How to Create your own version of LinkTree using WordPress

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LinkTree was one of the first social tools to allow you to break the barrier of sharing multiple links in your profile. Unless you pay for premium you are limited to their branding which may not be the best way to connect with your audience.

Setting up your own version of LinkTree allows you to customize it to your own branding and get all the traffic to your site instead of LinkTree.

Plus it’s just great to own your own content, LinkTree has been known to go down a couple times in the past. Nothing is worse than when you put together a post or IG stories to have people click on a link and its not working.

Setup Your Theme

One of the first tools you need is a good theme – I recommend and use GeneratePress for my website. It has some great features that makes creating landing pages so easy!

Such as the ability to turn off the header & footer with the click of a couple of buttons.

If you don’t have GeneratePress it’s ok you can still use your current theme — double check to see if you can disable the header and footer, if not it’s no big deal.

Just make sure you turn off any sidebars.

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Grab A Good Page builder

Once you have your theme set its time to install a page builder.

I love and use Beaver Builder it’s developer friendly. If you prefer to have all the bells and whistles then check out Elementor. The free version of Elementor has a lot of options so you should be good with the free option, just download it and install.

Now that you have that installed it’s time to create a page you’re going to use to send traffic.

Keep the name short and simple so that people can easily remember it. I’ve seen various names such as:


Be creative here if you like because you’ll be referencing this link a lot after you set it up.

Set Up Your Content

This is the fun part, where you get to create links and styles that match your brand.

You can link to your freebies, services, products, blog posts etc.

Use different color buttons to draw attention to special links, add in special notes or notices for people to reference.

Pretty much the sky or in this case the page is the limit.

I recommend not overwhelming people with too many links but enough to help boost conversions to your website and targeted information.

After you have your links set up, test them and then grab that URL you created and pop it into your profile.

Then you are all set!

With this set up you will be able to easily track analytics on how well your clicks are performing in addition to using the statistics from Instagram.

If reading this is not your thing, no problem I’ve got a video that walks you through the steps! Check it out below! Before you drift off to watch let’s be IG friends!

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