How to create your own version of LinkTree using WordPress

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Ever wanted to create your own version of Linktree? Then this post is for you! If you wondering what is Linktree it’s a link sharing service that is great for social media profiles. As you know, you only have the ability to share one link in your social profiles. Instead of linking to that your website, you can use a service like LinkTree or just create your own custom page. Going with the later option will allow you the ability to add various links to content that can be used to grow your business.

So before I show you how to create your own version of LinkTree using WordPress

Let’s talk about some benefits of sharing multiple links!

Introduces people to your content at various stages

What Karen….yes, let me clarify!

People meet you and your business at various points in their journey. Actually there are 5 stages of awareness in business and you’ll want to have content for people that are at those various points.

If your curious on what the 5 stages of awareness are, here it is:

  • Unaware – people that are completely unaware they have problem and that you could be the solution to their problem.
  • Problem Aware – people who are aware they have a problem but are not aware there is a solution to help them.
  • Solution Aware – people know there is a solution but are not aware you have the solution for them.
  • Product Aware – people know that you have a solution to their problem but aren’t sure if your solution is right for them.
  • Most Aware – Are ready to take care of the problem with your solution.

As you can see your potential clients or customers meet you at different points in the sales process. What does this have to do with the links you decide to share? Well, I recommend you share links to content that catered to the various audience members that are going to come across your content.

Create a freebie that is valuable to spark curiosity, that then leads to your email list and once on your list you can cater specific content towards them that helps solve their problem. Which will lead them to the most aware stage where they want to purchase your services.

My point is don’t just throw random links in your profile and hope for the best, be strategic!

So why create your own link for your website?

Well, one for the analytical person, is that you get the benefits of people clicking your links for your own site. See when you use an outside service they get the credit. Yes, the link goes to your site but its not a direct click.  This is important especially when you are using tools such as Google Analytics. Setting up your own custom link to your site will show up easier in analytics. Yes, you can create a filter in Google Analytics but who wants to do all that?!

Customize to your own branding

When you design your own page you incorporate your own branding so that it matches with your entire business. Usually when you want to adjust the branding of LinkTree you have to pay for the premium plan. So its best to just skip that and own your own links.

Which leads me into the video – How to Create Your Own Version of LinkTree Using WordPress

In this video I walk you through how to setup your own version of LinkTree using WordPress. The tools that I am using are:

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