A Peek Inside Of My Client Onboarding Process

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When it comes to crafting a project for a client there are many steps. One of those steps is the onboarding process, it sets the tone for how the project will be managed. Also, it helps create a successful experience that clients will have while working together.

Today I’m excited to share with you a peek inside of my own client onboarding process! It’s an important step for clients here at TMC as most clients have never worked in a creative collaboration before. So having a solid onboarding process makes the transition easier for them and allows them to get all their ideas out on the table.

One of the first steps to my onboarding process is the initial inquiry.

01 | Client Inquiry

The initial inquiry is where clients express interest in working together. This is their chance to share a bit about their goals and what they will like to accomplish. So they fill out the details and send off their ideas. Once that happens their inquiry is reviewed to ensure that their ideas are something we can support here at TMC. Sometimes there may be additional questions asked via email if something is unclear. Otherwise, if things look like a fit, we move onto the next step.

02 | Invitation to Speak

This is where a call invite is sent to discuss more details about the project goals. I prefer clients set up a video call just so that we can see each other. We could be potentially working together and so I love seeing the lovely faces of my clients. Plus it’s so much easier to get a feeling for energy & vibes via video than it is for a call.

To avoid going back and forth on which day and times are best to meet. I send a link to my scheduler where clients can pick and schedule a day based on everyone’s availability. It’s simple and can be quickly set, plus they will get reminders leading up to their actual call day. The calls last about 30 mins on average and help us both determine if this is a viable fit for their business.

If it is then clients are invited to a more in-depth process of discovery. A 30-min call is not enough time, in my opinion, to truly understand someone’s business.

03 | Discovery

Since most of the clients that engage TMC with a project are custom. We offer a deeper dive conversation where we examine closely a clients brand. Uncovering more of the specifics of their brand so that we can make sure we are focusing on the right areas of their business. This experience is prescheduled and about 2 + hours of making sure the client has a solid brand foundation before exploring other business solutions. Such as a website, improving conversions, etc.

Once we uncover the needs of their business they are provided with an in-depth plan to achieve their goals. They are also welcome to engage TMC further to execute their goals.

04 | Client Agreement & Invoice

After the discovery phase and it’s decided to move forward clients are then sent an official contract and invoice. Official documentation is sent via Dubsado, it makes signing documents and paying invoices easy.

Once my client has signed the necessary documents and paid their invoice. I receive an email notification to countersign the contract.

Note: TMC contracts are created by an attorney so it makes it easy to work with clients.

05 | Welcome Experience

Once the official documents are signed & paid my client is officially booked on my calendar. They are then sent an official welcome email outlining what to expect next. Plus I include instructions on how to access the documents and invoice they just signed. That way they can easily access it for their own records for things like (accounting, taxes, etc.)

I also let them know to keep a lookout for their official invite to our project space. Client projects are managed inside of a project management system. While they are waiting I create their space, customize it to their information, and prepare their official welcome video.

Inside they will find an official welcome section that starts off with a video. This video walks them through how to use our project management system. Where to find FAQs about their project, how to track the progress of their project, and also how to feel empowered throughout the whole experience.

By having a solid onboarding process it allows me to set the tone for the experience and lead the project more successfully. Over time my onboarding process has evolved as I have worked with clients and implemented any necessary feedback to make it better.

Woohoo! I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into my client onboarding process. It such an essential and key step when bringing ideas to light.

If you interested in becoming a potential client with TMC drop your name & email down below and we’ll be in touch to discuss new openings.

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