Why Your Lifestyle or Luxury Brand Should Be Selling Online

You may have been questioning if moving your products online would be beneficial to your business. 

Potentially you have a really niche brand or a way you offer an experience to your customers. 

Well in today’s post I want to discuss why your lifestyle or luxury brand should be selling online. 

It’s Time — You Know It

Think about it, so many consumers are shopping online in various ways. Whether that is from their phones, tablets, or computers. Consumers are shopping online first before even going to a physical store a lot the times.

Especially dealing with the current situation of the world right now. Your customer’s behaviors have drastically changed. Previously you had customers who barely knew what the word “internet” meant. Who are now cruising Google and discovering so much more than they imagined.

You may be wondering — will putting my products online take away from the exclusiveness of my brand? Only if you present your brand/business like every other retailer. 

A well-planned lifestyle or luxury brand experience can still feel intimate once the strategy behind the experience is designed correctly.

Give Your Customers An Omnichannel Shopping Experience

A seamless shopping experience is a major bonus to getting your lifestyle or luxury brand online.

You may be wondering what is an omnichannel shopping experience? It’s a multi-channel experience to shopping. For example, your customer may start on their mobile device but end up at a physical location (your brick & mortar store). 

Sometimes multi-channel looks similar to a Starbucks experience. For example, I rarely pay with a card or cash at Starbucks instead I use the mobile app. So the barista just has to scan my screen and I zoom away with my Americano. 

What’s nice about this, is if your balance is low. You can quickly add more money to your digital card. Then its ready by the time, your barista is ready to scan your phone. 

Its that type of experience that helps customers easily make purchases from you. Since customers are at various points of their customer journey

Implementing a omni-channel shopping experience just takes your experience up another level.

Strengthening Your Brand

Taking your lifestyle or luxury brand online is a great way to strengthen your brand. Besides increasing the accessibility of your products to your ideal customers. It’s also a way for you to build stronger brand awareness around your products & the custom experiences you like to provide. 

Instead of your products only being available at certain locations. Expanding your reach will allow your customers to regularly return to make purchases. Insteading of finding an available substitute. 

Which could mean you’d lose them as a long-term customer.

That brings me to another point. 

Reaching More Affluent or Specialty Markets

Have you been thinking about expanding to other markets? One of the fastest ways to do that is be online. So that your brand can be easily shared with the right people who can get you connected to more affluent & speciality markets.

Giving you the chance to position your lifestyle or luxury brand in a new area. There is no better time than now as eCommerce is scaling each day. By getting into the market now you reduce the risk of you being outperformed by your competitors. Who are taking the actions necessary to build those important connections. 

Want to further discuss crafting your own unique experience for your lifestyle or luxury brand? Feel free to connect with the studio to discuss building your custom crafted eCommerce store.

Since we are talking about competition. Here is another reason why you should expand your brand online.

Standing Out From Competition

While you may have been doing great in your speciality for years. There are always new competitors entering the market & winning over those same customers who you can serve.

I’ve had the conversations with experience business owners who kept putting of getting their brand online. Now they are seeing the influx of new competiton dominating the market. 

Here’s the thing, don’t let that stop you from pursuing getting your brand online. 

Your unique experience & perspective will be what sets you apart from competition. All of your experience is needed and guess who needs it the most? Your ideal customers, they are just waiting for you to show up and serve them.

Delivering A Better Overall Experience

Similar to offering an omnichannel shopping experience. Expanding your lifestyle or luxury brand online provides a better overall experience for your customers. 

You don’t have to lose the exclusiveness of your brand. There are multiple ways you can still remain current & respect your brand values. 

There are so many companies who failed to innovate even though they had an excellent customer base. Due to lack of keeping up they simply lost out and fizzled out of the market. 

Your story doesn’t have to be, a once was, it can be something so much more. 

I invite you to connect and discuss ways to elevate your online presence. Feel free to get in touch to discuss developing your eCommerce brand so that it attracts and converts more of your dream customers.

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