Melissa Rothman Portraiture

Melissa Rothman Portraiture offers custom watercolor home portraits that are special, custom gifts made easy to order. Owned and ran by Melissa Rothman who is a professional illustrator from Philadelphia.



As Melissa's business has been expanding she needed to move her business from Facebook to a more robust platform such as Shopify. She needed a new look that would not only showcase her work but also allow her customers (those looking for custom gifts & realtors) to be able to easily purchase her custom artwork. Goals: automate more of the sales process and cut down on time answering common questions. Help customers to feel confident ordering a home portrait directly.



Shopify Web Design

Shopify Web Development

Custom Coding



Help Melissa drive her sales through her actual website. So that she easily provide customers with the information they needed to make a purchase. Plus set up Melissa's business to be able to expand as she grows.

In order to support her goals, I created an easy to navigate store that supported with a clear pathway of getting customers to make an order.

We also kept her design simple as we wanted her art to be the focal point. Plus provide supporting testimonials to reinforce her current & past customers' experience of working with her.

The Process

Our process began with a vision session to map out the overall design purpose. From there we were able to move onto the mockup design stage.

eCommerce Design & Development

We wireframed & planned a sitemap for Melissa's site. While keeping the end-user in mind and the intended goals we wanted to accomplish.

We also wanted her design to feel in alignment of what she wanted her customers to experience.

"Someone looking for a gift or browsing would want to immediately see photos of my work, sometimes multiple in order to establish that my work is highly skilled. They are looking for a way to give their loved one something thoughtful and custom that brings back good memories." - Melissa

Once we had the finalized version of the design it was then onto the site development. Development included making sure products were easy to add and adjust. Plus there I added some custom elements such as add-ons and personalization requests.

Unique Features

A customized product page that allows for personalization & add-ons.

Watch the video for a behind the scenes walkthrough.



We were able to help create a cohesive experience for Melissa. That allows her to not only showcase her artwork but helps her clientele make custom orders effortlessly. Melissa has also been able to cut down on her admin time allowing her to better serve her customers.

Next Steps

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