How Important Is Mobile Design In Your Business?

Do you know how many of your readers visit your site via mobile devices? You might be surprised at the number. Mobile design can have a huge impact on your business. Knowing how many of your readers cruise your site on their phones and tablets, will help you create a better experience for them.

Since our phones are intimately attached to us and know us better than our closest friends you better believe that mobile design is super important. For instance, do you grab your phone or tablet in the morning to check your social feeds, emails, text?

I mean I have yet to kick my iPad out of the bedroom, I attempted once but it mysteriously showed up on the pillow next to me…waiting. I subconsciously added it to the room without even knowing because it’s such a part of my routine. (I fall asleep to Youtube videos)

If anything is it’s rare that I go from viewing a site on mobile to the desktop unless I am doing a purchase. I prefer to use a computer for those situations. Unless its amazon because their app makes things super easy.

Fun fact! some of you are actually reading this post on your device right now. Making you one of the 27% of my readers that do! So hieeee ? . Do me a favor! Take a sec after you read this and let me know in the comments how was your experience.

Want to know how many of your readers view your site on mobile? It’s easy! First, make sure you have Google Analytics installed. It has to be installed long enough to collect some useful data. Once you login you will be able to find the information on mobile usage on the main page, by scrolling to the bottom. On the right side you will see a section called “What are your top devices?” adjust the timeframes if need to get more details on your viewers.

Now that you have this data what can you do with it? If you are designer you can take your clients stats and make sure that your designs are mobile friendly. Knowing this will help you design to boost sales and increase overall engagement for mobile users. On the flip side if you are working with a designer make sure to ask questions about how they will make sure that your mobile designs are mobile friendly.

More than ever as we use social media to help drive traffic to our sites a lot of our readers are coming to our sites via mobile. Yes, you want to have a great design but you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to win over a new reader.

Fortunately a lot of the themes and templates out there are mobile friendly already. There are just some things you want to watch out for when it comes to mobile design experiences. Minimizing pop up’s.

I know you want to grow your email list but having a pop up on mobile hinders your reader’s experience. Even Google thinks so and will penalize you for having a popup on mobile. The great thing is that in most settings you can disable popups on mobile. Take a peek and make the necessary adjustments.

You can still get readers to sign up on their devices by styling a form within a post, sidebar or footer. That way you allow them to enjoy absorbing your content without a hassle.

As a developer, I check for mobile design friendliness all the time. I’ll acknowledge if something might step in the way of a great experience with the designer. Together we will then figure out a better way to showcase the design so that it doesn’t hinder the branding and experience.

That is one of the benefits of having a development partner for your business. Beyond the code, there should be a thorough understanding how readers will be interacting with the site. Having someone to bounce ideas off of can make the world of difference in your business and reduce the stress of trying to do it all. Take on a development partner for your design business so you don’t have to go it alone. Find out more about how we can collaborate and knock out your client goals by learning more here.

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