Why I Recommend Using Premium WordPress Hosting

You may be in the market for setting up WordPress hosting or changing to a new WordPress host. Regardless, I wanted to share why I recommend premium WordPress hosting when it comes to your business.
First, let’s specify what is WordPress hosting?

What is WordPress Hosting

In order to use WordPress.org you need to have a place to store your Website. Just like a neighborhood where you live. You want to choose the best location, that is safe and that you can stay with for a long time.
A web host is where your WordPress website lives (think of it as where your content is stored). While your domain is your address.
When clients come to me about creating a new website or redesign an existing site. We discuss their website host and the importance of having a really great company to host their website.
Often times clients, want to choose the host that is the lowest in cost. Not understanding the importance of choosing something more premium.
One of the reasons, I recommend clients use a premium WordPress host is…

Specializes in WordPress

With premium WordPress hosting you are working with a company that specializes in WordPress. Because of that, they are able to easily speak to updates and issues that may come up. They are also staying on top of the latest WordPress updates so that your site continues to run at optimal speed.

Better Support

If you aren’t very tech-savvy or have the time to manage your website updates. It can easily become an issue if you aren’t doing frequent maintenance. When you invest in premium WordPress hosting you are also getting access to their fast support. Which are dedicated teams of people who specialize in WordPress and thoroughly understand the technology.
Therefore, saving you time and frustration if something happens to come up. Know that you can quickly reach out to support and connect with someone to help you solve the issue.

Consistent Uptime

Uptime is how often your website stays up on the web for people to visit. If you have ever had your website go down without reason you know it can be a pain. Especially if you are promoting a sale or sending traffic to your site for it to all of a sudden crash. With premium WordPress hosting you can experience more times where your site actually stays up. Which is very important for eCommerce businesses, your website is what helps you generate consistent income. Any time your website is down you are losing money.


An important must-have for any WordPress site is great security. You want to protect the information of your business and users. Due to premium WordPress hosting specializing in WordPress they stay on top of site security and plugin security. Often times, restricting certain plugins from being place on your website. Contacting you immediately if a plugin on your site poses an issue.

Increased Website Speed

Let’s face it if your website is slow to load people will click off and leave. Which could mean losing new or existing business. We certainly don’t want that to happen, you want to create a nice website experience. Part of that includes having great website speed in which content shows up fast.

Specialty Add-Ons

One of my favorite aspects of going with premium WordPress hosting is that clients can easily sign up to have their plugins automatically updated. Now, I know you may be thinking you can do this yourself. Yes, you can but unless you are consistent, are tech-savvy and actually care to do it. Most of the time, plugin updates are an after-thought. Until you can not open your website or login.
Trust me it’s happened and it was due to clients not regularly updating their plugins. By investing in automatic plugin updates clients don’t have to worry about logging in and handling the task.
These are just some of the reasons why clients of TMC are put on with premium WordPress hosting. Yes, it tends to be a bigger investment but worth knowing that your business is running at optimal levels. So that you can continue focusing on generating more revenue that maintains your life.
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