Using Instagram & Pinterest to Grow E-commerce Shop

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Your day is busy whether your balancing family life, with the kids running around, etc. One thing you know for sure is that you want to drive more traffic to your online store.

Maybe you have a physical location but you want to optimize your online products to help with sales. Plus the extra profit could help you out on some goals you want to achieve.

One platform you can use is Instagram for your e-commerce store.

Using social media to drive traffic to your online store can help you generate extra sales and build a raving community of like-minded people. People who can also help you get your message out further. Each share exposes your business and brand to new audiences.

So let’s talk about how you can use Instagram and Pinterest to help grow your online store.

Using Instagram to grow traffic to your online store

When it comes to sharing products Instagram has added tools over the last few years to help those that sell products.

From allowing shop owners to share direct links to purchase within their post feed to sharing linked products within stories. This provides an awesome opportunity for shop owners to connect with their audience and showcase their products.

So as you are planning out your content make sure you are planning with the features that will most benefit you and your store.

Starting with Instagram’s Shoppable Posts

“Instagram has over 1 billion users and 80% of them are following business accounts!” – Instagram

Pretty amazing right!

Shoppable posts allow you to tag your products into the feed with a direct link to purchase.

As you can see in Away’s Instagram feed they have linked products that list the name and pricing.

Away Luggage Instagram

Once you click on “View Products” you can see more available options.

Away Luggage Shoppable Instagram Post

This is a great way not only to share your products with your audience but similar items as well. Mobile shopping is easy and convenient for people on the go so making your products easily available can help them turn into a sale.

Using Pinterest to grow traffic to your online store

Pinterest is where people go to get inspiration and also to buy. Making sure you have your products on Pinterest’s feed is a must. Over 80% of Pinterest users are ready to buy when they are using the platform. They are already primed and ready all you have to do is inspire them into action.

Tip: make sure your pins are fabulous and descriptive, using terms they would use to find products like yours.

A quick search within Pinterest can give you some ideas on what to say. Also, don’t forget to use appropriate hashtags. They aren’t as poppin as Instagram but who’s to say they won’t be down the line? Pinterest is evergreen so your images will continue to be seen for a long time.

Another tip is to create lifestyle boards featuring your products sprinkled in there. That way you give people an idea of how they can use your products in everyday life.

One of my favorite tools for scheduling Pins to Pinterest is Tailwind, you could schedule a month of Pins in a week!

I know your time is valuable so pinning every day is not always possible. That’s why tools like Tailwind exist, they allow you to schedule your pins at the most optimize times. Tailwind gives you a recommended schedule so that your audience sees your content. Plus there are Tailwind tribes which I highly recommend you join that helps you boost your pins in front of new audiences.

Similar to Instagram’s Shoppable Posts you can use Pinterest Buyable Pins to sell your products.

You can tag products as Anthropologie has with its Fringed Wall Art. Once clicked it goes right to the purchase page.

Anthropologie Fringed Wall Art

Notice that Anthropologie’s image is styled in a setting where the wall art naturally is styled in a beautiful setting. Helping the reader to envision what it would look like in their home.

This goes back to making sure you are helping potential customers see what your products would look like in a natural setting. Remember to inspire them!

Using these social channels will help you attract new customers that you then can convert into paying fans. Remember to track conversions and to engage with your audience when using social media. Tracking will help you to tweak and make better business decisions. Engaging will help new customers turn into raving fans.

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