define what values are important to you. 

Write your vision down and then refer to it often when your creating marketing messages, content, and products or services for your audience. 

As you keep repeating your values in your business customers will become more familiar with your brand. This will also lead to fostering and cultivating a community of like-minded customers that become your brand cheerleader!

I often hear shop owners wonder what they can do to get people to visit their store and actually become a customer. 

While there are quite a few methods that need to be in place to maximize your profits. The key element missing is that their brand story isn’t part of their message. 

So when customers are looking for products or come across your products. They aren’t able to separate you from everyone else. They don’t understand your story, the great thing about stories is that no one has one exactly like yours.

My story is that I spent 10 + years running profitable multi-million dollar retail brands and I later decided to bring my experience to the online world. I knew that more and more people would be moving online to sell goods and that it would be the way most people would shop. Coupled with my years of experience being a blogger and collaborating with brands. The online space has naturally been my new home for over 10 years.

Now I get to bring my experience and expertise to the online space and along with it strategies from the world’s best retail leaders.

You can definitely learn more about my journey. Listen to Episode 009: How I Created The May Creative.

Alright, so write down what your brand values are and start to put them into your marketing message. 

When I say marketing message it should be in the content you share in newsletters, how you respond to customers, the copy on your website. Everything.

People have to receive a message multiple times before it clicks. Don’t worry you aren’t going to annoy them.

As part of the service experience in my business, I include Brand Strategy as part of the foundation. 

Its the essential kick-off point that allows brands to go into the market place and have customers understand why they are different from their competitors.

Inside we go over what makes your brand unique position, by clarifying your values and message. We also explore your competitors to see what their strengths and opportunities are. Then we find your differentiation so that you are easily chosen by your ideal customers. 

This is all before we dive into your website design, development, and marketing strategy as your brand strategy will act as the guiding light for your success. 

Definitely go to to learn more and book a call so we transform your brand. 

Go back and take some notes and really get clear on your brand values. I’d love to hear them so tag me on IG in a story or DM me at themaycreative on IG. 

I’m excited to be back and deliver some goodness your way. Thanks so much for listening!


Hi, I'm Karen, the founder + strategist/Shopify expert behind The May Creative. I help modern luxury & lifestyle product-based business owners craft an elevated Shopify website experience. So they can scale their business & reach their next level of success. Connect to learn more about working together. Or check out the episodes below or dive into some insightful eCommerce articles.


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