Shopify Redesign: When to Redesign Your Online Store

Thinking about redesigning your Shopify website? Wondering if it’s the right time? 

There are a few indicators that redesigning your online store can actually help you improve your business. Whether that is to help support your existing customer base and/or attract new customers. 

Approaching a Shopify redesign should be a strategic move in helping go after existing and new business goals. Here are some indicators it may be the right time for you and your business to redesign your Shopify store.

What Is a Shopify Redesign vs Refresh?

Before getting into the indicators you are ready for a redesign. Let me quickly clarify the difference between a Shopify redesign vs. a refresh. A redesign is essentially overhauling your existing store design and creating a new experience. Where you have an entirely new look and feel.

A refresh is when you are only changing or adding minimal elements. For example, adding a new product page layout or adjusting some design elements on your homepage. With a refresh, the core design and layout don’t really change. Compared to a redesign, refreshes are meant to be light and quick.

Redesigns focus on looking at your site overall and determining what needs to stay and what needs to be improved upon.

Here are some indicators your eCommerce brand is ready for a redesign.

Your Online Store is Growing

Business growth is one indicator that you should consider redesigning your Shopify website. As your business grows, so will your needs. Usually, what gets us started in business is not what we will need to reach the next level of our business goals. 

Reflect on your business and assess if there are areas that have grown that need more support.

For example, maybe you are seeing a higher cart abandonment rate because your current site does not support the growing demand of your business. 

Note this down as a high cart abandonment rate means lost revenue and if your site is the culprit, that would be a top priority to note for your redesign.

You’ve Received A Rebrand

As your business grows you often will decide that you are ready for a rebrand. A rebrand can bring clarity and fresh perspectives that create a clearer path forward for your business. Where you have new messaging and updated brand identity.

After receiving a rebrand you’re more likely to want to have your website reflect the update.

With a redesign, you can now have a new online store that reflects your new branding. So that your customers can experience your updated brand. Especially if you have new colors, typography, imagery, etc. 

If you are going through the rebranding process, also allocate your budget for your website as well as it may be hard to put the new branding onto an existing website.

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Your Current Shopify Website Feels Limiting

If your current Shopify store feels limiting, meaning, you have to take additional steps and time to complete tasks, then a redesign can give you back your time.

With a Shopify website redesign, you can discuss what areas you need improvement to make your business work more efficiently for you. 

For example, let’s say you are facing business growth, and the way your customer’s shop needs to be improved. Because you are adding a new subscription option and you want it to seamlessly work with your existing products.

Your redesign can help alleviate and facilitate a better shopping experience for your customers.

Or even if you are expanding how your offer solutions such as adding a subscription option or even wholesale. 

A redesign can help make sure that all the parts of your business run smoothly.

You Need to Enhance Your Customer Experience

Relating back to the previous point if you want to improve your customer’s shopping experience. 

Maybe you’ve received consistent feedback about some challenges customers face while shopping for your products. A redesign may be needed to create a more seamless checkout experience.

Often when prospective clients reach out to me, they want to improve their checkout experience. Because they have goals of reducing their cart abandonment rate and getting more sales. Along with making sure that their customers are happy and will return to their stores more consistently.

58% of consumers will stop shopping a business due to a poor customer experience.


If your current Shopify website is causing friction with your customers’ shopping abilities, this should be a top priority to resolve with your redesign.

Your Business Operations Are Not Streamlined

Are you doing things that shouldn’t take extra steps? Maybe it’s in the order fulfillment portion of your business, or maybe it’s how you handle customizations for customers.

My client, Melissa, had a similar issue where she needed to fulfill custom orders for her artwork. Customers needed to tell her what type of customizations they needed. Before I optimized her website to take custom work, they had to send her a message of their needs.

It quickly became an issue because as her orders went up, so did her inbox messages. In order to combat this and fix her fulfillment process, we created her Shopify store, where I created custom order information on her product page that would allow customers to give her important details as they ordered. That saved her so much time with less back and forth.

If you face similar hiccups in your customer ordering process, this can cause reduced sales. A redesign can help you create a more automated and streamlined sales process that creates an easy checkout experience for your customers.

You Want Your Shopify Store to Create New Opportunities

Does this sound familiar? Your vision of your business has shifted. Maybe you’ve gotten more clarity or you are refocusing. If that is the case, then a redesign of your eCommerce brand’s online store can help support your business vision. 

You’ll know that this is the case when you look at your current site and find gaps. Maybe your current website doesn’t support your messaging or your current site doesn’t position you for the brand deals and partnerships you want.

Whatever the reason, any disconnect you have between your current situation versus where you want your business to represent can hold you back.

For example, maybe you want to introduce a new line of products to your business. But your current site seems misaligned. Which could mean that you feel less confident about launching your new products and promoting them to your audience.

With a redesign, you can have a more cohesive experience that helps you feel more confident about promoting and showcasing to your customers & partners.

You’re Thinking Ahead About The Future Of Your Online Store

I always like to think that as business owners, we are working toward the next level in business. The next level is different for everyone and can often be referred to as scaling. Sometimes the word scale receives a negative connotation because of some shady marketing practices. Scaling just means that you are going after your next goal. 

A next-level goal could be to bring on an employee who helps you free up time to step into other areas of your business. Such as attending important industry meetings and events that will allow you to network and get in-store placements.

Or just simply to spend more time with your family. I have had several conversations with business owners who want to scale so they can bring their spouses home full-time. Or bring in extra revenue to help with childcare expenses because it can really add up!

Regardless of your reason, look at your business now and ask yourself, will your current online store help you reach your next-level goals? If the answer is no, then you may be due for a redesign that can help you position your business for more aligned growth.

What to Consider When Planning Your Shopify Store Redesign

You may be wondering how do you even begin to plan for redesigning your Shopify store? First, you’ll want to approach this strategically so you can make sure you are creating something new that helps support your goals. So working with the right Shopify designer and Shopify developer is going to be key in helping you achieve certain milestones.

You’ll also want to consider other important aspects such as your timeline, Shopify store requirements, and your budget. Building a strategic Shopify store that gets results takes concise planning.

Now that you’ve decided that a redesign is most likely ideal to help you facilitate your goals. Check out the guide below to help you be better prepared to work with someone to help you reach your goals.


I’m Karen, the founder, and eCommerce Expert behind The May Creative. Where I help modern luxury brands build more brand loyalty and increase product sales on Shopify. Connect to learn more about working together. Or check out the other articles below and listen to the podcast for additional resources on growing and scaling your business.


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