How to Prepare Your Shopify Store For A Redesign

What an exciting time! Are you ready to elevate your online store experience?

A redesign can be the perfect catalyst to help you step into the next level of your business growth to help you achieve your goals. 

Of course, redesigns can be fun but also scary. You want to see an improvement with the changes and may be feeling nervous if this is your first time. Or, if you’ve previously had an experience that didn’t go so well you may be hesitant.

Inside this post, I will go over what you need to know to prepare your Shopify store for a redesign. So you can increase your conversions and more.

Do You Need to Redesign Your Shopify Store?

Before diving into redesigning your eCommerce brand’s website, make sure that you are doing so for the right reasons. It’s important to consider if you need a redesign or if you need to work on your strategy.

Some indicators you’re ready for a redesign are:

  • Your eCommerce brand is growing and now your business has different needs.
  • You want your eCommerce brand to have a more professional appearance.
  • You recently went through a rebrand and now you need your online store to reflect the change.

You may need more strategy:

  • If your business is barely making sales.
  • You aren’t clear on who your ideal customers are and how to attract them.
  • You aren’t actively marketing your business.

If you need more help with getting additional sales for your eCommerce brands’ online store. Be sure to read How to Market Your Luxury Brand to Reach High-end Customers.

Being clear on where you are in business will help to determine if a redesign is an appropriate step. If that is you then here are some additional ways you can prepare for your redesign.

Assess Your Current Needs For Your Shopify Store

Part of having a successful redesign is to explore your existing Shopify store. By going through and examining what already exists. 

For example, maybe you have a lot of pages that aren’t being used or products that aren’t performing well against your sales goals.

Here is where I recommend doing a content audit.

Content Audit

A content audit is a process of going through the existing content on your website and determining what needs to stay and what could go. 

If you’ve had your online store for a while there are probably plenty of products and pages that aren’t adding to the revenue of your business. 

During a content audit, you would identify those pages and then decide what to do with them. Either optimize them for better conversions or remove them. 

You would determine how to do this by reviewing your key performance indicators or KPIs.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators or KPIs are the metrics you use to measure the performance of your online store. Here are some top KPIs to track for your luxury brand online store:

  • Sales
  • Gross profit 
  • Average order size
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost of goods sold 
  • Abandoned cart rate
  • New customer vs. returning customer orders
  • Churn rate

Knowing these numbers will help determine what to focus on for your business and where your opportunities exist.

KPIs are also a great way to set the goals for your Shopify store’s redesign.

Technical Needs

Another reason why you may be in need of a redesign is that your technical needs have changed. Having the right technical structure for your business. Can help you not only have a more streamlined admin process but help improve your customers’ shopping experience.

Think about what are some technical components you may need. For example, do you wish your subscription process was more streamlined? Do you need your brick-and-mortar store to seamlessly connect with your online store?

If so, make sure to discuss this when talking about your goals for your redesign.

Set Goals For Your Shopify Store’s Redesign

More than likely you have goals you want to achieve when you redesign your eCommerce website. Those goals could range from a variety of things such as:

  • A more streamlined journey for your customers.
  • Position your brand for more opportunities.
  • Improved conversion to maximize sales.
  • Better technology integration and more.

Knowing where you are currently and where you’d like to be within 6 – 12 months of launching your newly redesigned store will help you get closer to achieving your goals. 

When engaging with your designer, be sure to discuss your goals. Don’t just speak from the point of design meaning solely focusing on visuals. Be intentional and talk about your business goals.

Whether you want to improve your conversion rate and/or streamline your customer’s buying experience your creative partner should be aware of that so that the best decisions can be made.

Establish A Budget For Your Shopify Store’s Redesign

Of course with a redesign of your Shopify store understanding how much you want to invest is important. 

Investments will vary depending on the complexity of your online store’s website. For example, a custom-built store will take more time, resources, and money to do. But using a premium Shopify theme that is customized to your brand tends to be a shorter time frame and less of an investment. 

Be realistic about what your budget is and be willing to be flexible. As your online store is how you generate revenue so go in with the understanding that a better store experience leads to more sales. Which will easily help you earn your investment back. 

Not sure what to invest?

The industry average is to take 10% – 14% of your business revenue to invest in your marketing. Your website is part of your marketing.

Find The Right Shopify Designer For Your eCommerce Brand

Website redesigns usually have a lot of moving parts and so it’s important to find the right Shopify designer for your eCommerce brand. 

eCommerce stores can have a lot of complexity. So it’s important to have the right creative partner who understands how to not only design an elevated and high-end site. But also an online store that helps your customers seamlessly checkout.

Are you ready to redesign your Shopify store? Learn more about how we can work together to help you elevate your store experience with my Shopify website design & development services.


I'm Karen, a Luxury Brand Strategist and Shopify Expert for eCommerce brands. I take a strategy-first approach to create captivating branding and Shopify website experiences that help you attract high-end customersbuild brand loyalty, and increase conversions. Explore the other insightful eCommerce articles and listen to eCommerce Cultivated to help you grow a remarkable brand. Plus, discover how we can work together to create your luxury experience.


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