eCommerce Cultivated | Episode 013

Stepping Back From Social Media

You may have notice my slow departure from social media.

Honestly, this has happen more and more as I evaluate where I spend my time these days.

Taking a step back from social media can be a healthy thing.

Tune in to today’s episode to learn more about my unplanned reduction! Let me know if you’ve had similar experiences in the comments below 🙂

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Show Notes

Hi there! I hope you are doing great in today’s episode we are going to speak about something a bit different. Something that is like a business taboo (according to the proverbial masses LOL). 

That is stepping away from social media and I want to share a bit about my unplanned reduction and what its been like. 

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Ok, so back to my reduction in social media. It wasn’t planned at all, I think the way I choose to participate in social media has been shifting for a while. 

Let me give you a bit of history and also date myself a bit here LOL. 

Prior to taking my business full-time a few years ago, I wasn’t that big on social media. Simply because my time looked a lot different. When your running multi-million dollar retail locations the last thing your thinking about is scrolling or posting on IG, FB, etc. 

When you’re working your business you are in your business not looking at what others are doing. 

My time looked so much different then.

I’m definitely not new to social media, in fact, I’ve been on FB since it was a beta test for college students. Back in the day Mark Z. created the platform and tested it with universities only before it ever went public. Even then I didn’t use it as much because I was out living my life. 

Looking back I am so grateful for that because it was amazing. Not feeling like you had to share every moment online. Plus not having to share your failures to thousands of strangers for them to have irrelevant input.

Which I’ll get into my point, later about how the reduction in social media has impacted my creativity.

Even though I’ve been running blogs online since like 2007 or 2008 I forget. When the introduction of IG came along I signed up and posted photos that didn’t flow together like everyone else. 

Again, due to my schedule at the time, I never spent a significant amount of time on the platforms. I would occasionally share new makeup looks, beauty reviews, etc. 

Most of my time on the side was picking up new skills and posting to my beauty & lifestyle blog. 

Needless to say, that left very little time to sit and scroll. 

When I started planning to go full-time I wanted to try something new. So I started researching getting clients etc. Something that always came up was using social media. That’s when I started using the platforms more and yes it did get me, clients.

It took a lot of effort from posting photos, going live, etc. 

In the beginning, I spent a lot of time on FB, IG, etc because I wasn’t spending 15 hours day anymore at a day job.

I had some opposition, but with advice from a coach, I embarked on the journey. It was great and definitely help me connect with a lot of amazing people. 

I want to say that I don’t think social media is bad and that you should never use it.  Like with all things in life I think it depends on the person. 

Fast forward, a few years into being full-time. I started to pay attention to my time on social media, like spending hours per week. Gathering photos, scrolling, posting content, DM’s, etc. 

Eventually, I started to take notice of other things like fake connections. Or what we call it “social climbing”. 

That is when people connect with those only on the premise of getting access to their audience. So that they can sell their products or services. There is nothing wrong with making business connections but there is a proper way of doing things. 

I started to notice that quite a bit, thankfully I have a high-level of heightened awareness to things. So for the most part most of the people I’ve met have been genuine. With the occasional few.

Amongst all these other things I started to take notice of things like:

  • People literally saying the same things
  • Creating the same styles 
  • Feeling a need to be on the platform. 

As a business owner, I definitely get it. It’s very rare to come across an online business owner who doesn’t actively use social media. 

Because it is a way to grow your business. 

It’s just not the only way.

Lately, social media for me has just felt like noise. The thing with noise is that eventually, you start to listen. You can easily fall into a group-think mentality.  

As I am getting older, I am thinking more and more about my time and where I like to place it. 

People love saying time is money but you can always get more money. What you can not get is more time. Your time is your life. 

It’s one of those Free precious resources we take for granted. We seem to live as if more time is guaranteed when honestly you just don’t know when it will end. 

So choosing to thoughtfully spend it wisely seems to me like a smart idea. 

With that being said, with the reduction in social media here is what my life has looked like:

  • Increased creativity because my thoughts are not being outweighed or influenced by others. 
  • More reading and increasing my own well-being.
  • More conversations because I don’t get updates only online these days. 
  • Less stress and anxiousness

I’ve also been thinking more about how I want to move forward online. For me, that means simplifying as much as I can so that my time results in the maximum return. 

I’ve also been studying those who have carved out their own success and on their own terms. What they all have in common is not a morning routine. But they went against the group and define their life and business the way they felt best.

One of my favorite business owners is Paul Jarvis; he doesn’t do business like anyone else. He uses Twitter and his newsletter to communicate with the occasional podcast. Or guest attendance on a webinar. He lives in a small area and makes the income that supports his life. 

Essentially that is what we all want but in order to do that. I think you have to step away from the distractions and focus on your goals. Figure out what works best for you and stay the course. No one else will have a shortcut to your own success. 

So what does this mean for me going forward? I’m not sure 100% but so far I’m not planning to return to IG the same way. I love communicating with everyone on my email list, I think it’s nice that you hear from me personally there. 

I’ll definitely be continuing to blog and run this podcast, I love creating helpful content. I’m still on the journey but I’d love to know what are your thoughts? Have you had similar experiences? 

Let me know by going to the post of this episode and leaving a comment. I’ll leave a link to the post in the show notes for easy access. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter where I share thoughts like this and other business insights. Go to and join. 


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