3 Ways To Partner With A WordPress Developer For Your Design Business

One of the best collaborations is a designer and WordPress developer partnership.

Whether you’re a web designer, brand designer or graphic designer.

It can make a big impact in your design business.

I am excited to share with you 3 ways to partner with a WordPress developer for your design business.

There are multiple ways to partner but these 3 tend to be the most common.

1 | Custom Theme Development

One of the most common ways to partner is when its time to develop a custom theme. This type of relationship allows you as the designer to focus exclusively on designing without touching code or looking cross-eyed at the backend of a website.

In this type of working style as the designer, you get to pass on the design mockups to the developer who will then translate the static designs into a website.

The benefits of partnering for custom theme development is:

  • You get to design what you want without the limitations of you’re coding abilities.
  • You free up time in your business to focus on other opportunities such as growing your business further.
  • You can actually make more money either by charging higher because you can solve bigger problems or by taking on an additional client.

2 | Coding Help

Ever have a situation where you were stuck maybe a page stopped showing up correctly or an update went wrong. Plus it seems to happen at the most inconvenient time, like when you need to show the site to your client.

You can partner with a WordPress developer to help you when you get stuck or just don’t have the time. This will help ease your stress levels and allow you focus your attention on something else.

Plus your problem is most likely going to get resolved quicker from someone who specializes in coding.

3 | On Retainer

Another way to partner with a WordPress developer is through a retainer relationship. Which is great when you consistently have coding requests and taking the time to find a WordPress developer is not an option.

When you work with a WordPess developer on retainer you often will receive priority support. You can send in a request and not have to worry about redoing paperwork, going back and forth in emails, etc.

When I work with retainer clients they can pass on their requests inside of Asana and I can give them an estimate of completion so they can plan other tasks in their business.

Since coding is my specialty I can get tasks resolved quickly and get you back to where you need to be. Retainers are also a lower cost option when you aren’t ready to invest in full custom development. In this type of relationship, it also gives you an opportunity to test out partnering.

Take action, review how much time you spend on development tasks in your business. If you could reallocate those hours to other profitable areas how much would your business grow?

One of the benefits of running your own business is that you can outsource tasks that aren’t as profitable.

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