10 Call to Action Phrases That Increase Conversions

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When you have a website its important that it works for your business. One way of making your website work in your favor is to improve conversions.

There are a ton of methods you can use to improve conversion on your website. One of the most important pieces are the words or phases you use for your call to action buttons.

You’ll want to have effective call to actions because if no one clicks then you lose potential leads and sales.

Great call to actions have behavior inducing words or phrases

Having a well written call to action will induce an actionable behavior such as clicking a button to sign up to your newsletter. Taking the next steps to purchase a product or even contacting you.

Take into account the overall goal of your call to actions for example if you are a restaurant and you take online orders. You could have actionable buttons that say:

“Place an order”

“Order Now”

“See our menu”

Each of those options have actionable phrases that encourage the customers to order.

Netflix call to action phrase "try it free"
Netflix has a clear call to action “Try it Free”

10 call to action phrases you can use to boost conversions

Access Now

Have a great download you want people to grab? Encourage them by saying access now it gives an air of exclusivity but also importance. This is a great phrase to use when you want to grab peoples attention and have them take action right away.

X Off

If you have products and offer discounts X off could be use in your call to action. For example, “Get 20% off when you sign up” will definitely boost conversions and help you remain in contact with your customers.

Schedule A X

Want people to schedule a meeting, tour or visit? Depending on the nature of your business Schedule A X gets people to not only take action but commit. Maybe it’s to schedule a call, which ever the case it helps them take action.

Get Started

Encourage people to sign up for something like a course, a membership, etc. Get started is a friendly invite that’s innocent enough that people feel comfortable clicking.

Dropbox call to action phrases "try dropbox business free" and "get dropbox basic"
Dropbox has two call to actions which is smart for their offerings.

Grab this X

Maybe you have a free item that you are giving away to your audience. You could use “Grab this guide or download” to encourage your readers to act in the moment to grab the item.

Start here

I’ve seen this as a lot lately on sites that have a lot of content or maybe they want a friendly way to help their readers navigate their site. Start here is simple in that it tells people easily what to do next. They don’t have to figure it out, it’s all laid out for them.

Buy Now

Is pretty obvious maybe you have a special offer and you want people to act right away. “Buy now” is a great reminder that they should act on it now before it’s gone.

Download Your X

Download Your 8 Delicious Cookie Recipes – I just wanted to mention cookies but, you get the point. Make it enticing to click and along with some supporting words like delicious and you’ve gotten a hungry reader hooked.

Join X

I’ve seen this used well when people are promoting their list. For example, “join 5000 other amazing cyclist on learning how to complete more marathons”. It reinforces community and also positions you as a leader for your audience. If 5000 people are already reading then obviously you got something important to say on that newsletter.

When you are creating your call to actions, as you can see, having strong actionable words can make a huge difference. Think of the context of your situation and don’t be afraid to switch it up to see what combination works best for your audience. Changing a simple phrase can boost conversions to almost double or more.

Chanel simple call to action "see more"

Also, keep in mind your brand. Notice Chanel doesn’t have any discount call to actions just simple words. Such as “see more”, “watch now”, etc.

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