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Establish the foundation of your brand to attract, captivate, and convert customers

Create a timeless brand with intention

Showcase your brand brilliance by articulating your value to the market. We’ll work together to help you craft the unique brand strategy that will help you reach your next level of elevation.


Can you relate?

You’re starting a business, and you want to make sure you have the right strategy in place to ensure you reach your target audience and turn them into paying customers.

Or, you’ve been in business and now you want to rework your strategy because you want to focus on attracting your dream customers without losing your existing customers.

You want support in helping you create a more aligned brand that helps you build brand loyalty and reliable revenue.


Imagine in 30 days

Having renewed confidence in your brand with a strategic action plan of how to reach your goals. That will allow you to attract high-end customers, increase your brand visibility, and build a community of loyal customers. Plus so much more with the right support.


The Luxury Strategy Experience™

A 4-week intensive to help you clarify your vision, mission, message, and more to become the business you envision. Here is how the experience works.

Phase I

Luxury Workshop

Over 4 weeks, we’ll have 3 (2-hour) strategy workshops to help you uncover any hidden revenue opportunities that you have in your brand. We’ll review everything from your current position in the market to your overall brand & eCommerce experience performance. This will help us develop your unique strategy to help you become a market leader in your industry.

Luxury Strategy

Phase II

Luxury Strategy

Customers are vital to your business, so understanding their wants is critical to turning them into long-term customers. During this part of the experience, you’ll understand what makes your customers purchase your products and what influences their decision to shop with your brand. While working together, we’ll develop a strategy for your brand, website, and marketing. Also, we’ll hone in on your vision, mission, values, messaging, marketing, and more.

Luxury Design

Phase III

Luxury Blueprint

After solidifying your strategy, it’s time to create your unique blueprint for success. During this experience, we’ll turn our work together into a custom-crafted plan. With this plan, you can use it to help build your brand, website, and marketing for the future. Whether you want to continue working together for implementation, execute it in-house, or have another party do the work, this plan is yours to have.

Strategy Meeting

Phase IV

Concierge Support

While we are working together, over the 4 weeks, you’ll be able to ask additional questions as they come up via Voxer. This is perfect for when you get a new spark of questions or need clarification as we build out your strategy. Concierge Voxer support gives you additional accountability to ensure you execute your goals.


Finally get the clarity and plan you need

Step into your next level of business success by applying to work together on your strategy. Only limited spots are available.


I was stuck on the best way to help increase website conversions for our luxury brand's eCommerce website. Karen made me feel comfortable during our strategy session and helped me to see how to pull things together for better results. I now have an outline of steps to take in order to optimize our website. I also have a plan for setting up an omnichannel experience. Sometimes you need an outside pair of eyes to help you see what you're missing. Karen was that person for me. I love that Karen made sure I felt confident before ending our session.

— Jennifer W.


Your collaborative partner throughout your experience

Retail Expert of 10+ years turned Strategist, Shopify Expert

I'm Karen, your strategic partner, and guide. During my retail tenure, I worked with multiple 7 & 8-figure brands to produce year-over-year growth. Increase overall customer satisfaction and increase market penetration.

I'm passionate about helping high-end eCommerce brands create success online & beyond. The Luxury Strategy Experience™ is designed to help you create a successful foundation to help you reach your goals.

I would love to support you in elevating your brand and eCommerce experience. The process is simple:

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  4. We'll celebrate you going after your goals!

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