Shopify Plus For Luxury Brands: The Inside Scoop

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Have you been wondering about Shopify Plus for luxury brands and if it’s right for your business?

It may be a great option depending on the needs of your business. If you want to have access to more advanced customizations and concierge services. This may be the right plan for you depending on the sales volume of your store.

Find out about the difference between them and if Shopify Plus may be a great viable option for your luxury business.

What Is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is different from the standard or common Shopify plan in that Shopify Plus is specifically created for high-volume and large businesses. Stores in this category are usually making $1million or more in revenue and need additional options to help run their business a lot smoother.

What Makes Shopify Plus Different?

There are few things that set Shopify Plus apart from the other plans within Shopify; here are few that stand out the most.

Shopify Plus Checkout Customization

Shopify Plus gives you the ability to have more customization options with your checkout experience. The default Shopify checkout has a simple appearance that may not 100% reflect your brand. Though it’s easy to navigate, it could create a separation from your brand’s overall aesthetic.

Shopify Plus, on the other hand, gives you the ability to customize the checkout page experience by rearranging and redesigning the checkout page. Allowing you to customize the checkout experience and provide your customers with a personalized experience.

Another customization option is the ability to allow customers to sign-up and login into your store using their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Google.

With Google’s Autocomplete API when customers type their address in to complete their purchase. The rest of their information will auto-populate, adding to a faster checkout experience.

That could lead to reduced cart abandonment and more revenue for your business.

Access to more integrations

Usually when you have a large and/or high-volume business, you need more access to advanced integrations. Whether that is via apps or other tools that will make running your business easier. 

With Shopify Plus you get access to more API integrations that will help you further expand the functionality and use of your online store. This is very helpful, especially if you have your own custom apps built specifically for your online store.

Having access to more integrations will allow your developer to customize and expand functionality. Giving your business a more omni-channel experience.

Wholesale Features

If you do any type of B2B sales, then you most likely have customers who want to purchase directly with you. With the wholesale option you’ll have the chance to create individual storefronts that are password protected. Giving you the ability to offer price exclusivity to your wholesale buyers. All from one place – which will cut down your admin & staff training hours.

An Account Manager

As a Shopify Plus customer, you’ll get access to your own account manager that will help provide support to your business. A launch manager will help throughout the setup/migration process and even support you with finding partners to work with specifically for your brand.

Unlimited Staff Accounts

With Shopify, the highest monthly plan limits you to 15 staff accounts. If you have a fairly large staff, that may limit your brand. 

Shopify Plus removes that limit and allows you to have unlimited staff accounts. So you don’t have to worry about if important staff members can have access to help ensure the business runs smoothly.

One Dashboard to Manage Multiple Stores

If you need access to manage multiple stores, Shopify Plus gives you one dashboard for you to manage all of your stores in one spot. 

That means you can have one place to make business decisions. Giving you access to all of your reports in one area so you have a more streamlined process. This also gives you an opportunity for your staff members to have one place to access all the store’s information so that you all can decide collectively as a team.

With all the additional features that come with Shopify Plus, there is a higher investment.

The investment of Shopify Plus starts at $2000/month, which works out well for high-sales volume stores that need more streamlining to manage a larger operation.

Check out the pricing plans of Shopify for more specifics.

Other Shopify Plans For Luxury Brands

Of course, there are other Shopify plans that are available if you don’t need the features and resources of Shopify Plus. 

Shopify Lite for Luxury Brands

Shopify lite allows you to use Shopify’s ecosystem without entirely moving your website to Shopify. You can have your main website on any platform then use Shopify lites buy buttons to allow customers to purchase products from your store. 

This option is great if you have a small number of products and you want to keep the rest of your website content on another platform. You’ll still get access to view reports, provide gift cards, etc.

Shopify lite is $9 a month. 

Going with this option, you will manage your business in multiple places instead of just one platform. This is fine, like I stated earlier if you have tiny needs. 

Standard Shopify plan For Luxury Brands

This is where most online stores begin with Shopify. The standard Shopify plans range from $29 a month to $299 a month. When you are a smaller business, you’ll start with the $29 a month plan and as you grow, you can scale up to more advanced plans that will give you access to additional features. 

Features such as

  • Global Selling
  • Lower Processing Fees
  • Third-party Calculated Shipping Rates & more

Or you may decide that you need the more advanced features from the start. One way to ensure that you select the right plan for your business is to be clear about your short- and long-term goals. 

Work on forecasting potential growth in your business. So you can expect any future expansion needs.

With the standard Shopify plans, you get all that you need to have a thriving online store for your luxury brand. Such as…

  • Unlimited products that can be added to your store
  • Access to staff accounts (great if you have a small team)
  • 24/7 support
  • Gift cards + more

You may be wondering which companies are using Shopify Plus. 

Companies Using Shopify Plus

There are several types of companies and industries that use Shopify Plus here are a few:

  • Rebecca Minkoff
  • Allbirds
  • Alessi
  • Boll & Brand

With Shopify Plus, they can run their high-demand brands more efficiently. 

Shopify Plus is great for luxury brands because it gives them a unique experience that will better serve their customers. One of the challenges luxury brands face is how to replicate or closely align an in-store experience with an online store experience.

Are you ready to switch to Shopify? Or are you already on Shopify and want to improve your online store? You can learn how we can work together to help you set up and optimize your Shopify store by clicking below.

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