eCommerce Cultivated | Episode 025

Why Your Luxury Products Need A Luxury Experience

As a luxury brand the overall experience you provide to your customers is very important.

From that first engagement to the time they receive their amazing products.

You want your customers to have a luxury experience, just as amazing as your products.

What does that look like?

In today’s chat I’ll go over some important aspects to consider as your crafting your premium experience. Dive into the episode below!

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Show Transcript: Luxury Experience

All right, so today I wanted to talk to you about why your luxury products need a luxury experience. So if you listen to the last episode about what is a luxury brand, then you learn that it really is about an overall experience and, of course, some other things. So definitely go back and listen to the previous episode to this one.

But a luxury product needs a luxury experience. And so I want to talk about why that is important and why it’s essential for your business and also to up your customer satisfaction.

Hello, welcome to E-commerce Cultivated. I’m your host, Karen, founder and e-commerce strategist of The May Creative. I’ll be your guide as we dive into strategies and insights to help you cultivate a sought after e-commerce business.

All right, so a luxury product just doesn’t exist on its own, like, yes, it could be a fabulous product, but if everything around it is not matching up, then you create this risk in your business where people feel a disconnect.

You’ve probably heard me talk about this before, where there is this friction and we’ve kind of all experienced it. Like when you come across a brand, like maybe you see them on social media and you see how their social feeds are presented. But then when you go to check out like their actual website and the content that’s presented on there, you’re like, wait, this doesn’t match up. And when that happens, it creates just disconnect and it lowers that trust factor because everything is not flowing correctly.

When you have a luxury product, you want to have a cohesive experience that your customers feel like they are continuing on throughout their journey. Which equates to a premium experience an overall encompassing environment in which your customers feel like they are truly experiencing your brand.

So I want to break down a few key points that we can, you know, dive into a bit more. But the first thing I want you to think about is to think about your customers and kind of what their expectations are when they first come across your products.

Think about what they’re feeling, what type of emotions that they’re having, what kind of desires that they are wanting, what type of future state that they are are imagining or envisioning once they actually experience their product.

This is also why it’s important to understand the type of customer that you want to have as part of your business, as part of your brand, because once you’ve identified specific needs that they want or desire, you can begin to create that experience around those desires, which will help them feel more connected to your business, feel more connected to your brand, and ultimately end up becoming raving fans of your business who continue to like champion and rally for you to other customers, which helps with marketing bonus points.

I know many of you really want to have an experience where your product actually matches the experience that your customers receive online. And that’s really important to you.

It’s really important to you to establish a relationship with your customers so that they continue to not only use your products, but to also return as long term customers so that you aren’t always trying to acquire new customers like, yes, getting new customers is great.

But if you’ve been in business long enough and you know that it can cost lots of money, sometimes in resources and time to acquire new customers, when you have existing customers who already love your products, who already know you, who are you, trust your business, who will continue to shop with you as long as you’re serving them what they need and you’re giving them a special value or some sort of desire that they want.

Now, let’s talk about how this impacts your business. When you have a premium or high end product, you need to have a premium or high end experience, and that is varied depending on where in the journey your customers are interacting with you. So let’s think about your potential customers and the way they discover your products. They come across your product. Some things that they’re going to be instantly looking at is if the high end product has a high end look or feel when it comes to the packaging.

If it doesn’t and you have a high end product with a with some packaging that does not match up, that is not aligned and you have a high end price point that creates a disconnect that is a risk in your business because customers are not going to convert. They’re not going to purchase the product. Like girl, I thought I was getting like a plate of delicacies and you’re giving me fast food, they are not going to be about it.

Of course, some brands can get away with some of those things. Typically you will see that from maybe like a celebrity who puts out like a mediocre product, but it has like a high end price point. But because they already have, like this super engaged audience, it works for them. But when you aren’t one of those, you know, high established celebrities, that people just fall over and want to purchase anything that you put out, you need to show up like a true luxury experience.

That starts from from the first interaction with your product, with the packaging, with the type of customer service that they’re that they’re experiencing. Are they getting their questions answered when they do have a question? How is the response time? What is the response like? Is it professional? All of those little things that sometimes can slip through the cracks? You if you miss it, it will impact your business like you might think, oh, my gosh, I have this beautiful product.

It does really well. It you know, it helps customers as claimed in all of this. But if your customer service doesn’t match up, it ruins the experience. And the same will be said. If you know, a customer comes to your website, maybe you have beautiful packaging, but then they go to your website in your brand is misaligned, like the photos don’t make sense, like the photos don’t flow well together. You have a whole bunch of lifestyle shots that don’t really tell a story, and when I say lifestyle shots, I want to make sure that I’m not using, like, super heavy industry jargon.

But a lifestyle shot is essentially where you place your product in a visual scenario that tells a story. We’ve all seen them like it could be things like flat lace or placing your products in a certain ad. However, it is just to kind of position your product as that secret solution.

It helps people to envision what it would be like to have your products in their life. So when you have a whole bunch of, like, for example, lifestyle shots, you want to make sure that they’re coordinating correctly. And one way you can do that is by making sure that you’re using the same product photographer or if you’re doing the photos yourself, that you are using consistent lighting, consistent materials in the shot that really flow and work well with your brand.

All of those things really matter when it comes to aligning your brand to a high end experience and just to keep it real when everybody was just rushing to get their products from like a retail store to online. Last year, there were quite a few brands that had amazing products and had amazing appearance online. But once you actually got to their website, it just wasn’t on point. It wasn’t there because they hadn’t taken time to actually invest in that part of their business because they were used to doing business as usual.

They were used to doing things that they already knew how to do. And yes, a lot of business owners were aware that, you know, digital and technology and everything was really important. But because they couldn’t see the impact of it to their profits right now, it really just got pushed to the back burner. And so you saw a lot of business owners fumble and a lot of the sites just had a disconnect like you would see on their, you know, Instagram feed, that they had these beautiful products, beautiful clothing, beautiful accessories, beautiful whatever type of products.

But then you got to their website and it looked like, you know, a site that was just thrown together from, like, I don’t know, like maybe like a Wix or something where it was just a very just empty and it just didn’t flow.

I’m pretty sure that they lost quite a few sales because of that, because it just created a disconnect where the customer was excited and was ready to pay, you know, fifty dollars for a top or a hundred dollars for a dress.

But then they got to the website and it was like, oh, I don’t know, but let me go back and make sure that I’m at the right company. And that’s the type of thing that you don’t want to have happen when it comes to your brand. You want everything to just flow from the time that they interact with your product, wherever that they find you. And then from the time that they get to your website, from the time they get to the website, they look at the products, they find the information that they want.

They add it to the cart and the checkout experience. And then once they receive that email, that just validates like, hey, we got your order.

You know, we’re really excited to deliver it to you.

Like, even your emails need to look good. Like if it just looks like you threw together your emails or you didn’t set it up at all because you didn’t think about that part of the process. And, you know, the colors are all wrong in your email template or it doesn’t have any type of personalization, which is really important in luxury brands.

Then your customers are going to be like, oh, I don’t know if I’m going to continue to shop with them. So you have to think about all of those touch points that your customers are going to experience.

And so that’s why it’s really important that if you have a premium product, a luxury brand, that you have an e-commerce experience to match, that flows correctly, that flows nicely, that makes sense, that keeps your brand integrity held high, that helps your customers feel like they are having a true, excellent experience.

So I hope that makes sense. I hope that I articulated that pretty well for you. The importance of making sure that everything is is in alignment because customers look at those things and they might not explicitly say it, but they’re thinking it when they’re going through the process, when they’re going through the buyer’s journey. And we all do it. And because our brains can process things super quickly, a lot of times we don’t even know that we’re doing it.

And we’ve all had that experience where we landed on a website and we’re just like, girl, no. So you back out you go find somebody else, which is not something that you want, especially when you’re selling something that’s premium, something that’s exclusive, that’s really important, that you want to get out and help serve people.

So just make sure that your luxury products match up with the type of experience, the whole entire experience that you’re giving to your customers so that they feel taken care of, they feel exclusive and that they return because ultimately that’s what you want.

Also, let’s talk about unboxing as a luxury brand owner.

Don’t you love that when your customers get that box of products sent to them and it’s wrapped correctly, it’s, you know, put together so nicely that they are so happy that they are just online and they’re like, let me pull out my phone so that I could take a picture of this beautiful packaging and let you guys know what I just bought and make you feel envious, too, because I know once I unbox this, you guys are going to want it to hello, free marketing, but really good unboxing says a lot.

If you take the time to make sure that your packaging is right, that the personalization in that packaging is right, the nice little thank you card looks, you know, beautiful. The wrapping is beautiful. Customers are going to remember that. And a lot of times they will actually display it in their home depending on how well it’s packaged. Like I, I do that especially my vanity. I will display a product if its packaging is really gorgeous.

If it’s not, it’s going in a drawer somewhere. You do not want to be the brand that’s in a drawer somewhere. You want to be the brand that’s on a vanity or whatever type of product that you have that’s out and about. So that other people, once they see it, can be like, what is that? You want to be visible? OK, think about all of those little things, those little details that you might miss that can really be a turning point and a differentiator for your business.

All right. So I hope you found today’s episode helpful.

I will chat with you guys next time. Thank you for listening. One of the best ways you can truly elevate your e-commerce business is to give your customers a fabulous experience. Join the community over at it to receive additional insights that will help you cultivate a sought after business.


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