Insights to Prepare For Your eCommerce Website Redesign

Getting ready for a website redesign is both exciting and a bit overwhelming. You know it’s time to make the step but getting the right things in order to make sure the website redesign process goes smoothly is just as important. 

I thought it would be helpful to go over some important information to consider. Please note, this isn’t an exhaustive list as your business has its own unique goals.

These are just some important components to consider before embarking on your new design. Beginning with your website redesign strategy.

Set goals for your eCommerce website redesign

The first step is to determine why your website redesign is important to your business. By asking important questions, this will give you the most out of your redesign. 

Think about whether your current website design is meeting the needs of your business today and what you have planned for the future. 

Keep in mind:

“What got you to this current point in your business is not necessarily going to help you up-level to the next stage of your business.” 

Really dive into what is working for your business now and what could use improvement.

Consider if you need:

  • A more streamlined journey for your customers.
  • A more cohesive brand to collaborate with partners.
  • Improved conversion to maximize sales.
  • Better technology integration

A lot of your time is spent on product development, customer service, inventory management, etc. How would you like your website to help increase your time and other valuable resources for your business?

Now that you’ve reviewed your goals, that will help you look at other areas of your business. That creates a great impact on various areas of your online store.

Review your existing content

You’ve probably created lots of content or additional pages on your site. Sometimes we pull a page or product off our site and never really look at it again. 

In this instance look at your top-performing content and pages on your site and make sure you keep those. Then explore what could potentially be revamped or simply needs to go away. 

That could be products you aren’t selling any longer, pages that are relevant, etc. Knowing what can go and what can stay will maximize on your online efforts and lead to greater profit.

This leads me to the next area you should consider for your eCommerce website redesign.

Revisit your SEO goals

You may have placed quite a bit of effort into your SEO. If you are ranking well for targetted keywords you’ll want to make sure that stays intact. 

What we don’t want to happen is that your rankings drop because your SEO is wiped out. If you aren’t doing much SEO now then it may be a goal you have with your redesign. 

If so keep that in mind and be sure to discuss that during your consultation.  Regardless, you want to make sure that your existing SEO efforts stay in place. Or you begin the journey of adding SEO to your business. 

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Along with SEO, you have other important numbers to consider.

Know your key numbers

Knowing your metrics is important information as it will act as a guiding light for your website redesign. It’s ok if you don’t know all the nitty-gritty details, but have access to those details. For example, having a properly set up Google Analytics account that has been gathering helpful data. 

Such as your return visit rate, bounce rate, highest traffic sources, etc. 

You’ll also want to know what your top-performing sellers are as well as any other important data. Such as your newsletter subscribers, your open rates, and of course your abandoned cart rates.

Knowing this will help plan conversion-focused design layouts, a well-optimized site map, and more.

Reference Customer Feedback

Your customer feedback will have helpful insights that can be incorporated into your new design. Feedback such as do they find your store easy to shop? If not, then design decisions can be made to fix that part of your customer experience.

Other helpful feedback such as are products easy to find? Customers often list not being able to find products as a top complaint of eCommerce stores.

We’ve all been there when you go to a website and you can’t find what you are looking for. So what do you do? You click off and find someone else who can help.

You can also pull up customer transcripts and highlight any particular information that may be corrected with the redesign.

If you run any social groups, pull any notes that caught your attention.

Of course, if you actively email your customers pull together a quick survey to gather their input on with their experience.

Essentially, gathering real information from actual users can be used towards your advantage.

This will definitely help with the next point.

Assess your technical needs

Your technical needs may have changed and it could be something you really need with the new website redesign. Consider what technical needs you have, is there something that you wished flowed better? Are there any areas where you’re spending a significant amount of time that a tool could assist you with?

The great thing about operating online is that there are tools available to help with reduce how much time we take to do regular things. 

If you can reduce the time spent in an area that is not as profitable for your business. Then allocate that time to areas of your business that are more profitable. You’ll be able to see a better financial ROI in the long run.

Consider scheduling a planning meeting 

Website redesigns usually have a lot of moving parts and so I highly recommend you actually schedule a planning meeting. A planning meeting allows you to do a deep dive into your business needs before coming up with a solution. 

This also minimizes the chance of you not getting something important accomplished for your redesign. Plus gives a clearer map of the planned process to help you attain your goals. 

Planning meetings usually are about a couple of hours were we explore your needs and make sure that they will lead you towards goals. It also ensures we are all on the same page so the chance of surprises is greatly minimized. It’s a vital step in the website redesign process.

A solid redesign can create so many amazing benefits from increased brand positioning and awareness. To increase sales conversion along with an extra boost of confidence so you can scale your brand. 

Feel free to leave any questions you may have about your own eCommerce website redesign. In the meantime, don’t forget to grab your content checklist. This is will help you prepare for your upcoming website redesign.

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