The Benefits of Hiring A Web Developer As A Designer

The Benefits of Working With A Web Developer

As a designer, you have been most likely taking care of the whole process when it comes to building a website. The journey of going from the design concept to the actual build. Let’s chat about the benefits of hiring a web developer as a designer.

First, you may be at a point in your business where you want to see if passing on the development portion off to a web developer will be beneficial to you.

There are some major benefits that I will definitely share to help you make that decision.

Doing it all in your business is not the most efficient way to grow and let’s be honest it can be stressful.

Let’s jump in and help you find a way to get some ease back into your business.

Are you gamed? Awesome!

Before we dive in I think it’s important to gain some clarity on what is a web developer. So that is where we will start.

What is a Web Developer

A  web developer is a person that takes the design concepts and makes them function. For example, a button on a design mockup gets coded into an element on a website that actually functions when clicked. The web developer is the person writing the code to make that happen.

There are also different types of developers….

What are the different types of web developers?

Developers come with a lot of different skill sets there are a lot of different coding languages out there so it’s natural that there are different types of developers.

Let’s break it down…

Frontend developers – Use HTML/CSS and JavaScript to write code that runs inside the browser.

Backend developers – Use languages such as PHP & Ruby to write code that runs server side. A server-side coding language is PHP for WordPress.

App developers – or application developers write code for computers, mobile, and other electronic devices. We have all benefited from interaction with apps on our mobile devices. They can make our lives super convenient.

Now that we have more understanding of what a web developer does and the different roles that can be held. Let’s jump into the benefits!

The Benefits of Hiring A Web Developer

Clients hire us to solve a problem, they want more than just a website they want to use the website as a tool to propel them towards their goals. If websites did not have a benefit we simply wouldn’t create thousands of them per day.

One major benefit of working with a developer is…

Better Alignment with The Mission & Goals of The Project

Each person is able to focus on what they are best at resulting in a stronger commitment to achieving the mission and goals of the project. Think about it, how much better would your designs be if you were able to put more focus on the design process? I am willing to bet your designs would turn out better, focused and aligned with the overall goals of the business owners objectives.

Creative Brainstorming

When creatives come together creativity increases. We have all experienced how when we are discussing our ideas with others more ideas come to the surface. The more creativity you can add to your client’s goals the more value you are adding to their business. If you are seen as valuable then your clients will stick with you for the long haul.

Minimize the chances of mistakes and flaws

Sometimes you may stare at a project for so long that you start to miss things. Having a partner to go in and review can help you nix those flaws and deliver a better quality product.

No coding for you!

When you bring in a developer to your project you get to be excused from coding.No late night study sessions trying to learn code or binge-watching videos on YouTube trying to follow along on tutorials. This will give you more time to focus on the design or relax. Your stress levels will also drop because you’re not worried about handling the entire project alone.

Increased Confidence

I’ve listed out some major benefits but this one is definitely important. When you are creative and you share your talents to help others, that’s very special. We also know that we can be our own worst critics, but when you remove design limitations. Your imagination and creativity can just flow which is definitely a confidence boost. Especially when you can wow your client’s with one of a kind custom designs.

More clients!

With the time saved from no longer handling development, you can use those saved hours to take on another client. Since design is more up your alley it won’t necessarily feel like more work, plus you will end up with some additional revenue in your business.

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Now that you know some benefits of working with a web developer as a designer you may be curious as to how web developer work.

How do Web Developers Work?

There is no one size fits all process but there are some common practices among most developers. I highly recommend that you ask more about the developer your considering working with process to get a better understanding. But here is some common practices.

The Meeting

You will want to meet with your developer so that you can both understand how you plan to work together. During your meeting, you will want to discuss the goals of the project and ask any questions that you may have in order to work together.

Working Together

Once you have determined you would like to work together, take care of any paperwork and payments before starting. Most developers will have a process in place on how they will like files delivered. Before your project start date, you will want to make sure any agreed upon files are complete and ready to go so that the actual development can start. During your meeting, you should discuss all the important steps of working together.

The Actual Development

Most developers will build sites on a private server or localhost so that it is not on the clients live site. This is also great for testing and taking care of errors. You will also have an opportunity to interact with the site and really get a true feel for how your designs are translated. During a feedback period, you can request adjustments. Again this may vary.

Note: In terms of the actual tools used to build out the site… that’s a discussion you should have with the developer. Maybe you have certain frameworks and tools that you absolutely love. So make sure you discuss how the site will be built during your meeting.

Once approved and any remaining payments are out the way the site can be transferred and ready for the client.

Make sure there is a discussion on how training will work. Training will help your clients feel more empowered and confident to really use their site.

You may be at this point thinking…

when is the best time to bring on a web developer?

Great question! I personally think the best time to bring on a web developer is the beginning. You can do better brainstorming and make sure that your developer is on board with the goals prior to starting the project.

You wouldn’t want to risk having a website built that is not reflective of the goals because they were not clearly stated from the beginning.

It is understandable that sometimes the developer may not be there from the start. That’s totally fine, make sure to set aside some time to get them up to speed so all parties involved are on board.

Working with a web developer can truly be a positive experience especially with great communication. You can achieve so many wins not only for your own business but for the clients you help also.

Ready to make that pivot in your business and pass on the web development? Definitely learn more about working together, to take you from dreamy design mockups to a one of kind custom website. Together we will work collaboratively to build out an amazing vision! Swing over here to learn more.

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