Search Hermit

Search Hermit ran by Carolyn offers SEO services to women-owned businesses and also speaks at notable conferences about improving online visibility.



Carolyn wanted a new website design for her business, Search Hermit because it wasn't speaking to her ideal audience. The new design purpose was to help her position her authority and attract driven women-owned businesses.

The additional goals for her redesign were to build trust, position her as the expert and let her audience know more about how she could help them grow their business.

We also needed to transfer her site content from Squarespace to WordPress for better flexibility.

By working together we were able to clearly speak to her audience and position her expertise for better conversions in her business.


Creative Planning


Web Design

Web Development


The challenge

Position Search Hermit's expertise as an expert and attract Carolyn's ideal clients which are bold and goal-driven women who are ready to get things done in their business.

We also wanted to focus on encouraging visitors to clearly take action by either booking Search Hermit's 1:1 services, speaking engagements and/or subscribing to Search Hermit's newsletter.

Another goal was to focus on increasing site traffic and improving inquiries. Prior to the site redesign site traffic was low and bounce rates were high a clear indicator that users didn't fully understand the next steps to take.

The Process

The first step was to gain clarity about Search Hermit's overall brand and business goals. That kicked off our initial strategy meeting where we discussed the overall vision. Prior to that Carolyn provided insights about her brand via preliminary questions allowing her to share her thoughts about the direction of her brand.

Updating the Brand

When it came to the brand we played around with muted colors but ultimately landed on bold colors. The bold colors are what attract Search Hermit's ideal clients. We still wanted to keep feminine elements so we chose some modern typography for balance.


Website Redesign

Once we had the branding guidelines nailed it was time to focus on incorporating Search Hermit's goals into the user experience. We stayed true to the bold colors and modern typography that shouts a bold yet modern vibe.

We also used photos of Carolyn throughout the site to reinforce and position her as the expert. While also highlighting that she has been a speaker for several notable industry-specific events.

Once transferred from Squarespace to WordPress. The site was built so that editing and having the flexibility to reorder content would be easy. Carolyn is empowered to make updates to her site when she is ready.

I also created a landing page template for Carolyn so that she could promote various offers through-out the year without the need to use a third-party program. This is also linked to her email list provider for better conversions.

Designed for Conversions

Throughout the website, there are clear call to actions to take the next steps. Either learn more about services, inquire about working together or sign up for Search Hermit's newsletter.



Since the new website launch Search Hermit has received amazing feedback from her ideal clients. More than tripled traffic with an increase of an average of 37%, significantly lowered bounce rates by an average of 25% and boosted inquiries.

Next Steps

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