Grow Your Design Business By Working With A WordPress Developer

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If you have been running the show in your design business for quite some time you’ve might have considered outsourcing web development a.k.a the coding parts.

One of those hesitations could be factoring in costs. Every business needs to be profitable in order to sustain itself. Making money is just part of business.

One of the benefits of outsourcing coding is that you get to stay focused on the areas that you love doing. For example, only designing instead of figuring out code and scouring Google for answers if you get stuck.

How can you can outsourcing coding benefit you?

Let’s do an example of two designers. Mel takes on the entire web design process plus branding. Nicole, on the other hand offers similar services but only focuses on branding & design.

Designer: Mel

Mel charges $2500 for her branding and design service. Since she handles it all she is only able to work with 2 clients at a time to offer the most value earning $5000 a month.

Designer: Nicole

Nicole charges $2500 for her services as well but she adds in $2500 for the development only portion. The value Nicole adds to her clients business positions her business as an authority in her industry, so they don’t flinch on her pricing. Nicole also works with 2 clients at a time.

Nicole has decided to work with a web developer who only focuses on coding. By doing this it cuts her design process time down by at least half.  Since Nicole has extra time in the month she decides to take on another client now adding an additional $2500 to her income. Generating Nicole $7500 in earned income.

As you can see Nicole increased her income while only focusing on what she was good at and maximized her time. Nicole also now has extra money that she can use to invest in her business or spend however she wants.

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You may be thinking but Karen I can’t increase my pricing that much! Here is the thing when you bring on another partner you’re going to need to raise your prices. The value of your services are increasing as two experts are delivering a better outcome.

It’s about positioning your service as a perfect solution to your clients. Once they understand they are getting a higher level valued design, because more experts are on the team. It will help them understand the actual value. Such as a truly custom site that is crafted to solve their unique business problems and easier for them to maintain and manage.

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As you can see outsourcing development during the right time in your business can make you more profitable and happier.

Ready to just get to work and kick coding and figuring out functionality to the side? Then let’s see if we are a fit for each other. Hop over to Collaborative Web Development to see how we can work together. Get started by clicking the button below:

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Grow Your Design Business By Working With A WordPress Developer

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