3 Ways to Help Your Web Design Clients Stay On Schedule

One of the challenges at times is making sure your web design clients stay on schedule. Having projects that go off schedule can lead to you working more. As a WordPress developer that works with designers, this can also have a big affect on our collaboration.

Now I am not actually blaming anyone is this situation. From a clients perspective it can be hard to provide all the necessary elements to a design project.

That’s why I think it’s important for those leading the project to be clear and as supportive as possible.

I believe when you plan and prepare you’ll have more success with helping your web design clients stay on schedule.

Starting with…

Telling your web design clients your process

Your sales page is great resource to let your web design clients know about your process. You don’t have to go into the exact details but a general overview is great.

For example, whether your process takes 2 weeks or 8 weeks let your potential clients know early. Then note what will be needed to complete that process within the specified timeframe.

It can include things such as:

  • Having content ready before their design date.
  • A willingness to provide timely feedback.
  • Any notes about what stage they should be in within their business to work with you.

This will give your clients the necessary preparation they need before inquiring. Plus your clients will feel more confident about working with you when they feel prepared.

Though clients need your expertise they don’t want to look unprofessional or like they don’t have their ish together.

Help your web design clients prepare any needed content

What usually messes up a design schedule is content. Unless you provide these services, which most designers don’t, it can delay the web design schedule.

Helping your client prepare any necessary content doesn’t mean you have to do it for them. It can mean creating resources that will either help them create it or get support from a pro.

A great resource idea is a website guide that outlines steps to create the most important pages they might need. With examples, of what is consider great information for their homepage, about page etc.

You can even create a resource guide or page that links to strategic partners such as copywriters, photographer (if they are local).

That way they can have directions on where to start and prepare any necessary content pieces before they start the design process with you.

Keep your web design clients on schedule with a project management system

Email is great but its not the best way to keep a project on track. Digging through email trails or trying to locate emails through search can be a pain.

Trust I’ve tried it.

Plus you’ll miss the opportunity to keep things organized in one space for your clients to view. I use ClickUp to help manage my client projects but there are numerous of other systems.

Regardless of whichever one you choose create a define template that you can copy for each client and use it to manage your projects.

It will save your sanity! You can even assign due dates that will alert your clients of upcoming tasks they need to complete.

If your client is getting close to the due date with no updates. Just tag them within your project management system to check in. This also lets them know you are on top of their project and you want them to be successful.

The pros of keeping your clients on schedule is that they finally get to launch the idea they been waiting forever to do. We all know people who have great ideas but never get it off the ground, myself included.

When your clients are on schedule your projects won’t run into each other. Burnout is real and trying to juggle too much at once can be tough. Calling out is not always an option when it’s just you or you have a small team. That’s a whole other conversation.

I’d love to know what are your tips for keeping your web design clients on schedule. Drop them in the comments

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