Is Shopify Great For Luxury Brands?

You may be wondering, is Shopify great for luxury brands? 

And, if yes, why?

As a luxury brand owner that offers products, one of the pressing challenges is how can you replicate a truly customer-centric experience online? One that allows your customers access to the products they adore and also helps you maintain your brand’s essence. 

One way to combat that is to choose the right tools that can deliver the right experience in the right manner at the right time. 

So let’s explore if Shopify can help you take your online store experience to the next level.

Do Luxury Brands Use Shopify?

A question that may come up, is, if luxury brands even use Shopify as a platform to help sell their products. The quick answer is yes! And here’s why.

We first have to look at the needs of what luxury brands need to sell their products. Then match those needs to the technology that can help facilitate transactions and engagement.

Whether you are a solo business owner or operate with a team of people. The technology you choose needs to work for your business and goals.

The Reasons Luxury Brands Use Shopify

There are several reasons a luxury brand would use Shopify. One important reason is the ease of use and management of running an online store. With several moving parts, you want tools that work well together and, mostly, can be accessed in one system.

This is definitely true for brands who have a team with many people needing access to information. For example, maybe you have someone managing inventory, another person handling customer support, and a team or individual supporting you with marketing.

When you have an online retail business, the same departments apply just like a physical store. With that comes the need for the following.

The ability to easily manage inventory

Managing your products, whether you have a small or large inventory, is very important. Shopify can support your brand in either situation and give you access to tools that will help keep your customers in the buying cycle.

For example, if you have a popular item that goes out of stock. You can set up the technology to allow customers who are interested in the product to sign up to be notified of when a restock happens. 

This lowers your chances of completely losing the sale and also gives you an opportunity to show your customers that you care about their experience. 

Personally, I’ve signed up for these notifications and have been able to make an order with no problem. I appreciate this method over the other method of just saying it’s out of stock. 

When executed using the latter method. This type of situation presents a lost opportunity because most likely I won’t be returning to that store in the future. And I imagine the same can be said for other shoppers who experience this type of scenario. To avoid situations like this, focus on honing into your customers’ buying journey

Integrations with other tools

If you need to connect to other tools, Shopify has a ton of integrations and has thousands of apps that you can add to your store that will give you the ability to expand the functionality of your online store. 

The significant benefit of this is that you can reduce how many different places you need to sign into and instead have a more centralized place to access important information. Which is great if you have other people who need to access your store information.

Instead, you can give them a level of access through Shopify so they can log in and access information based on the type of work they are doing for your store.

Connection with Shopify POS

If you have physical locations, then having an integration between your in-store inventory and online inventory is important. Not only does it help with your customers’ experience of shopping with your business. It also helps you to not have to constantly cross-reference what is available. 

Instead, you can use that time and allocate it to other profitable areas of your business. With Shopify POS, you can connect your in-store experience to your online store. Giving your customers a more omni-channel shopping experience. Whether your customers want to shop online and have items delivered to their home or shop online and do an in-store pickup. 

You can set up your system to help you facilitate a unique and flexible shopping process for your customers. Leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased trust within your business. 

Updates & Security 

Because Shopify is self-hosted, meaning you don’t have to purchase your own hosting separate from Shopify. Like you would if you used another platform such as WordPress and WooCommerce. You can use Shopify’s support team to help you address platform updates and security concerns. 

The security feature alone is worth mentioning because customers are trading sensitive information with you to facilitate an order. As the business owner, you want to make sure that you are prioritizing their personal & sensitive information as a top priority. Fortunately, Shopify can help you ensure that your transactions are secure.

Customer Support

With so many moving parts to eCommerce, issues can come up and if you don’t have a support team, it can be a challenge to navigate. When you use Shopify, you are also getting access to customer support and if you are using Shopify Plus, you can get even more hands-on support to help you navigate doing business online. 

Leading to not only a higher customer satisfaction score but also helping you as the business owner to feel more confident and empowered that you are handling things in an efficient manner.

Now that you know some of the great benefits of using Shopify for your luxury business. Let’s look at some luxury brands that are using Shopify to serve their customers.

Luxury Brands Using Shopify

Shopify serves a variety of businesses and luxury is no exception. Here are some luxury brands that are using the platform.

An Organized Life 

Which sells luxurious paper planners and stationery.


Sensual Candle Co 

A luxury candle brand.


Victoria Beckham

Offers luxury fashions internationally


As you can see, Shopify allows these fabulous brands to sell a variety of products while still providing an excellent experience for their customers. 

With all the various tools available, Shopify can help luxury brands build a deeper relationship and connection with their customers.

Are you considering Shopify as the platform for your luxury eCommerce brand? Use The Elevated Shopify Planning guide to help you figure out what you need to create a great online shopping experience when you work with a Shopify designer for your new experience.

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