How to Use Instagram for eCommerce to Grow Your Store

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Using Instagram for eCommerce to grow your online store can be a great way to distribute information about the products you sell. 

With Shoppable posts, you can make it easy for your customers to buy products from you. 

You may be thinking is Instagram good for eCommerce

As a visual platform and an easy way for customers to feel more connected to your brand. Instagram is a great social media marketing platform to use as a marketing channel to grow your eCommerce store. It’s a great online space to curate your own branded content in order to attract potential customers.

“Instagram has over 1 billion users and 80% of them are following business accounts!” – Instagram

Fun fact: 72% of consumers stated they have made a purchase off of Instagram. 

So it is safe to say its great platform to help showcase your products and gain more sales into your store.

How to use Instagram for eCommerce

Let’d get into how you can use Instagram for your eCommerce store to help you market and make sales for your online store.

Make sure you meet the requirements for Shoppable posts

There a few requirements that you need to make sure you meet so you can access the feature. 

  1. That you are located in a country that Instagram supports. Those countries are: the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Spain.
  2. That you are using a business account which we’ll cover in a moment on how to set up.
  3. That your business is connected to the Facebook catalog.
  4. That you are selling physical products.

Connect to a Facebook Business Manager

In order to be able to share your products on Instagram, you’ll need to be set up on Facebook Business Manager

Once inside you’ll click the toggle menu to the left → go all tools (on the bottom right) → go to Catalog under assets.

Facebook Business Manager

Select the category that describes your business (in this case eCommerce) and follow the steps to set up your catalog. Here are Facebook’s official steps on getting this set up. 

Facebook Business Manager

How to Connect Shopify with Instagram Shoppable Pins?

If your using Shopify there is an easy way to connect it to your Facebook account. 

  1. Log in to the backend of your Shopify store and click “Sales Channel”
  2. Select “Facebook”
  3. Go to Facebook Shop > Account.
  4. Click Connect account.
  5. Then wait for Facebook to review your account.

You can learn more about connecting Shopify with Facebook via this link.

Create an Instagram business account for your eCommerce store

If you don’t have a business account set up for your store you’ll want to do that before connecting it to your Facebook account.

Here is how you can quickly create an Instagram business account:

On your phone tap the following:

  1. Go to your profile and tap in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Account.
  4. Tap Switch to Professional Account.
  5. Tap Business.
  6. If you’d like, you can follow the steps to connect your professional account to a Facebook Page associated with your business.

Enable Instagram Shoppable posts 

Remember you are still waiting for Instagram to review your account before they allow you access to Shoppable posts. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, it depends on Instagram.

Once you’ve been approved, inside of your Instagram account you’ll see a notification:

“Start tagging products on Instagram”

Click “get started” and then select your product catalog to connect to your profile.

Then you’ll be done.

How to tag products on Instagram for Shoppable Pins

Upload your photo and add a nice caption along with some nice hashtags. 

Like you how you can tag people, you should see a prompt to tag your products. 

After clicking “Tag Products” you can use the search feature to find the products you want to tag in the post.

As you can see in Away’s Instagram feed they have linked products that list the name and pricing.

Away Luggage Instagram

Once you click on “View Products” you can see more available options.

Away Luggage Shoppable Instagram Post

This is a great way not only to share your products with your audience but similar items as well. Mobile shopping is easy and convenient for people on the go so making your products easily available can help them turn into a sale.

Use Instagram to market your eCommerce store

Instagram stories last 24 hours but people love watching them to get behind the scenes information. As an eCommerce store owner, this is a great way to share your products and talk about the features and qualities. 

As an example, fashion brands can do behind the scenes looks to show customers how their clothes wear in real-time. Plus by using some of the Instagram story features such as:

  • Polls
  • Questions
  • Surveys 

You can casually invite your customers to engage with you to ask questions about the products you are selling.

Creating a story doesn’t take a lot of time but you can use a variety of content posts such as:

  • Quick chats
  • Sharing story graphics
  • Video

Mixing up the type of content you are sharing will get your audience engaged. Plus don’t forget to use “call to actions” such as:

  • Swipe up to purchase
  • Visit the shop for the latest arrivals
  • DM us for details

That way you spark people to take action and make a purchase from you.

Use the Instagram Feed to showcase pictures of your products

In the Instagram feed, you can share a nice photo with a caption and tag specific products. 

When posting in the feed make sure you are sharing high-quality photos. 

Writing a great and engaging caption


Using hashtags that your ideal customers are using so they can find your products.

An engaging caption should spark a conversation such as: “What are your favorite shoes to wear out on a Friday night?”

As your readers are commenting, don’t forget to engage and interact with them. I see so many accounts that never comment back to people and it’s such a missed opportunity. 

Plus when your posts have a ton of engagement Instagram rewards accounts by increasing their visibility under whichever hashtags they used.

Therefore helping you get in front of more people. 

Another way to increase engagement is to ask people to tag friends on your post. Something along the lines of:

“Know a fabulous entrepreneur who’d rocked this dress? Tag them below”

That not only increases engagement but also puts your brand in front of new people.

Interact with customers via Instagram DM’s

As your creating content and sparking conversations you’ll also receive DM’s. This is a great way to get to know your customers plus answer any questions they may have. 

Your DM’s can be a business powerhouse just be sure to always make sure customer service is a priority.

You want to leave a lasting impression. 

So be engaging and invite people to chat, set aside time through the day to answer questions, etc. 

Invite customers on Instagram to visit your eCommerce store.

This can lead to more sales for your store and a long-term customer relationship.

Make a content calendar to share your products

A content calendar is great to make sure you are not only posting consistently but that you are sharing your products seasonally. 

Having a content calendar will also make sure you are sharing any promotions you have at the right time plus any of your latest arrivals.

You’ll also be able to keep better controls on how much fresh content you are putting out. 

I recommend setting up your content calendar in your favorite project management tool. I use and recommend ClickUp, but there are others such as Trello and Asana that are great as well. 

This not only allows you to keep things in one place but you can share it with others on your team. So that everyone understands what is going on and is on the same page. 

So there you have it! This is how you can use Instagram to grow your eCommerce store. If you have any further questions be sure to connect. 


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