Everything You Need to Know About Working Together

As you’re planning and figuring out how to get your new eCommerce website designed, crafted, and launched, it may feel overwhelming. 

There are so many things to consider. From which designer or creative studio will help you have the best outcome to how will you fit in the time to get it all done.

Maybe you’ve come across designers or studios that didn’t have things clearly laid out on their website. Requiring a call just to get basic information. 

While, yes, I love to speak to each prospective client that has an interest in working together. I also think it’s helpful to have easy access to information so you can make some decisions early in your journey.

I’ve pulled together the commonly asked questions I get about working together. So you can have the information you need. 

Read through and when you’re ready, definitely reach out to discuss things further.

What Is The Signature Service?

The signature service is actually a signature process that takes you through an immersive experience to ensure you have all the right elements to thrive online as a retail merchant. 

It’s broken down into phases so that the process is easy. Yet focused, so that we can keep your goals & vision top of mind. We start with a planning workshop to get all your ideas out in the open. Because I know it can be overwhelming trying to figure out all the moving parts of your online store. You want it to be functional, intuitive, and beautiful. Plus help you increase more conversions in your business.

The planning workshop helps us both see where you need to focus to get the best results for your online store experience. Together we’ll clearly define your goals before deciding which approach to take toward crafting your online store.

After completing your workshop you’ll have the option to move forward with implementation from the planning workshop. Once you do you’ll select 1 of 2 options.

Brand & Shopify Website Experieince

This experience is ideal for growing brands that are now ready for a rebrand/redesign. You’ve been getting consistent sales and now you want to take your business to the next level. With a cohesive look and website experience that your customers find a pleasure to shop.

Shopify Website Experience

This experience is for growing eCommerce brands that have an existing brand identity that represents their business. But now are ready for a fresh Shopify website to move them away from a DIY experience to a more premium experience that improves functionality. So that they can confidently showcase their growth and new direction to their customers and strategic partners.

After many years of working with clients and noticing patterns in what makes more businesses successful than others. I developed this method so that you are getting more than a website and/or a brand.

But an experience that infuses your goals so that you can get more results from your eCommerce business. 

If you ever felt like your store wasn’t hitting the metrics you wanted or that your brand felt out of alignment, this process was created to help you counter that. 

As an eCommerce brand, your website is one of your business’s most valuable assets. It’s one of the first impressions your customers have of your business. Plus it’s also how you earn money.

The signature process takes you through the journey to help you get to the next level.

How Long Does The Experience Take?

Honestly, it varies based on the needs and complexities of your online store. Naturally, a simple store could take less time than a more complex store. 

For example, if you need an online store that has a subscription option and/or a custom ordering process, etc. 

That will take longer as we will need more tools and in-depth planning to ensure that your customers have a great sales process. Plus we will need to make sure that when it comes to the fulfillment end of the experience. That you also have a great process that doesn’t add more to your administrative hours.

With that being said, on average,

  • The brand and Shopify website experience takes 8 – 12 weeks
  • The Shopify website experience takes 4 – 8 weeks.

This is helpful to know so that you can plan accordingly. Especially if you have upcoming launches or want to make sure your website experience is up to par for any potential future investors or collaborations.

What’s Expected Of Me As A Client? Time, Feedback, ETC

The most important expectation is that this is an enjoyable and productive experience for you and your business. Why? Because life has enough challenges already, and I want you to feel heard and understood. But I also don’t want you to feel like you’re doing things alone. 

Your expectations are that you show up willing to do the work for the results that you want. Along with helping you design & craft your new online store’s website. I’ll be acting as your guide & motivator as we design and craft your experience.

So that we can have a successful collaboration, you’ll need to provide helpful and honest feedback in a timely manner. Also, submit any requested information by agreed timelines and be willing to ask questions if something seems unclear.

There will be times where you’ll need to dedicate more time to certain tasks than others. I try to factor any time-intensive tasks into the timeline so that you don’t feel rushed. And, one way we combat this is to ensure you have most of what is needed before your project start date.

Overall, I want to make sure that communication happens respectfully from all sides so that we can make your experience just as fabulous as your business.

How Will We Communicate While Working Together?

While working together, I want you to feel heard and that you can put your ideas out there effectively.

How we handle sharing ideas and implementing feedback is pretty simple. We use a project management system to house your entire project in one space. 

This allows us to track the progress of our work together and, at each phase, you’ll have the opportunity to add comments and share information. 

For example, when we are on the homepage mockup phase. You’ll have the opportunity to comment directly on the design inside of our project management system. 

That way, you can specifically call attention to areas you may want to provide feedback on. 

We will have time to chat out ideas over calls, etc.

You’ll also have access to important files and other information. 

The reason why I have clients communicate this way is that emails can get lost and when you or I need to reference something specific. Emails can be hard to find, therefore leading to a much slower and sometimes frustrating process. 

While we want to not rush through things, we do want to respect each other’s schedules and ensure that the project stays on track. 

I realize that this method is probably something you aren’t too familiar with. Don’t worry! When we do your Welcome Onboarding, you will get a personalized walk-through video training on how to navigate the project management system. How to submit information, leave comments, schedule calls, etc. So you can feel confident about communicating your ideas. 

Can We Work Together After Launch?

Yes, usually after we launch your new experience, you’ll have some concierge support that is part of the experience. 

If you’d like to have ongoing support to help you further grow & support your business. You can definitely sign up for the Ongoing Growth Accelerator. 

It’s customized to support the unique needs of your business, but some things that we can typically work on are:

  • Data & performance tracking 
  • Site updates or maintenance
  • Content updates & more

I like to make sure that all the hard work we put into your experience actually continues to contribute to your goals long after launch.

What Do I Need to Provide?

This totally depends on the type of experience we are creating for your business. Usually, clients fall into two categories from which we begin. 

Those with existing well-established branding or those looking to do an entire rebrand & website experience. So I’ll break down some common things you’ll need based on either of those options.

If you have existing branding:

  • You’ll need to provide all your current branding, such as your logo, color selections, typography and any other design elements that represent your brand. (If you only have certain elements of these for example, a logo but need colors and typography. Let me know so we can discuss filling in the missing elements).
  • You’ll also need to provide product & any lifestyle photography that is consistent with your branding.
  • Any product information, etc.

If you don’t have branding:

  • You’ll need to provide your product photography.
  • Your product information, etc.

Other things you need for a cohesive experience are well-written website copy & content. 

Part of creating a great experience is the written words on your website. So you’ll need to either provide the copy from a copywriter, write it yourself, or you can add this onto your experience and I’ll take care of the writing for you.

Because let’s keep it real. If you aren’t a writer, this can be one of the biggest things that hold you back from launching your website. 

If you aren’t sure what words to write that will help guide your customers to a sale, then definitely think about hiring this portion out.

Will I Or My Team Be Able to Update & Maintain The Website?

Yes, your website is yours, and since it’s a central part of your business. It is important that you are able to update and maintain your website freely. 

You and/or your team will be able to add in content or make changes easily. With Shopify’s latest update with Online Store 2.0, you have even more flexibility to make updates that are relevant to your business.

Plus, you’ll also receive training prior to the launch of your online store’s website. In addition to training resources, etc. That will walk you through how to navigate your new experience. 

I want to make sure you feel empowered to run operations fully. 

Will I Have to Launch & Link Domains, Tools, Etc Myself?

No, when it comes to the technical aspects of figuring out the launch or linking up your domain, that is included in your experience. 

You will be responsible for providing the necessary account information so I can handle the technical connections, etc. 

You’ll know what to provide and how to provide that information once you have gone through the welcome/onboarding process. 

Please note that if you do need to migrate your website from another platform. That migration is not automatically included in the experience. We’ll need to discuss your specific needs and have them added to your overall experience. 

Otherwise, you figure out how to link up your domain, email newsletter integration is handled during your experience.

How Do We Start? How Do I Pay? What About A Contract?

When you’re ready to get started, you can book a call or your workshop on the signature service page.

Once you’ve completed the workshop, you can either decide to take our findings and implement them on your own or choose to move forward to work together.

If you choose the latter you will receive your proposal, client agreement, and an invoice to officially book your spot. You’ll also have the option to access a payment plan. You’ll need to pay your first payment to officially book. With the remaining payments broken down across the timeline of your project. All of this is handled digitally.


Hi, I'm Karen, the founder + strategist/Shopify expert behind The May Creative. I help growing luxury, lifestyle & beauty product-based business owners craft an elevated Shopify website experience. So they can scale their business & reach their next level of success. Connect to learn more about working together. Or check out the other articles below and listen to the podcast.


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