The Benefits Of Having A Welcome Packet In Your Creative Business

So you have this awesome business and you are working with people. You snag up a great client for your service now what? Papers get signed to make it official and then what happens next? A Welcome Packet! I hope you give your client a Welcome Packet. If not, grab a seat and let me share some benefits of why you should have one.

Welcome packets are awesome they help you set the tone for how you and client can work together.

Remember your client has not worked with you before. Has no idea what to expect and this is your opportunity to help “wow” their experience! There is also a huge chance they have never worked with anyone in your industry either. So make the first impression a great one!

First, what is a welcome packet? It’s a snazzy document that shares important details about your process and how you plan to work together on your client’s project.

The benefits of a welcome packet give your clients a point of reference to important information, expectations and help introduce them to the next steps of your process.

I’ve pulled together some information you can include inside of you Welcome Packet. Of course, tweak the information to your business, here are some things to consider to include:

1 | How to Contact You

Clients want to know how to reach you for questions. In your welcome packet, you can include information about how to get in touch. For example, I include a link to schedule a call if needed. You can also include what type of communication method works best for you. If you prefer email communication then make sure that is stated.

2| Availability

Do you have office hours? A welcome packet is a great place to include this information as well as any holiday’s or vacations that are coming up in your business. Giving your clients a heads up on your availability keeps the lines of trust open and they can plan accordingly without freaking out.

3 | FAQ’s

Address frequently asked questions. Have questions that are commonly asked? Reassure your clients by addressing the questions ahead of time. Put their minds at ease, plus it reduces a ton of emails.

4 | Required content

If you are a designer your welcome packet would be a great reference source to let clients know what is needed from them. Make sure you clearly state what you need in order to move forward. Discuss specific types of content, recommended formats, etc.

5 | Tell them the next steps!

After your client finishes reading through your welcome packet. Explain the next steps, do you need them to sign up for project management system? Send you an email regarding questions? Help guide them along so they understand what to do.

A welcome packet helps transition your client into working with you in a better capacity. You could go the route of not introducing a welcome packet but here is what could happen.

Let’s say you have Client A. You had a great call, the official paperwork is done, you sent a small thank you email. But there is some time from the period of which paperwork was signed to the actual project start date. In between, you start receiving a ton of emails from your client who is confused as to what they need to do next. Therefore leading to a potential delay in start dates etc. Plus the back and forth emails are getting messy and now you feel overwhelmed as well as the client.

Why not make the process smoother by being ahead of the game!

Now let’s say you have Client B. You have a great call, paperwork is done. Your thank you email includes your welcome packet. Client B now knows what is expected, how to communicate with you and they make the deadlines for their start date. There is no back and forth emails addressing simple questions.

I’m going with Client B’s experience, it makes both parties happy and more efficient.

Creating a welcome packet is not hard and taking the time to put one together will save you so much time in the long run. If you need help creating your own welcome packet. I took Erin’s course from the Streamline Design Profit. Erin has a ton of great advice on how to manage communication clients, setting up pricing, positioning your authority, etc. The course has helped me a ton in setting up my own business.

Swing by and check it out.

After you check out the Streamline Design Profit I want you to set aside some time to actually put together a welcome packet. It’s an important document that will help you stand out in your business and make working with you so much easier.


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