How to Write Captivating Product Descriptions For Your Luxury Brand

Want to help people move through the buying process seamlessly?

Your product descriptions are going to be one of the most critical elements to help you increase your product sales.

It’s not just enough to include features you need to have captivating product descriptions for your luxury brand that spark interest, reduce doubt, and inspire action.

In this post, I’m excited to share ways you can write a quality product description for your luxury with examples of brands that do this very well.

Why Quality Product Descriptions Are Important

Unlike having an in-store experience where you can use your senses of touch, feel and smell. 

Writing a quality product description can help to trigger a person’s imagination. 

Our minds are a powerful tool that we use effortlessly in our day-to-day lives. So it’s not impossible to get people to envision something in their minds that they don’t presently have. 

For example, close your eyes and imagine that you have a lemon in your hand. 

Can you feel the texture of the lemon?

Now, pull the lemon closer to your nose can you smell it? What does it smell like?

Finally, imagine biting into the lemon. What does it taste like?

In this example, you may not want a lemon. But you may want some stylish shoes that you can wear with one of your outfits.

Well-written product descriptions can help to engage our imagination and help us to create a desire to have that product in our life. 

But how do you know what to write? 

Keep Your Ideal Buyer Top Of Mind

In order to write captivating product descriptions for your luxury brand. It’s important that you keep your ideal buyer top of mind. 

Fully understanding the person who is interested in buying your product will help you write product descriptions that connect with their interest.

Of course, this depends on the types of products you sell. Take, for example, L’AVANT, Multi-purpose Surface Cleaner. They do a great job of targeting someone who wants to make cleaning a luxury experience.

Having an ideal buyer in mind is key. But you also need to make sure that you are honoring your brand by incorporating your brand voice.

Incorporate Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice should be used consistently throughout your business. So that people instantly recognize your brand personality when they come across any of your content or products. Your luxury brands’ product descriptions are no exception. 

One powerful way of incorporating your brand’s voice is through storytelling. 

Storytelling is essentially an authentic way to deliver a message that connects the end user to a related human experience. 

A brand that has done this successfully for a very long time is Tiffany & Co. 

Tiffany uses a lot of storytelling in their marketing and they also translate some storytelling elements when they are describing their products online.

Below you can see this on their product page for the Tiffany T, Diamond Wire Ring

In the description details, Tiffany notes that the…

“Tiffany T collection is a tangible reminder of the connections we feel but can’t always see.”

This statement aligns with not only Tiffany’s brand voice but always their positioning in the jewelry space.

When crafting your product descriptions think about how you can naturally incorporate elements of brand storytelling.

Articulate Your Product Benefits

Once you have drawn your ideal buyer in and sparked their interest also let them know the benefits of your products. 

When you want to stand out in your market and help those who visit your product page to take the next step and buy.

It’s important to also articulate the benefits of your products. Don’t worry this doesn’t have to be boring. La Mer does this well with one of their best-selling products, Creme De Le Mer

Some benefits that La Mer mentions are:

  • Helps with dryness
  • Skin firmness
  • Visibly diminished lines and wrinkles

They do a great job of weaving the benefits into the description caption. Addressing potential concerns someone who is looking to buy the cream may be experiencing.

Highlight Key Features

A mistake I often see smaller or lesser-known brands do is following how larger companies write their product descriptions, by only sharing product features. 

Not realizing that well-established brands sometimes won’t put a lot of effort into their product descriptions because their business is at a point where it sells without a second thought.

Or they aren’t prioritizing the eCommerce side of their business because they are generating more revenue from other means. Such as operating specialty retail locations and working with retailers.

So don’t just focus on the features, highlight them so people can quickly process information.

Vegamour does this well, in the example of their GRO Hair Serum. Their product page uses a list to highlight important features that their customers may be concerned about.

Include Customer Experiences

Other customers often want to see how your products have worked for others. Especially if you sell products that are supposed to give a transformation such as skincare, health, cleaning, etc.

Showcasing how others have experienced your products can help potential buyers to take action and purchase. Tatcha does this really well by allowing their customers to not only write a review but upload photos. 

Product reviews just reinforce the quality of your product and why others love it. If you have any type of product that creates a result definitely share product reviews. 

For example, a customer may wonder what has been the experience of previous customers who have oily skin. 

Other customers may find in one of the reviews a relatable customer has left the answer they have been looking for. Greatly reducing the likelihood of them just clicking off the page and not buying.

Have Excellent Imagery & Visuals

One of the things that you may have noticed in the previous examples I’ve shown is that the product visuals are of excellent quality. 

Product photography is an important companion to any product description. 

Remember people want as accurate information from a photo and/or video as possible. Having professional well-lit imagery is going to help intrigue their interest.

I highly recommend working with a professional product photographer. They can create clear and interesting photos of your products that will inspire others to buy. 

Evaluate Your Current Product Descriptions

What can you do now to make sure your products are captivating?

Review your product suite and see if there are any products that you would like to optimize. Use the previous insights shared to help you write better product descriptions. 

Then monitor the results over a 30 – 60 day period of time. Note down any changes you experience and make adjustments as necessary.

If you have a team you can allocate this to a team member and have them track the performance. 

Don’t forget to also optimize your product descriptions for SEO. Here are a few resources to help you get started.

Optimizing your product descriptions for SEO will help you to be found in search engines by increasing your organic reach and traffic.

Overall, your product descriptions, when written in a way that connects to your ideal customers. Will help them reduce the time to make a purchase and become forever fans.

If you want additional insights into how you can increase your eCommerce conversions for your luxury brand. Then be sure to download the eCommerce Conversion guide to help you identify opportunities for optimizing your online store.


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