eCommerce Cultivated | Episode 014

Marketing Methods That Attract Customers to Your Online Store

Ready to up your eCommerce marketing game?

So you can attract traffic to your online store and then get them to convert into sales.

Let’s face it growing an eCommerce store isn’t easy no matter how many gurus tell you that on ads.

In this episode, I’m going over some marketing methods you can implement to attract the type of traffic to your online that will help you grow.

Tune in and listen!

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Show Notes

Hi, in today’s episode we are going to be chatting about marketing. 

I know don’t boo or leave just hear me out. 

It’s one of those areas of business that a lot of people struggle with and I want to give you some ideas. Specifically ideas on how you can market your eCommerce business for more sales. 

Now, raise your hand if you have tried all the marketing methods and thought this doesn’t work. 

Did you nod your head as if I could see you? LOL.

Ok, good we are on the same page. 

What I have noticed and have been guilty of myself is doing all the things. 

You know what I mean you write a blog post, create an IG caption, do a live video, engage on LinkedIn. Basically all the things, it’s no surprise that you aren’t seeing more sales conversion. 

Your attention is spread way too thin on top of running your business and running your life. 

So I’m going to be giving you eCommerce marketing methods you can use. Depending on what you sell and how much time you have. Some of these will work better than others. 

Let’s dive in!

Utilize Content Marketing

When I say content marketing my preferred method here is for you to create evergreen content such as either a blog, podcast, or YouTube video. These methods when executed correctly will have long-term payoffs.

Note: this is not the best method when you need to make sales fast. This is more of a long-term strategy that needs to be planned.

Also, you don’t have to blog, record videos, and make a podcast all at the same time. Pick one and get that going. Once you have one method working for you consider adding another. 

Email Marketing

This should be a priority from day one no excuses. Email marketing converts consistently high for a lot of merchants, especially around this time. Different retailers are seeing 30% or higher conversions with email marketing. With COVID and a well-positioned brand, the conversion rates are consistently high. 

Email gives you that 1:1 access to your customers that have okayed you to be in their inbox. Since they have opted in to get updates about your products. Tell them about it, don’t be shy. 


Search engine optimization your organic way to be discovered. That’s a great commercial ad if I might say so myself. 

SEO is organic and if done right you’ll come up for commonly search terms or phrases your audience searches for. If your store is positioned right for those terms guess who’s website they are clicking on? YOURS.

Plus the traffic is free so why not get your piece of the search gold?


Text message marketing, this works well for some merchants. Especially for those strapped for time and finding it difficult to post to social and/or produce content. 

Instead of doing those things they are sending text messages for new collection releases. Giving their customers who opt-in to receive text messages early bird shopping hours or specials. 

It’s not spammy in the sense that you wouldn’t send a ton of text just maybe 1 or 2 to mention a sale or new releases etc. 

Plus you can still have these customers on your email list to send out further details.

Collaborate with Complementary Business

Collaborations work great because it gives you both an opportunity to offer something different to each of your audiences. Plus this also exposes you to new customers who haven’t discovered your brand yet. 

Think about some complementary businesses that you would like to partner with. Then reach out and schedule a call to discuss further details.

Run Ads

Want to reach a particular audience or segment of the market? Run ads to get their attention. Now ads have a certain strategy that needs to be implemented for them to work. So this tip will mostly like either need a professional to run your ads from start to finish. Or give you tips on how you can do them yourself depending on your stage of business.

Host an event (digital)

Digital events are great to not only add visibility to your brand but also for people to put a face behind the name. People love connecting with other people especially if they can relate to you. 

Sometimes the secret sauce behind selling is just to show more of you. Hosting a digital event can give people a better impression of you and your brand. 

It also ups your TRUST factor 10 fold. Because a lot of brands aren’t putting their face or voice out there for the world to see and hear. 

Alright, those are a few methods some may work well together. If you time is limited pick the one that will get you front of most of your dream customers.

Hint: you can find that out by finding where they hang out or asking them directly. Then show up consistently and through time and dedication. The results will flow in your favor. 

I’m going to include a link in the show notes to an eCommerce Marketing guide. You can download it for free and start up your marketing strategy. The link is


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