eCommerce Cultivated | Episode 018

Are You Ready to Redesign/Rebrand Your Online Store’s Website?

Have you been thinking if it’s the right time for you to rebrand or redesign your online store’s website but aren’t sure if it’s the best decision right now?

Well, in today’s episode, I’m going to give you some insights on whether or not that’s a good decision for you and go over some things that you should be looking out for.

So let’s discuss some key insights on whether it’s the right time or not to rebrand your e-commerce.

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Welcome to Brand Cultivated, a podcast dedicated to helping you scale and elevate your online store. I’m your host, Karen, the founder behind The May Creative, a high-end eCommerce web design and experience studio that focuses on conversion and growth for driven brands. I’m excited to have you here. Let’s dive in. 

Welcome back. If you’ve been toying with the idea of a redesign or rebrand for your online store, but aren’t sure if it’s the best decision for you right now, then that’s what we’re going to talk about.

Hopefully, with this episode, you’ll get some good indicators if it is the right time for you to do so.

Start with an assessment of your current website

We’re going to start off with one of the important things that you should do before you decide to invest into a rebrand or redesign of your online store. And that begins with an assessment of your current website. Think about some things that you are currently needing with your existing store. Think about what is working right now versus what’s not working. If there’s any type of friction or blocks that might be happening with your current setup, it may be a real good indicator that it is time for you to rebrand or redesign your store.

That is just so that you can improve the customer’s experience as well as make your day to day operations a lot easier and help you to run your business a lot more smoothly. Because you have so many moving parts in your business, whether that is you planning your product launches, you engaging & interacting with your community, your customers. You’re making several important decisions day in and day out throughout your business that are really going to help you move the needle.

The last thing you want to really struggle with is your Web site. You want it to work as an effective not only marketing machine and tool, but also as that last step to complete the sales transaction.

So you want to really look at what’s working right now versus what’s not. You also want to consider what your long term plans are going to be. If you’re going to be introducing some, really big changes that are coming up, whether that is in six months, a year, or even further into the future. Are you going to be collaborating with certain brands, certain vendors, all of those things that are going to really be attached to the overall experience of your website you need to consider?

Once you’ve identified the opportunities that you have with your existing experience, you also want to recognize the wins that you currently have. Do you have a really strong SEO presence in your business? Because that’ll be one of the important areas of your redesign and rebrand that you want to ensure is protected. You don’t want to lose out on your SEO rankings or risk the potential loss of you losing traffic that you spent time and dedication to garner up in your business.

Really think about what you are really doing well in and what your wins are, and then make sure that you’re protecting those so that when you’re rebrand or redesign is happening, you aren’t risking losing it.

You’ve outgrown your current brand & website

Next step is, if you’ve outgrown your current brand and website, then it’s probably an indicator that you are ready for a redesign and rebrand. As your business grows, it’s natural for things to shift and change. And maybe your audience has evolved and requires different needs. Think about your core customers. Are they different or have they grown? Sometimes our audiences start off with us and grows with us as a business owner.

With that comes a natural shift in the business, the business of vision and what the expectations and experiences we are crafting will be like.

So think about your audience, think about what their needs are, if they’re being met, if they’re struggling with something, or even if you are struggling to provide something that you feel is really valuable to them in a way that you want to have them experience it. 

Maybe it’s the way the checkout process is. Maybe it’s how they receive information about the products. Maybe it’s the way they sign up for special events or newsletters that you have. Whatever the case is, really think about what your core customer needs and values. That’s going to make it a lot easier for you to run a more smooth and efficient online shopping experience for your customers.

Your current website store no longer works for you

Then this one is a good one, if your current website no longer works for you, there is going to be a problem.

So you want to think about if you have been including Band-Aid fixes, you know, where you invest like a smaller investment into having someone fix something for your store, for it to temporarily solve a problem that you’ve been experiencing.

If you found that you have several bandaids that are basically holding your store together and now they’re starting to unravel, then that’s going to be a huge indicator that it is time for a redesign or rebrand of your existing website experience because you don’t want to get into a heavy selling season or even if you have like this big burst of growth and all of a sudden these band aids are collapsing, they’re falling apart. They’re, you know, peeling back in all of the issues that you thought you fix are starting to show and resurface, which is, you know, honestly, like it’s like an embarrassment because you don’t want to have your customers feel like they’re having a subpar experience.

You want it to be highly engaging. You want it to be high level and really a great experience. So think about if your current website store is just not serving you and the band aids are falling apart and you’re like, girl, it is time for us to fix this. Like we’ve ignored it for far too long. It is time to take care of the situation.

If that is the case and you definitely want to consider doing a redesign or rebrand or have it at least planned on your business roadmap to have happened, because honestly, you are going to continue to lose money and revenue in your pocket if your website is not working for you 100%.

Your customers are complaining about your website

Or how about this one? If your customers are complaining about your website, then yeah, you definitely need to do a redesign or rebrand.

Now, depending on what type of complaints they are having or experiencing, you may not always need a rebrand or redesign if it’s something minor, like a small technical issue that can just be resolved with just some really thorough planning and things like that, then you probably are fine.

But if it’s something major that is preventing them from getting to the checkout, then you definitely want to take some time to reflect and make sure that your experience is at a level at which your customers expect, as well as what you expect as a business owner. You don’t want to have these situations where there is a lot of friction and it just prevents them from getting to check out because there are lots and lots of options out there, especially now with a lot of businesses coming online, a lot for the first time and also those that have been in business for a while that are really just going to step up and take their stores to a new level.

People are going to start to have a different type of experiences that are going to, you know, set the bar in the standard for what they expect. So if you are having any types of complaints that are really important to your customers, take note of that and then make sure that with the redesign/rebrand that those issues are addressed and you can move on to the next thing to make your experience a lot more enjoyable and pleasurable for your customers. 

You’re changing platforms

This next one is going to be for you if you have decided that the platform that you’re currently on is no longer serving you.

So if you’re changing platforms or you’ve outgrown the platform that you’re currently on, because maybe you started out with like a simple product and as your business has grown, you’ve, you know, developed and you definitely need more advancements when it comes to eCommerce, then definitely it is time for a fresh look and experience. It’s time to consider moving to a platform made for e-commerce stores such as Shopify.

Shopify provides its merchants with all the tools they need to successfully sell online. Plus, it integrates with several tools that make packaging, marketing, and selling their products, whether online, in-person or even curbside easy.

If you’re ready to transform your existing store, or even move to Shopify, get in touch with a studio at The May Creative to discuss your options.

So if you have, you know, just different needs that are expansive, then you definitely want to rebrand and redesign to a different platform that’s going to grow with you not just currently, but also for the future.

And you just want to keep that in mind, because what you don’t want to have happen is you get into a really high demand selling season. Discover that your current platform is just not serving you. So definitely consider that. And that is also a strong indicator that it is time for a redesign and rebrand. 

Your website does not inspire trust with customers

OK, next up is if your website doesn’t inspire trust with your customers when it comes to e-commerce, it is imperative that your online store is trustworthy.

If there is any indication that your website is an amateur or subpar, people will bounce and find another retailer because it feels safer to them.

I mean, think about the times where you’ve cruised the Internet, you’ve landed on a web site page or some part of a website, and you are deciding within seconds how trustworthy that business is. You’re looking at the design, you’re looking at the words or looking at the photos or looking at all these things to come to a split second decision of how it makes you feel. And if you have any indication that there is something that just doesn’t feel right, you will most likely just click off.

And that is what a lot of customers experience when they land on websites that are not inspiring trust. Maybe the photos do not align well with the brand. Maybe the wording is off. Maybe it’s just difficult to navigate and it’s not easy to find things. If that is the case, they are definitely not going to put an item in their cart and check out with you to complete a transaction.

So definitely you want to inspire trust and make people feel safe and also ensure that their information is safe. I’ll link a blog post in the show notes about how you can create trust within your e-commerce store, but definitely you’ll want people to feel and know that they can trust your online store to get them their products and to securely process their orders. There are definitely several ways you can do that. But design plays a big part in how people decide visually if you are the right business for them.

You’re ready for a fresh look & experience

This last one is just because we all have been there, and that is if you’re ready for a fresh look and experience, sometimes you just want something fresh and new and you want it to be reflective in your business. Maybe you’ve been inspired lately or you are stepping into a new season. Whatever the case is, you’re all about a new look and a fresh start. And if that’s the case, then definitely take some time to consider if a redesign and rebrand is right for you because you want to feel confident when you are showing up online.

You want to proudly share your website with customers and you want them to feel like they’re experiencing something just that is just so amazing for them that they will enjoy coming back and also they will be happy to share with other people.

If you can inspire that type of experience and create and craft that type of experience, then people are going to just continue to return. They’re going to continue to shout out your business praises and share it with friends and family and shout you out on social media and just help you build your overall business. Think about a lot of the bigger brands that have been in existence for a long time. 

They’ve understood their customers. They’ve transitioned and transformed their businesses to fit their customers needs, wants and desires to help them feel like a community.

And depending on what your vision is for your own e-commerce business, you can do the same exact thing.

Thinking about all of those things are really going to play a vital role in helping you expand your business and craft that special experience.

Again, if you want to talk about crafting your own unique experience for your online store, definitely hit me up at The May Creative and I’ll be happy to discuss with you some options that will work best for you and talk about your own individual experiences that you can create, especially as the e-commerce world continues to expand and as businesses continue to thrive online.


So if you enjoy this episode, definitely make sure that you subscribe and leave a  review. And you can always hit me up on Instagram to continue the discussion. I’m over at The May Creative on Instagram. And again, I will chat with you guys in our next episode. Thank you for tuning into today’s episode.


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